This is a fanfic which was co-written by Vongola Maelstrom. It will take a different path compared to my original Negima Naruto crossover, NMAC. So don't expect anything to be completely parallel to it. I've actually planned this one out too, which is surprising since I don't even do that much myself. The pairings is already set, you have to guess it, I won't spoil. Vongola Maelstrom already beta-ed this too.


"Okay Naruto, I want you to stay put and not do anything stupid okay?" a tall old man said. He had long spiked white hair that went to his mid back. He wore an olive green Gi with a red vest over it, and had a large scroll tied to his back, lastly on his feet were geta. Trailing down from his eyes were two red lines that looked like tears. He was glaring down at a blond haired boy in front of him who had whisker like marks on his cheeks, three on each. The boy had his arms crossed and was pouting; his eyes closed making him look like a fox. He was wearing a disgusting orange jumpsuit, and had on a hitai-ate with an odd leaf symbol on it.

"Why do you want me to stay here! Didn't you promise to teach me how to do summoning Ero-sennin!" the blond boy, Naruto whined.

"Don't call me that! My name is Jiraiya you damned gaki!" the now named Jiraiya shouted, as he slammed his fist onto Naruto's head.

"Ah but Ero-Sennin!"

"No buts!" Jiraiya shouted, "Now I want you to stay here and practice summoning!" And with that Jiraiya walked away. Naruto sat cross legged glaring at the man's retreating back. Grumbling something incoherent Naruto stood up and walked over to the side of the stream.

"I don't see why he still has me practicing summoning. I mean I was able to summon, that big frog a while back!" Naruto shouted indignantly into the air.

"It's because you're an idiot!" a deep threatening voice taunted from out of nowhere. Naruto let out a groan as he fell to the floor. Naruto knew who it was. It was the Kyuubi no Youko, the reason for his tormented childhood, the reason for people not liking him and the reason why he couldn't get rest for the past few days.

"You damned youko, why do you keep bothering me!" Naruto yelled. Ever since he had asked the fox for help with summoning Gamabunta a couple days ago, the fox had been talking to him for no apparent reason.

"Because it's fun. Other than sleeping it's the only thing I can do from within this cage, that damned man put me in. If he were here I would rip him to shreds, just like you!" the fox roared. "But keep shouting out loud. I mean people will think you are crazy!" the foxed laughed.

'I hate you, you know,' Naruto thought as he neared the riverbed.

"I return the sentiment you know." The two beings sighed simultaneously. Hating each other was hard work apparently.

'Hey give me some of your chakra. I want to be able to summon something strong again.' Naruto heard the fox grumble, but he already felt a surge of power running through him. 'You're not as bad as you think you know.'

"Shut up gaki."

'Sheesh, can't take a compliment?' Naruto shook his head and started to go through the five hand seals he need for summoning.


The Kyuubi was lying down trying to rest after giving the blond a tail's worth of chakra. He and the idiot didn't get along well, but he needed the boy in order to survive. "Sometimes this kid is a pain in the tail," the Kyuubi thought to himself as he let the boy try the summoning. As he was resting, the Kyuubi felt something weird pulling at him. "Something isn't right. It feels as if...' The kyuubi's eyes snapped open "Gaki stop that...YOU'RE NOT DOING THE SUMMONING JUTSU!"

-Real World-

Naruto was trying the right hand seals for summoning, but thanks to holding onto Gamabunta for an entire day his fingers were numb. But that didn't stop him from trying to summon the frog again. Going through his five hand seals, he was about to summon and ignored the shouting fox inside his gut. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

Something went wrong. Naruto fell to the floor. His fingers were digging into the dirt, as a nerve-wracking pain engulfed his body. His eyes were becoming red in cornea, and his veins were bulging out around his body. Naruto felt as if every single cell in his body was being cut into a million pieces. He rolled on the floor as the pain increased tenfold. He could even hear the Kyuubi roaring in pain. The ground started to tremble as he felt even more energy bursting from out of him. His skin was being peeled off his body and he was bleeding profusely. Steam was then being emitted from his body as his temperature rose exponentially. Up until that moment he hadn't made a sound, but when it got too intense he let out a scream that pierced the silent sky of the river. "AAARRGGHH!"

