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"A storm is coming," Naruto said as he stood on a branch of the World Tree. He was looking at the currently blue skies and frowned. "Something is going to happen soon."

"How do you know that?" Kyuubi asked as he was lying next to his partner.

"My gut tells me something is going to happen." Kyuubi stared up to the sky as well and turned to his partner.

"The big question here, are we going to stay for the fun?" Naruto shrugged.

"Part of me is shouting at me to stay and help, seeing as I was never there for Negi."

"I'm hearing a but here."

"But this would be a good time for him to train." The fox nodded his head slowly. "So I'm really not sure what to do."

"Flip a coin for it," Kyuubi suggested.

"Really? We're putting the life of students on the line for a coin flip."

"Yup. Besides, at the rate we do missions we can do that and be back before something really bad happens." Kyuubi then chuckled. "Just like all the time Theodora wanted a play date and you were on a mission." Naruto groaned and thumped his head against the trunk.

"Okay, okay we can flip a coin." Naruto pulled out a hundred yen coin and looked at it. "Heads, we stay and help out from the beginning; tails, we do a mission and be back on time." The fox nodded and the blond tossed the coin up into the air. After flipping a few times, Naruto caught it. The two looked at the results as Kyuubi sat on the blonde's shoulder.

"So a mission it is," Kyuubi said.

"Yeah." Naruto stopped before smirking. "I guess it's time to ask Mana-chan for help then. Let's see how our partnership goes."

"True. I wonder how that babe will handle us." Naruto slowly reached up and smacked Kyuubi on the head.

"Don't say it like that. Makes it sound perverted." Kyuubi smacked Naruto as well, before the blond made a sky blue circle beneath his feet and they disappeared.

Mana yawned as she sat on the train away from school. Sitting to her right near the aisle was her partner and his own partner, fast asleep. They had come to her the night before and asked if she wanted to join them for a job seeing as there was no school that day. She turned to her other side and looked at the raining scenery as it flew by. "Why did they have to pick me up at six in the morning on a Saturday?" she asked herself.

"It's because I want to go back before the end of the day," Naruto yawned as he woke up. "I'm expecting bad things to happen and so I want to finish early." The blond blinked the away the sleep in his eyes and cracked his neck.

"So if there is trouble brewing, why are you leaving?"

"A coin toss."

"You're going away when you know something bad may happen?"

"Consider it a training exercise for Negi." Mana sighed and shook her head at the blonde's response.

"So what's our mission again?"

"We are going to find a missing a girl who got kidnapped," Kyuubi said as he woke up too.


"Yes. The person who contacted us goes by the name of Sora Yamida. Some time ago, a mercenary kidnapped his daughter that went by the alias of Heartless."

"Do we have any information on this Heartless person?"

"From what Mr. Yamida said, he uses the power of darkness and knows how to teleport. He also used to be a friend of the family until a fight happened between the wife and Heartless. So we're going to talk to him and get more info."

"You have a lot of info," Mana complimented them. "Did you two get all that info on your own?"

"HA! The two of us? The blond idiot was asleep the entire time."

"Oi, I was the one who had to type!" Naruto shouted.

"Yes, you had to use human fingers to type," Kyuubi rolled his eyes. The two being descended into bickering and Mana looked concerned.

'Are we really going to be able to do the mission with these two bickering?' Mana thought to herself.

The group arrived at the client's home at around ten o'clock in the morning. It was at a beachfront and seemed rather normal. It was a white house with a white picket fence and red shingles. There were windows with bright coloured curtains and numerous flowering plants. "This place looks nice," Naruto commented. "Kyuubi you know what to do." The fox nodded and jumped off this shoulder. Turning to Mana, he offered her a nice smile. "Shall we go?" Mana sighed and came followed him to the door. Before he could even ring the doorbell the door opened. A lean man who was shorter than the two of them with black hair met them. He looked no older than thirty years old.

"Hi, are you the people who took the job?" he asked.

"Yeah, are you Sora?" Naruto asked in return. The man seemed to brighten up immediately.

"Oh thank kami! Come inside, come inside."

"Thanks. I'm Naruto Uzumaki by the way."

"Who's your partner?"

