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Two Minutes to Midnight

There were several sounds that Dean would swear were tailor-made exclusively for his pleasure. The purr of the Impala's engine first thing in the morning, or the crisp pop of a bottle of beer after a long day. The soft moan she would make when he kissed Kayla's neck, or the breathless 'yes' when she agreed to marry him. The kind of sounds that could bring a smile to his face despite the world falling apart around him.

"Good heartbeat." The doctor commented. "Strong."

This made the list. The soft, rhythmic beating of his son's heart seemed to blaze a path straight to his soul. He had been arrogant in the claim that he was perfect, that there wouldn't be any complications, but hearing it from the doctor had all but overwhelmed him with relief.

The doctor closed the window and the heartbeat stopped, pulling Dean out of his surreal train of thought. "You say you have no idea as to the time of conception?"

"I don't," she answered. "We travel, time flies right by you know?"

He nodded. "Well I've put in all the measurements. You can see on the screen that the details are quite apparent as far as development." He began motioning on the screen as he explained. "Facial features, nose, mouth, eyes, here's the feet down here, and one of the hands."

"Look baby he's waving at you."

Dean smirked but it tugged at his heart. He was having trouble pretending to be calm about all this, like he wasn't excited.

"I can't be exact without a date from you but judging from the size and clarity of development, I'd say you're sitting right around fifteen weeks."

"Fifteen weeks?" She asked incredulously. "Are you sure?"

"Again, we can't be exact but it's fairly accurate."

Dean looked at her exposed stomach. "Almost four months, where the heck are you hiding that thing?"

The doctor chuckled. "Oh the weight gain won't begin for about six weeks or so."

"Oh, good." Kayla sighed.

"Don't worry." He reassured her. "Just stay in shape, you can continue working out during the pregnancy and that weight will come right back off."

"Right, right." She rolled her eyes.

He laughed quietly to himself but didn't say anything. This whole thing had him chomping at the bit to see what happens next, he couldn't even picture a baby bump on her. His cell phone rang and he glanced at it. "It's Sam. Be right back."

She smiled in response as he headed into the hallway.

"So what are you hoping for?" The doctor turned off the machine.

"Oh, he'll be a boy." She stated.

He nodded. "Next ultrasound, we'll see."

Dean came back in with that look on his face; time to work a job.