-With Jiraiya-

"Ladies, that's right! I'm the great Jiraiya!" Jiraiya boasted as he was in a bar with a lady on each arm. In front of him were various foods and alcoholic beverages. There was music playing "My books are a worldwide success! So I got the food and drinks covered."

"Jiraiya-sama!" the two girls cooed, as they hung off his arms. He was so happy that he left the kid to go do some more research. His fun came to a screeching halt when he heard a scream piercing his ears.

"AAARRGGHH!" Jiraiya's stopped what he was doing and his eyes widened.

"Naruto..." Jiraiya whispered. He quickly got up and placed several bills onto the table, and ran out of the bar. "Sorry ladies but something important came up." He kept running towards the river where he left Naruto with a horror stricken look on his face. "Naruto...Naruto, please be okay," he whispered to himself as he kept running towards the scream. When he entered the tree line he jumped up to a branch, and began jumping from branch to branch.

"Jiraiya-chan," an old voice called out to him. Looking behind himself, Jiraiya saw three people jumping behind him. One was an old man with white and red robes. His face was covered in wrinkles and had a few warts here and there. His eyes had darkened bags under them. This was the third Hokage of Konohagakure, the village hidden in the leaves, Hiruzen Sarutobi. "What is happening with Naruto-kun?"

"I don't know old man," Jiraiya replied. "I just left him so he can train by himself. After that I don't know what happened."

"So you don't know what happened Jiraiya-sama?" a man with gravity defying silver hair asked. He was wearing navy blue ninja pants and a long sleeved blue shirt under a dark green colored vest with many pouches. On his forehead was the same hitai-ate like Naruto, except his was tilted so that it could cover his left eye. A mask made of the same material as his clothes covered his mouth. "I was training Sasuke before this and he got mad when I had left."

"I had to leave the students for this, but I was worried for Naruto as well Kakashi," said a brunette man with pineapple hairstyle. He was garbed in the same thing as the now named Kakashi, except his vest was a forest green. Across his nose was a large scar. "I hope he's okay..."

"I hope so too Iruka..." Kakashi replied as they jumped to another branch.

"AAARGGH! NNNARRHH!" the screams were getting stronger and louder as they neared the area. When the four men got there they had to look away. All but one of them had been in war at some point in their life, but the site in front of them almost made them vomit. Naruto was rolling on the floor losing massive amounts of blood. A majority of his skin was missing and flesh could be seen, some parts had his blood darkened bones showing. The oxygen was leaving his body in the form of steam. His clothes were being burnt away by invisible flames. Naruto's screams kept getting louder by the second and his body was starting to deteriorate.

"Naruto!" Iruka shouted as he ran towards the boy. When he got within twenty feet, he hit an invisible wall and was repulsed back. Iruka rolled on the floor before coming to a stop.

"Iruka are you alright?" Kakashi asked. Iruka nodded but went back to look at Naruto. A bright light suddenly was made underneath Naruto and a wall of energy that the four had never felt before surrounded him in a twenty feet radius, with Naruto as the center. The skies above them darkened with clouds that weren't there before and a large circle, about the same size as the one Naruto was in, appeared. Symbols that none of them have ever seen slowly filled the circle in various different colors.

"What in the world is happening?" Sarutobi asked. The energies around Naruto began to swirl faster at an exponentially increasing speed. The circle in the sky was getting brighter as the energies flew faster.

"AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!" Naruto scream reached its peak as the thing in the sky grew brighter.

"Everyone try to get Naruto out of there. Now!" Sarutobi ordered. But sadly no matter what they did, no matter what jutsu the four tried, the circle repelled them all away from itself. Jiraiya even summoned one of the bigger frogs to attack it, but it too was repelled. Then all of a sudden Naruto stopped shouting and rolling around. The four men looked on trying to see what was happening. The gravely damaged Naruto stood up, blood still rolling off of him. He was breathing heavily before looking around. When his face turned to the four men they were shocked. More than half his face was burned away, leaving only flesh.

