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Jessica's POV:

I had some bruising on my arm from where Rosalie had grabbed me, I had tried to cover it up but my mum still noticed, I told her I had fallen but I don't think she believed me. I heard her tell my dad that I had bruises and they were most likely from a girlfriend of one of my many boy toys. If only she knew.

(A.N. Rose should have given you worse than a bruise! Stupid slut)

I had heard Alice organising to meet Angela and Ben at the heated pool in Seattle, apparently all the Cullen's were going, which meant Bella would go as well, but more importantly it meant Edward would go as well!

I had planned to go as well; Eddie would not be able to resist me in my bathing suit.

(A.N. If he see's you in your bathing suit he may not be able to resist vomiting... Can Vampires even vomit? Doesn't matter... seeing Jessica half naked isn't natural either so I'm sure he will...)

I picked a dark red bikinis like the ones in Bay Watch, I'm sure once he saw it he wouldn't be able to resist and dump that stupid bitch Bella.

I readied myself for the pool, I pulled on a mini layered skirt that was red to match the bathers and a white tank top that was basically see through. Paired with my white sandals I looked good.

(A.N. ... There are no words to describe how sick I feel right now)

I jumped in my car and drove towards Seattle and the love of my young, hot life.

(A.N. oh dear lord)

When I arrived their cars weren't there yet so I decided to swim a little to get used to the water, it was warm and there were plenty of people in the pool. But I knew that they would all be gone in a few minutes, they were just here for swimming and diving training.

When the Cullen's walked in I could tell immediately, everyone stopped what they were doing and froze.

Rosalie was hanging off Emmett's arm; she was wearing a pair of short shorts and a black tank top, her hair was in a messy ponytail. Emmett was wearing a black tank top with a pair of knee length dark shorts, and then there was Jasper who had his arm wrapped around Alice. Jasper was wearing a light grey tank top with a pair of knee length dark shorts, Alice was wearing a mini skirt that was a light shade of green and a white off the shoulder shirt, her hair was in its usual fashionable disarray. I couldn't see Edward or Bella, but then they came in... Fast. Edward was chasing Bella and she was screaming and laughing, she tripped over the lifeguard chair and would have fallen if Edward hadn't caught her.

He was laughing along with her; he sunk to his knees and dropped his head into the hollow of her neck shoulders still shaking as he laughed. Bella's head was thrown back; she was still laughing and only being held up by Edwards's arms.

I finally got a good look at Edward and Bella's outfits, Edward as always looked amazing in dark knee length shorts and dark blue tank top. Bella was wearing a black ruffle mini skirt and a dark blue off the shoulder shirt, her hair was in a soft plait that trailed around and hung over her shoulder.

The rest of the Cullen's came over and quickly pulled them to their feet; they were all smiling and laughing. Rosalie and Alice pulled Bella towards the ladies changing room, and Emmett and Jasper were pulling Edward towards the guy's changing room. Edward mouthed something to Bella and she suddenly pulled away from Alice and Rosalie, she ran the short distance to Edward and jumped up wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him. Before he had time to react she jumped down and ran back to Rosalie and Alice, they quickly headed towards the changing rooms while Edward stood there looking completely stunned. Emmett nudged him and laughed, he said something and Edward grinned at him. Jasper bumped fists with Emmett when Edward suddenly looked down like he was embarrassed, Edward ran a hand through his hair and smiled like he couldn't believe what had just happened. Jasper said something and when Emmett replied he hit him over the back of the head. Edward laughed and started walking towards the changing rooms, Emmett quickly ran to catch up and Jasper followed.

I waited, and soon the boy's emerged and went up to the front desk and said something to the woman working the counter, the woman nodded and Emmett handed her a wad of cash.

Ben and Angela walked in and went over to the Cullen boy's, they talked for a second then Angela walked into the girls changing room. Edward was saying something to Ben, and Ben suddenly started smiling and was trying to say something and he even reached for his bag but Edward stopped him. Edward said something really fast and Ben smiled and said something, Edward laughed and pushed him towards the changing rooms.

Emmett said something and Edward laughed and said something really fast then ran and jumped into the pool, Jasper looked stunned for a second before laughing and diving into the water to fist bump Edward. Emmett looked at them before grinning and walking forward slowly, Edward and Jasper looked at each other with wide eyes and started swimming backwards.

"Edward! Jasper!"

They both looked towards the girls changing room and saw Bella and Alice waving, Emmett chose that moment to jump off the diving block and bomb them.


The girls were wearing bikinis; Rosalie's was black with red swirls. Alice's was Red with white swirls and Bella's was a dark blue with black swirls. Alice looked at Rosalie who looked at Bella who smirked and grabbed both their hands and pulled forward, the Cullen girls smiled and they all ran towards the pool. Then together they jumped and released hands falling into the water with a big splash, show offs.

(A.N. bloody hell, I was so happy that you hadn't said anything yet! Thanks for ruining my Jessica free part of the story!)

The guys immediately swam over to them and pulled them close, Rosalie and Emmett were making out, Alice and Jasper were just staring into each other's eyes, and Edward and Bella were resting their foreheads together and whenever they felt like it one of them would just lean over and kiss the other.

I don't understand! Edward couldn't have seen me yet, so why was he acting like he actually liked her!

(A.N. maybe cause he LOVES her! Just an idea slut)

Angela and Ben jumped in and swam over to the two happy looking couples and the third couple that was not real because Edward clearly wanted me!

(A.N. ... for god's sake! Did they use your brain in those implants of yours? Jessica I say this because you sicken me and clearly need it... GET HELP!)

They all just swam for the next few minutes before I decided that it was time for my entrance, I climbed up the highest diving board and looked down. I almost screamed; it was so high up!

(A.N. LMAFO! The bitch is scared of heights!)

Everyone looked up to see where all the noise was coming from, I tried to step backwards but my foot hit a wet patch and I slipped.

(A.N. Take that bitch!)

I ended up lying face down on the diving board, my legs dangling off the edge and the board was bouncing.

I continued to scream, I wanted to get down!

(A.N. ah sweet, sweet Karma.)

I could hear people below laughing at me, how dare they! Here I was hanging on for dear life, about to die! Plus they had a great view of my ass! They should be in awe, not laughing!

"Are you ok?" I heard Bella call out.

How dare that bitch even talk to me, I'm sure that she wants me to die and is just pretending to be concerned so that Eddie will think she is nice.

Well I'm not fooled; I pulled one hand away and flipped her off.

(A.N. Well that wasn't very nice…)

But I slipped again and this time I couldn't stop myself from falling, I screamed until I hit the water. Face first… with a dull smack.

I went under and inhaled water, I tried to get to the surface but my stomach hurt so much…

(A.N. Well that tends to happen when you do a belly flop you dumb whore)

I felt warm arms wrap around me and suddenly I could breath again, I felt them pull me to the edge of the pool.

I knew that Edward would save me, I puckered my lips and leant towards him, and was shocked when someone pushed me back into the pool.

I came up coughing and looked around in shock, and standing there was a really pissed off red head standing protectively in front of a muscular blonde stud.

"Just cause he saved your useless ass doesn't mean he wants you slut!"

She was screaming and yelling; I couldn't understand… Edward didn't save me?

(A.N. No duh bitch)

That slut Bella must have stopped him! There is no way he would have left me alone!

(A.N. w…o…w. Next time don't buy your brain on EBay ok, the dollar store is clearly more you.)

I ran towards the bathroom and stopped in front of the mirror. And there, on my perfect flawless skin was a giant red mark…

Damn Bella to hell!
Just you wait!

Edward Cullen, you will be mine!

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