"Mana Tatsumiya, at your service," the tall girl gave him a smile. Naruto looked at her and raised an eyebrow. He knew she wasn't usually this cordial from what he'd seen. Then it clicked: it was for the job. The blond scoffed internally and closed the door behind him. He was exactly the same way. Less stupid in front of the client was a good thing. "So do you mind telling us what has happened?" Mana asked as they sat in the living room.

"Sure. You see a few years ago my friend and my wife, Hikari, had a big fight. It was weird because all three of us were really good friends back then. When the fight happened between the two of them, my friend Crescent left us." Mana saw Naruto who had been nodding the entire time, suddenly stop and stiffen. He looked at their client with a critical eye before it passed. "Then a few days ago he kidnapped my daughter. This is a picture of her." He produced a picture of a child with fair skin and chin length raven hair. In the picture there was an older woman as well with brown hair that was the same length as the little girl's. The two had matching blue eyes. "This is my dear Mari and my wife Hikari."

"I see. Why do you think he kidnapped her?" Naruto asked.

"For revenge I guess. It's probably the same reason why he kidnapped my wife. He was pretty mad at her." The man started to tear up and cry. Naruto put his hand on the man's shoulder and gave him a kind smile. The man nodded and thanked the blond.

"By any chance…do you have a picture of your old friend? The kidnapper I mean." Sora nodded and walked away before he produced a picture of a man with white hair and green eyes. Once again Mana noticed that Naruto had stiffened.

"Do you have any ideas where he could be hiding?" Mana asked. A few minutes later, the two were given a location of an old hideout the trio used when they were younger. As they left, Naruto walked a couple hundred feet away from the house with Mana following in silence. That was where they found Kyuubi looking at girls on the beach in bikinis. When Mana heard him do a perverse giggle, her hand itched toward her leg where a pistol was. When Naruto sighed and put his hand on hers to stop her she sighed. "How are you two able to do your missions? You're lazy and he's a pervert. How do you two do it?" Naruto chuckled.

"Well, it's rather simple really," Naruto laughed. "No one takes us seriously enough. People think we ride on our master's coattails and tend to forget that we have our own reputation as mercenaries." He then turned to her and smiled. "That and you haven't seen us in action just yet." The blond sat down next to Kyuubi. "So, what did you find Kyuu?"

"There's this chick with a nice D-cup to the east of here," the fox giggled. The blonde's right eye twitched for a moment.

"Not that Kyuu! What did you find out about the home?"

"Oh, that… well, there is a large amount of dark magic flowing around the house."

"That would make sense, Heartless came last night to kidnap the wife last night," Mana stated as she stood behind the sitting duo.

"He did?" The fox blinked and frowned. "Then we may have a problem." Mana looked down and saw the fox looking at the blond. "There was another magic signature here. It used darkness as an element as well, but it was far lighter than the one surrounding the house."

"Then my suspicion was correct," Naruto frowned. He stood up and cracked his back.

"What do you mean?" Mana asked.

"Sora lied to us." He motioned forward and kept frowning. "I know this Crescent person. We had some job together in the past. Heartless isn't his alias, so things don't add up. Something is wrong and we need answers."

"What are we going to do?" Kyuubi hopped up onto Naruto's shoulder and turned to her.

"We're going to pay Crescent a visit like Sora wanted us."

The small group made it to the place that their client suggested and were surprised at what they saw. It was a rather bright and happy place even though it was raining. It was a tropical island hidden under a large illusion, this made it so that it did not appear on any map or GPS device. Mana was sharing the umbrella Naruto brought and was standing close to him. The dark skinned beauty noticed that the fox was leering at her and she glared at him. "It seems like they know we are here," Naruto said with a smile. He then pushed Mana to the side as he jumped in the opposite direction.

"What are you doing?" Just as those words left Mana's mouth a magical arrow of light hit the place where she was standing previously.

"Kyuu, something is over to the right," Naruto commanded. The fox jumped off and Naruto held out his right arm. "Adeat!" Within his hand a black and gold katana appeared, and just in time to as a portal appeared right before him and a figure shot out. There was clang of metal and Mana looked at the situation. Naruto was in a deadlock with Crescent who had two wakizashi against his pactio. She aimed a gun at Crescent, but Naruto pushed him off. "Mana-chan! You don't have time to aim at him; you have your own opponent."

"You're right," Mana said as she rolled out of the way of another arrow of light. The girl gazed into the foliage as several arrows of various elements shot out from the cover. She smirked. "They are not much of a marksman though."