"I'm sorry," was all Naruto said while looking at them. His voice was not his own voice. It was more of an amalgamation of his and the Kyuubi's. His eyes were mismatched as one was his regular blue eye, while the left eye was red and slitted, like that of the Kyuubi.

"Kyuubi..." Kakashi whispered.

"What have you done to the boy Kyuubi?" the hokage demanded in a harsh tone.

"Look no matter how much I loathe all of you I have a sense of self preservation," the fox responded. "The boy is barely conscious as of the moment, and he was the one who apologized to you not I. However,I couldn't stop the gaki fast enough...he did some sort of jutsu even I'm not aware of. I only have a couple more seconds before this technique takes us..." the Kyuubi told them.

"Takes you where?"

"I don't know. We can end up in Kumo, Kiri or somewhere there isn't even humans like the bottom of the sea. We may even end up in a completely different dimension. I don't know where we're going. All I know is that we won't be able to come back until I can get my tails back. This jutsu forcefully used all nine tails worth of power. So at the moment I'm powerless to even stop the jutsu that the gaki has tried. I can't promise that I will help the brat, but I do need him to survive so I'll do what I can," the Kyuubi told the four.

"Please let us help Naruto!" Iruka shouted as he put his hand onto the circle.

"Yes, please let us help him!" Kakashi agreed.

"I would if I could. But it seems like this world is starting to reject our very presence..." Kyuubi stated. Looking up to the sky Kyuubi let out a sigh of...was it regret? "Looks like our time is up...Do you have any parting words for the gaki?"

"Don't say it as if he's dying!" Iruka shouted, "Do you know how bad this is! Do you know how sad this will make Naruto! He finally found his place with us and now this has to happen! This is all your fault Kyuubi!"

"I wasn't saying as if he is going to die. I was saying it so he can have something to remember before we can get back..."

"Tell him..." Kakashi started his head bowed down. "Tell him I'm sorry. I would have been there more for him, but a promise to my friend and the council had me helping out Sasuke more than I could help him. I wish...I wish I could have been there for him more. If he does come back I promise to help him out with whatever he needs." The Kyuubi nodded.

"Tell him that I'll tell him everything...Everything that I've been keeping from him in secret. And I know that you know all the secrets as well fox," Sarutobi glared. "So please don't say it to him for me. It was my mistake for not telling him...or the rest of this village." The old man slowly rubbed his temples as tears started coming out of his eyes. "I owe him that much..." Once again the Kyuubi nodded.

"Tell him I'll teach him anything he wants..." Jiraiya said. "I wasn't there at all for him when I should have been. When he gets back, I'll actually be there for him." The Kyuubi closed his eyes and nodded again.

"Take care of him Kyuubi," Iruka threatened as he cried. "If any thing tell him, that I'll treat him to Ichiraku's when he gets back. That's all I can do for him now." The Kyuubi sighed and nodded. The light in the sky had intensified to such a degree it rivaled that of the sun.

"I'll tell him you said goodbye," the Kyuubi said, as the giant circle shot a light that engulfed the blond entirely. Everyone who was there for the chunin exams saw the giant flash of light and went to investigate. Various ninja from Konoha had arrived and all they saw was the four men staring out into a giant burnt circle where only two foot prints in the center showed that someone was standing there.

"Everyone return to your posts! There is nothing to see here!" the hokage boomed as he left, motioning for the other three to follow him.

-Unkown Location-

Everything was dark. No matter what Naruto tried to do, he just couldn't see anything. It was as if some person had blinded him. "Wake up..." Naruto heard somebody say. Naruto tried to pin point just where exactly the voice was coming from. "Wake up..." Still trying to follow the voice, Naruto guessed that the voice was right in front of him.

"I am awake. I can't see though..." Naruto responded. He noted that his voice was not his own, and was a lot higher pitched.

"You're an idiot. Roll over you dumbass," the voice growled. Naruto would have smacked his forehead if he hadn't been face down. He turned over and opened his eyes. He saw a cloudless blue sky, with the sun hovering over it. Looking to the left he saw an expanse of desert, and it was the same to his right but he didn't see any sign of the person who was speaking to him. The blond then felt a weight on his chest and looked up. On his chest was a small fox that had crimson fur and patches of black on his paws and underbelly, as well as the tips of its ears. Naruto also saw a fluffy tail swishing in the back of it.

