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The following weekend, I was able to move all of my things into the house and get familiar with the house and the other staff. Tanya explained in more detail what my job required. I would work breakfast to supper and I had the weekends off. The pay was not what I was expecting. By that I mean it was WAY more then what I would guess a housekeeper got paid, especially a live-in one. She explained that she went away on weekends and that her husband was hardly ever home except once in a great while. Wow! What a great marriage!

"Here's the place where you will get your uniform. They will give you a whole week's worth. Just ask for Kate Denali," Tanya said, handing me a piece of paper with the information on it.

After we talked for a little bit about the little details that I needed to know, I headed to the store to get my uniforms. I walked in and everybody in there was wearing 'designer' clothes. I definitely didn't fit in with my Taylor Swift t-shirt and ragged jeans with sneakers. I walked up to the reception desk with everybody staring at me. My cheeks had a tint of red with all the attention I was getting.

"Can I help you?" the lady behind the desk asked, rather rudely.

"Yes, I need to see Kate Denali."

"Do you have an appointment?" she sneered. I was really getting tired of her attitude.

"No, Tanya Cullen sent me..."

"Oh well right this way," she said cutting me off and directing me to the far back of the store.

We got to a room and the girl, whose name was Jessica from what I saw on the tag, knocked on the door. The door opened and a tall lady with dark hair was standing there with sparkling blue eyes. She kind of reminded me of Tanya.

"Yes Jessica, I'm in the middle of a phone call." said the lady I'm guessing is named Kate.

"Yes I know this is the girl, Bella that Mrs. Cullen called earlier about." Jessica said.

Kate looked at me then smiled. "Yes, OK, put her in the next room and I will be right with you…?"

"Bella, Bella Swan"

"OK Ms. Swan, I'll be right with you right after I get off the phone."

Jessica then led me to a room and left me by myself after asking if I wanted any tea. About five minutes later Kate came in the room.

"Sorry that took so long. I was on the phone with my husband. Apparently my son got into a fight at school and he's in first grade."

I just nodded my head in understanding. "So, my sister tells me you're the new housekeeper?"

I just nodded in reply again.

"Alright, well then let's get you measured and see what I have to make sure I don't have to order anything or not."

She took all of my measurements, moving quickly but accurately before going over to her computer. She found she had three of the outfits in the store and the other two she was going to order. They would be in by the middle of the week.

After getting my uniforms, I headed back to the house. It still felt weird driving up the driveway. The house was enormous and it was too easy to get lost in it.

After putting the clothes away in my giant new room, I didn't see Tanya so I went to make supper for myself. After eating, I went exploring.

The house was huge, so there definitely was a lot to explore. It walked through the hallways peeking into all of the rooms. I couldn't help but think that for only two people, the house was awfully large. I went through the hallways just looking around the house and finally stopped in their larger living room. I went over to the mantle to study the pictures as I was insanely curious about the mysterious Mr. Cullen. There were a lot of pictures. I saw one of Tanya and Kate.

I looked and then saw one of Tanya sitting in a man's lap. The man was absolutely gorgeous. The picture took my breath away. He had strangely bronze colored hair that was perfectly messy. His eyes were bright green and sparkling in the picture, as he had his head tossed back in laughter. Tanya definitely was a lucky woman that much I was sure of. There were other pictures of him, with Tanya, and some with a group that I took to be his family based on the resemblance. I was drawn to them by some force. I wanted nothing more than to meet these people.

"Very photogenic those Cullens are."

I jumped at the voice. I turned around quickly nervous that I'd be in trouble. Standing with a goofy smile in the entryway of the living room was the man belonging to the voice. He was tall, about 6'2 with beautiful russet skin and satiny black hair. He was very hot to say the least.

"Uh, h-hi..." I stuttered.

"I didn't mean to scare you, I'm Jacob, Jacob Black." he chuckled.

"Hi Jacob, I'm Isabella Swan, but everyone calls me Bella." I said, still catching my breath.

"I know," he replied smiling. "You're the new housekeeper. And I am the cook."

"Oh, that's a relief," I sighed. He cocked an eyebrow. "Well it's a relief that you aren't some creepy dude who was just hanging around in the house." I clarified.

He grinned and chuckled. "Nope, no creepy dude here."

I smiled at him. There was something about him that just made me smile. He seemed like a really good guy and I could definitely see us being friends. I was glad that someone here was nice, that made the transition into a new job much easier.

"So I take it Tanya told you 'everything' about this place right?"

I raised an eyebrow and nodded barely.

He smirked. "Do you drink Bella?" I nodded again. "Well let's go to the kitchen, I'll make you a drink and I can give you an inside look on how this place really is."

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