Naruto drew parried another slash from the one blade and ducked the second one. The man spun around and jumped back before slashing the air. "Legumina Umbra!" Crescent shouted as he slashed with the wakizashi. Pulse of darkness was expelled from the blades and towards Naruto.

"Delta Attack!" Naruto called out as an complex magical seal appeared in front of him. When the attack hit, the shield trembled a bit before a blast of magic shot out from it. Crescent created a portal behind him and appeared right on top of Naruto with both swords poised to stab. The blond transformed the katana into a broadsword and deflected the attack. "It's been a while hasn't it Crescent?"

"Chaotic Trump," the man growled. "Has that bastard Sora hired you to take me out?"

"Actually, he hired me to return his kid and wife." Crescent frowned.

"I'm not letting you take them." The white haired man placed his swords above his head and spun them around. Two circles appeared above him, one white and the other was black. Both broke after a second and there was a flash. When the flash died down, Naruto found himself staring down Crescent wearing a suit of black armour with white trimmings. The helmet was in the shape of a wolf's head and had tribal patterns on it. Both his wakizashi extended and curved, becoming falchions. "I won't let you take them back to that monster." Both blades started to glow.

"O-Oi! Wait up! I'm not trying to take them!" Naruto stuttered. "I just came to talk."

"Don't lie to me! Tres Umbra Morsus!" Crescent took three steps forward taking a slash each time. The attacks left crescents of darkness behind him. The armoured figure then slammed both weapons onto Naruto's.

"Crescent, stop this. Can't previous partners talk it out?" Naruto asked as he blocked the attack.

"Not when that monster hired you Chaotic Trump." The man fell downward and disappeared into the shadows. Looking down, Naruto saw nothing but had to look up right afterward. The three floating crescents shot towards him.

"Damn." The broad sword transformed into a sabre that he stabbed into the ground. "Shining Wave!" Slashing upward, continuous columns of light slashed through the each of the dark spells. When the third slash hit Naruto's spell, there was a small explosion. Naruto cursed under his breath as Crescent appeared behind him and tried to slash at him again. "Damn this fool isn't listening to reason. I hope Mana-chan is having a better time than me."

Mana was hiding behind palm tree as two arrows of earth clipped its trunk. She stepped out and shot at her opponent who ducked into the brush of the jungle. "This one is annoying," Mana mumbled to herself as she ran into the forest as well for cover. Her opponent was also clad in some sort of armour. It was red around the chest and the forearms and thighs, while the rest was gold. Her helmet was just had horns on the top and had a large visor on the front. This person was also using a bow as her focus, showing why she was mostly using arrow based magic.

As more spells rained down on her area Mana hid behind cover trying to find a ways to hit this person. She cursed for leaving her guitar case with her rifle and submachine gun in the boat on the beach. Now she was just stuck with her pistols on enemy territory. "What's wrong pretty lady?" a voice asked her. Spinning around, she aimed her pistol at the source of the voice and sighed when she saw it was Kyuubi.

"What are you doing here?" she asked as another volley of multiple elemental arrows.

"I finished what Naruto told me to do, was wondering if you needed help." He jumped onto her shoulder. "I know you're a big bad mercenary like us and can probably handle this on your own, but it seems like the odds are stacked against you at the moment."

"She has home field advantage and I only have my pistols on me. If you can get me my other gun's that would be useful."

"What am I, a delivery service?" the fox snorted. "I may be able to use spatial magic like the idiot, but with as many seals on me I can't do it often. I can help you in another way though."


"Wait until the next barrage of attacks happen sand you'll see." Mana sighed. The fox was being bossy and she didn't like it. That was why she didn't like working with others too much. For now though, she'll listen. As ice arrows finally stopped raining down, the Kyuubi spoke up. "Step out from cover and wait for my signal." Nodding, Mana stepped from behind the tree waited. It was silent for a few moments and Mana was slightly nervous. She was out in the open. Looking at the fox on her shoulders, she saw him concentrating. "Fire at two o'clock." Mana suddenly felt a rush of energy within her. Aiming to where the fox said, the mercenary shot a bullet. The surprising thing about it was the bullet was covered in demonic energy and it intercepted a magical arrow. "Since you are having a bit of trouble, I'll lend you my strength. Just aim and I'll power you up."

"Got it."