"Hey little fella have you seen who was talking to me?" he asked, his voice still not matching what it was supposed to be.

"I am the one who was talking to you, you idiot," the fox growled. Naruto's eyes widened and he slapped the fox away from him. He quickly got on his feet and stumbled away before looking at the fox just as it was regaining its bearings.

"What are you?" he asked as he put some distance away from himself and the fox.

"It's me you dumbass gaki. The Kyuubi..." the fox replied shaking his body to get the sand out of the fur. He then looked at the boy who was holding his gut and covering his mouth. "Got a problem gaki?" asked Kyuubi raising an eyebrow (do foxes even have eyebrows?). Naruto couldn't hold it in any longer and started laughing obnoxiously at the fox.

"Hahaha, oh my god, hahaha! What happened to you! Hahaha! You're so small!" Naruto couldn't stop laughing.

"Heh, if you think this is funny, the jokes on you! You're small now too!" the foxed laughed. The boy stopped laughing when Kyuubi said that. Looking around Naruto saw a small oasis and ran to it. When he got under the shade of the palm trees and neared the water he skidded to a halt and took a drink of it first, to parch his thirst. He then looked at the reflection. His eyes widened at what they saw. He no longer looked like himself, but more like his younger six year old self. But his clothes were still the same from when he was twelve, and were oversized.

"What the hell!" Naruto shouted. "Why do I look six!"

"Because you probably are six," Kyuubi stated. Naruto's jaw drop.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean you were de-aged so to speak when you messed up on that stupid jutsu and transported us here. Oh that reminds me..." Using his tail Kyuubi picked up a rock and chucked it at Naruto's head, hitting it dead center on the forehead. The blond fell to the floor with swirls in his eyes. "That's for taking us somewhere outside of the Elemental Nations and putting me through so much pain you idiot!"

"Wait what did you say?" Naruto asked getting up.

"You idiot?"

"No before that."

"Putting me through so much pain?"

"No before that too." Naruto then got hit by another rock. "Not that you damned youko! I meant after that but before everything else!"

"Oh..." The fox then sighed. "Gaki you better sit down. I have a lot to tell you. And I want you to hold your complaints, questions and whines till the end got that?" Naruto opened his mouth but the Kyuubi's glare shut him up. So for what seemed like countless hours Kyuubi told Naruto what had happened, since the fox woke up. He explained that they are no longer in their world and probably have a very small chance of returning to their world. He also told Naruto the farewell comments from his teachers, this made Naruto cry, but Kyuubi told him to shut up seeing as he still had stuff to say. Kyuubi then said that he couldn't access his youki for some reason and that all of Naruto's chakra pathways were crushed somehow, leaving him utterly incapacitated. He then went on to say that Kyuubi couldn't go to far away from Naruto or both of them will experience a shock like no other, seeing as he walked away a good twenty meters before being zapped.

"How do I know you're not pulling my leg? I mean for all we know, we could be in Suna..." Naruto questioned.

"I had thought of that too's too cool to be Suna in this time of year. It should be blazing hot...That and the wild life is rather dangerous compared to the elemental nations..."

"What?" Naruto asked. The Kyuubi pointed to the sky and Naruto followed it. Looking up he saw a massive creature; even bigger than Gamabunta fly over head. "Whoa...What was that thing!"

"From the looks of it...some sort of dragon," Kyuubi replied jumping up onto Naruto's shoulder.

"Cool I've never seen a dragon before! Do you think we'll get to see one up close?"

"Gaki, you don't need to act all stupid and tough with me. I've known you since birth, so you don't have to hold back your tears."

"I'm not acting tough I'm..." Naruto felt the Kyuubi pat him on the head using his tail, and actually saw concern flash through the fox's eyes. Naruto sighed and fell to his knees sobbing into his hands. The fox just sat there waiting for him to stop. After a couple of minutes, the boy stopped his crying and wiped away his tears. "Thanks."

