A/N: I asked my "Basic Alchemy" readers if they would read a smut-shot if I wrote one.

There was a resounding "yes."

And thus, here it is… a Dave/Kurt M-rated oneshot. Well, it was MEANT to be an oneshot, but as I wrote it, this turned into something that I knew I had to post as a multi-chaptered fic. HERP DERP DERP. 8D

It begins at Sectionals.

Kurt is singing with the Dalton Warblers, putting on a performance that somehow doesn't quite compare to McKinley's New Directions group, because Kurt isn't accustomed to the acapella-style of singing, and his heart isn't in it as much. Blaine is right here, by his side, but Kurt feels sick. The lights are too bright, their matching uniform-inspired costumes too hot and a tad itchy (must be cheap fabric, Kurt reasons), and it aches him to not be between Mercedes, Finn, and Puck, with Rachel nearby.

He sings the songs with them, and he sings his one solo (each member is guaranteed at least two lines' worth of a solo, since the singing group at Dalton is so damn thoughtful of everybody, so damn generous). Kurt gets a drink once he's done.

But as he returns to the stage, Kurt sees him.

Kurt spies the taller boy in the back of the auditorium, off-center from the stage and very near the doors. Kurt sees him, and as he does, his blood runs icy in his veins. He stops, stills, and stares.

The boy in the audience doesn't notice at first. His eyes seem to be searching, and there's a loose smile on his face. He looks… relieved. Contented.

Changed, somehow. Kurt can't place how. Maybe it's the missing letterman jacket. Maybe it's the lack of a scowl on his face. Or maybe it's the visible loss of at least ten pounds, something utterly probable for a hockey-and-football playing jock who usually eats thousands of calories a day to keep up with his burning of them on the field or in the rink. But the weight loss, Kurt can tell by the lack of cushion in the older boy's cheeks, came from a lack of eating. Possibly skipping meals.

He stares, and after a while, when he has to go back on for the last song… he realizes all too sharply that Karofsky's searching gaze is looking for Kurt. And as soon as he spies Kurt on the stage, and Kurt stares back but the jock still doesn't notice, Karofsky's grin broadens considerably and his eyebrows relax and his shoulders fall, as if loosing their tension of anticipation.

And it smacks Kurt in the face, the sudden understanding of the situation: Dave Karofsky missed Kurt in the week-or-so the soprano had been absent.

A shiver runs through Kurt, and as he returns his gaze to his bully, the taller boy notices all too quickly that Kurt is looking directly at him, and suddenly he looks ashamed of himself, and he suddenly bolts out of his seat and flees out the doors. Apparently, Karofsky hadn't planned on getting caught. Apparently, Karofsky isn't comfortable with being spotted.

Kurt's blood warms and flows again, and a bit shakily at first, he starts to sing again.

The only thing that runs through his mind is: why had Karofsky come here to see Kurt (and not pummel him?), and why didn't he want Kurt to know (so that he could pummel him?)?