"Two shots at five o'clock." Mana spun around and fired two more shots destroying two more arrows.

Sparks were flying as both Naruto and Crescent attacked each other. The two blades of the black knight clashed with the mercenary's ebony blade. Ducking, Naruto dismissed his weapon as energy gather up in his left right arm. "Triumphant Grasp!" he shouted as grabbed his opponent by the throat and flew forward, before slamming him into a tree. Crescent was thrown onto the floor but he got up right afterward. The two were panting but it seemed like Crescent was more tired, even with the armour on. "Look I just want to talk if you'd see reason," the blond said between breaths.

"No. As long as you're here, you are a threat. I must defeat you then your partners. I won't let you take Hikari or Mari away." He fused the two falchions together, creating a large curved sword. Dark magical energies gathered around his body and Crescent took a stance.

"Tch, I guess I'll have to knock you out before we can talk." Naruto jumped into the air as light covered his body.

"Tenebris sphaera!" Crescent shouted as he dashed into the air.

"Saint's Fall!" The two charged towards each other, both clashing in the air before swerving off. Shockwaves were felt throughout the air as the two kept trading blows. After several moments of aerial fighting, Naruto flew upward just before Crescent's attack could hit and the blond slashed his back. When he saw the man flinch his attack stopped, Naruto kicked him into the sandy beach. After the impact the man's armour came off and he was writing in pain. There was a large gash on his back where Naruto attacked that was bleeding. Soon, the blond landed and moved towards him.

"Oi idiot!" Looking to the side, Naruto saw Mana and Kyuubi coming towards him. The girl was dragging another armour clad figure with her as they approached. The marksman stopped just in front of him. "Seems like you're finished here," Kyuubi said.

"I thought you went over there for the thing I saw," Naruto asked confused.

"I did, but we can check it out later, after we deal with this guy," Kyuubi said pointing at Crescent. "And this chick." He flicked his tail over at the armoured figure.

"Chick?" Naruto asked. He looked at Mana who also seemed confused by this. "Did you know it was a chick?"

"No," she replied. "How did you know it was a girl?"

"Sense of smell. She smelled like a woman," the fox replied.

"Get your hands off of Hikari," Crescent growled as he attempted to stand up.

"Crescent-kun, don't get up please," they heard the armoured person shout. The mercenary group turned to the person as their armour disappeared revealing that it was in fact Hikari, Sora's wife.

"What is going on here Crescent?" Naruto demanded. "You were never a kidnapper when we worked together on Mundus Magicus. Why are you so angry now?"

"Like I said, as long as you are here you are a threat. I won't let you take Hikari and Mari back to him," Crescent rasped as he tried to stand.

"Crescent-kun, please don't fight anymore. You're hurt," Hikari shouted. She then turned to Naruto. "Please stop fighting. I just want to protect my daughter and my friend. Please." Naruto looked at her and back at the man on the ground glaring at him. The blond sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He always had a soft spot for crying women.

"Fine. We'll stop, but I need answers," he replied.

"Are you sure that's wise Naruto?" Mana asked. She was wary seeing as her blond partner had just willingly accepted what these two said.

"Trust me in saying that the idiot knows what's he's doing," Kyuubi said as he hopped off her shoulder onto the blonde's. "He's surprisingly a good judge of character." The fox then stared at the two defeated people. "Now let's go to the house to the right shall we?" Naruto shoved off Kyuubi to the floor and carried Crescent fireman style. While the white haired man complained Naruto ignored it and followed the demonic fox, with Mana following them with their other captive walking in front of her.

What they came across a few minutes later could not even be considered a house. It was more of a shack attached to the side of a mountain. "This is your base?" Naruto asked incredulously. "Looks like a dump."

"We made it when we were kids," Hikari said from behind him. Naruto raised an eyebrow at that before opening the door which was seemingly unlocked. As he put his head in something came flying at him and smashed against his face. He fell down and clutched his nose. The blond also managed to drop Crescent at the same time. Blinking away the pain he looked down to see the little girl, Mari, straddling him with a pan in her hand. She kept smacking his face.

"Ow! Hey! Ow! That hurts!" he shouted as the girl kept smacking him on the head.

"Get away fwom mommy and uncle cwesent!" she shouted. Kyuubi was chuckling from his spot, while everyone else sweat dropped as Naruto was getting beaten up by a small girl. After a couple more moments of the mage getting smacked around, Kyuubi jumped up and stole the pan from the little girl. "Hey! Give that back!"