"For what?" the Kyuubi asked stretching his stiff limbs.

"For just being there. You aren't as bad as you look you know that?" Kyuubi's eyes bulged out of their sockets and he turned to the boy.

"If you ever say that once we return to the Elemental Nations I will rip your throat out am I clear?" Kyuubi threatened, baring his fangs. Naruto gulped and nodded his head quickly. "Good I have a reputation to keep up and I don't want it tarnished by you." The fox then stiffened. "Someone's coming..."


"Hide you idiot!" the fox hissed and the two dove underneath some bushes to hide from whom ever was approaching the area. The two saw a pair of feet with black shoes and white jeans stopping in front of them. Now that it was much closer, Naruto could feel the overwhelming power coming off of whoever was standing in front of them. Kyuubi nudged at Naruto's arm getting the boy's attention. The fox made a motion to leave and Naruto nodded. But as the two were about to run, a pair of hands grabbed them and pulled them out of the bushes.

When both Kyuubi and Naruto were out of the bushes they were face to face with a giant of a man with dark skin and long spiked white hair. He had on a blue short sleeve jacket, and a magenta headband. He had a scar across his nose just like Iruka. The man had muscles almost everywhere. He had a smirk on his face when he stared at the two in his hands. The man opened his mouth and spoke but Naruto and Kyuubi didn't understand what he was saying. "Huh?" the two said at the same time. The man spoke again but Naruto and Kyuubi didn't understand.

"Okay I have no idea what this man was saying?" Naruto whispered to Kyuubi.

"I have no clue either," Kyuubi stated. "But once he puts us down, we run for it okay?" Naruto nodded. The man in front of them had a frown on his face and was thinking hard about what to do. Slowly he put the two down and let go of Naruto's collar and the Kyuubi's fur. As soon as two's feet touched the floor they ran away as fast as they could. The two heard the man chuckle and looked behind them. The man wasn't there. And since they weren't looking they bumped into a hard wall. "Wait there wasn't a wall here was there?" Kyuubi asked with a sigh.

" that means..." Naruto sighed as well as they were picked up by the scruff of their necks. The man didn't seem to be angry; he didn't even seem to be irritated. In fact he look just plain happy that they tried to escape. They heard the man muttering a few words as he held them. "Do you think this guy is crazy?"

"What type of crazy? That Gai-sensei of yours crazy or Gaara crazy?"

"Um from the feel of things Gai-sensei crazy..."

"Yeah I get the same vibe..." There was a small flash that blinded the two and then they felt different. "Did he do something?"

"Yes I did something?" the man replied.

"Oh you did..." Kyuubi replied. Both he and Naruto nodded their heads before stopping. "WAIT WE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU!"

"Ah yes and I can understand you two little fellas," the man chuckled. "Now what were you doing in my house?"

"Huh? Your house?" Naruto asked. The man smirked again as an illusion had disappeared showing a bigger oasis than what was originally there. There was even a large building and a pagoda on the giant lake. "Wow...that was cool..." Naruto said in awe.

"Gaki, pay attention. Or if you haven't noticed that we are still caught by some man we don't even know?" Kyuubi growled.

"Oh right...who are you, you old geezer?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Cheh, still no respect for his elders."

"Hahaha," the man bellowed. "It's all cool little fox. Having no respect is nice sometimes. My name is Jack Rakan. Nice to meet you uh..."

"Naruto Uzumaki...OW!" Naruto tried to rub his head as he glared Kyuubi as he retracted his tail. "What was that for!"

"Don't give away important information to people whom you don't know," Kyuubi growled. "Sheesh for a ninja you're still pretty stupid."

"A ninja huh?" Rakan asked. The Kyuubi's eyes widened as he realized his slip up.

"Don't give away any information huh?" Naruto deadpanned.

"You two still haven't answered my question. What are you doing in my house?" Rakan asked again.

"Give us one moment," Kyuubi motioned. Rakan nodded his head and put the two closer two each other so they can whisper.

"So what do you think we should do?" Naruto asked.

"Well if it is anything to go by...this man could kill us if we try to run. Did you feel his power?" Naruto nodded. "So trying to run is out of the idea, he can catch us in a blink of an eye. I also think he is much stronger than he gives away, so fighting him is also out of the question. He also seems too smart for his own good, though he gives off an air of stupidity just like you..."


"...So lying is out of the question."

"So what does that leave us with?"

"Tell him the truth," Kyuubi sighed. "We are at a serious disadvantage if you look at all the variables." Naruto thought about it and nodded. "Rakan-san we are ready..."

"Ah okay," Rakan stated separating the two. "So are you going to tell me what you are doing in my house?" The Kyuubi sighed and began to speak, telling Naruto to shut up each time he opened his mouth. He explained everything to the man, hopefully to not anger him. After a moment they finished, man slowly put them down to the ground and the two didn't run away. "So you are telling me you want to find a way home?" The two nodded. "Well I'm sorry to say that even in this world, we can't do inter-dimensional traveling."

"What do you mean by this world?" Kyuubi asked. Rakan rubbed his chin and thought about what to say.

"Well I guess since you explained your situation to me, I should tell you something about myself and this world." Rakan went into a large speech about where they were, the world of Mundus Magicus, a world where magic and fantasy was real. Apparently the two had arrived in this world right after a crisis that affected the whole magical world. He also explained that he was one of the few heroes of this world and helped save it. Naruto's eyes were wide in awe, while the Kyuubi took everything the man had to say in stride.

"That is soo cool! I mean magic does exist!" Naruto shouted while throwing his hands into the air. This had Rakan bellowing in laughter.

"Why are you telling us this?" Kyuubi asked seriously. "What do you have to gain by telling us all that information?"

"Absolutely nothing. But as you were saying in that little conversation you and the boy had while had everything to gain and I could crush you like a bug if I wanted," Rakan smiled. "So what are you two going to do?"

"We'll try to live on our own here and try to figure out what to do from there," Kyuubi sighed.

"Yeah. I might as well try to learn how to do magic as well..." Naruto sighed as well. "I mean how hard could it be?"

"Hmmm...say about you two stay with me? I can teach the gaki and have him learn some magic with me?" Rakan said.

"Really?/Really!" Kyuubi and Naruto asked at the same time.

"Yes really, but..."

"But?" the two copied.

"You have to pay me 100 million magic dollars."

"WHAT!" Naruto shouted indignantly. "100 million...mmmph" Kyuubi jumped up onto Naruto's shoulder and used his tail to muffle his mouth.

"Give us another moment," Kyuubi forcefully laughed. The two walked over a bit and began to argue, and Rakan just watched in humor. The blond started waving his arms and the fox growled louder. They then began to wrestle, but in the end Kyuubi was sitting on top of Naruto, with a smirk on his face. Naruto stood up and dusted himself off before the two walked baxk over to him. "Take us to a casino and we will get your money in three hours." Kyuubi stated.

"Oh really now?" Rakan laughed. "Are you sure you can pull it off?" The Kyuubi laughed and shook his head, while looking at Naruto.

(Time skip three hours, at a casino in a city)

Rakan was standing outside the casino door waiting for Naruto to come outside. "Heh, I highly doubt that these two will be able to get that much within three hours," Rakan laughed to himself.

"Oh ye of little faith," Kyuubi snickered as both he and Naruto walked out of the casino with a bag of money.

"How much is in the bag?"

"1 million magic dollars," Naruto said with confidence.

"So you couldn't get the other 99 million?" Rakan laughed.

"Oh no, we got it alright! We just couldn't carry it all. They're delivering it by hovercraft," Naruto pointed up. Looking up Rakan's jaw dropped as a hovercraft was lifting countless bags of money. "Is that enough to cover it?" Naruto put his arm out to shake hands with the guy. Rakan's mouth opened and closed multiple times before smirking.

"Well kid, it looks like you got yourself a deal!" Rakan shook his hand. Naruto jumped up and down and the Kyuubi hopped up onto Rakan's shoulder.

"That's not the only reason is it?" Kyuubi asked with a smirk.

"He's going to be our money ticket if we run low," Rakan laughed maniacally, the Kyuubi following suit.

-Chapter End-

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