"I'm seriously doubting accepting to be his business partner now," Mana sighed as she walked over and picked up the little girl by the scruff of her dress.

"Hey! Let me go!"

"Thanks Mana-chan," Naruto told her. He had a large bump on his forehead.

"You got owned by a little girl idiot," Kyuubi laughed.

"Shut it." Standing up, Naruto noticed that the inside was far larger than the outside. It was a large living space with a TV to the far wall and large king sized bed facing the door. There was a small kitchen area off to the side and a door to what Naruto believes to be the bathroom. There was also a dresser, a couch and a desk. There was another door next to the TV, and it looked heavily reinforced. "Probably the mission room then." Naruto sisghed and picked up Crescent before placing him on the bed carefully. "Mana-chan let them both go."

"What?" his partner asked.

"Just let them go. They can give us answers to my suspicions. Besides, she looks like she doesn't like being tied up." Mana sighed, but this guy was the one giving her money. She'd have to follow his orders. So after letting go of the girl, she freed the woman. The mother and daughter sat down on the couch, while Naruto's group remained standing. "Seeing as my old friend Crescent here won't give me answer, can you please tell us what's going on?"

"Hikari, don't answer them," Crescent aid from the bed. The woman looked at her friend, then to her daughter, then finally at the trio. She sighed after a minute of debating.

"The person who hired you, the man who sent you to take us back to him, he is not Sora," Hikari said slowly. Naruto's eye narrowed. Hikari smiled. "I see, you suspected this right?"

"Yeah," Naruto replied.

"You suspected our client of being up to something?" Mana asked.

"Of course. I know Crescent over there. We've worked on a couple of job together on Mundus Magicus together. He was a real nice guy from what I hear. So when the person impersonating Sora showed us his picture, I knew something was up." He cracked his neck. "He also mentioned in the report that your daughter was kidnapped by someone known as Heartless, and he implied that it was Crescent. I know that is wrong since his alias in Mundus Magicus was the Lunar Wolf."

"That monster who hired you is the real Heartless," Hikari told them. "He murdered the real Sora a while ago, after Mari's birth. For the past five years, we've been under his spell. It wasn't until this week that Crescent has managed to save us." The white haired man sighed before turning on the bed. He gave a small wince as he did.

"Oi, don't move so much," Naruto told him as he approached his fellow mercenary. He put his hand out and placed it on the man's shoulder. "Regen." A light blue aura covered Crescent. "There it will speed up your healing, but it won't take away the pain."

"Why help me?" he asked.

"Because I consider you a friend dumbass," Naruto replied with a smirk. Crescent looked at him bewildered.

"You always were an idiot," the man mumbled.

"He totally is," Kyuubi agreed. There was an explosion outside and Naruto rushed out to see what was going on. Mana followed suit. When the two stepped outside they saw Heartless standing there, still using Sora's form. Naruto already summoned his pactio and Mana pulled out an uzi and pistol.

"Kyuu, put up a barrier," Naruto told his partner. "Make sure he doesn't get in if we lose."

"Got it."

"Well, if it isn't the two mercenaries I hired," Heartless greeted them. "Is my family in there?" Naruto glared at him and Mana aimed her guns as well. "Oh? Is something wrong?"

"Why don't you show us your real form Heartless, " Naruto suggested pointing a sword at him.

"Oh? I take it you beat dear old Crescent and spoke to Hikari did you?" The man cackled as Naruto's eye narrowed. "What's got you so mad?"

"Tell me, did you use Hikari-san?" Naruto asked carefully. The man started to cackle.

"Yes and I enjoyed every bit of it too." There was a shot heard and bullet found its way into Heartless' head. Mana was growling at him and her pistol had smoke coming out. The man touched his forehead and laughed. "Ooh, she's feisty. I like that." There was a movement and the sound of flesh being cut. He looked down and saw his arm was cut off and Naruto staring back at him with a glare. "Hoh! What a scary face!" Pitch-black tendrils burst out from where his arm used to be and attacked Naruto. Mana shot most of them as Naruto jumped away from the thing. "Well, you said you wanted to see my true form. I might as well show you before I kill you and take back what's mine."

Heartless screamed into the air and his body started to break apart and a large dark serpentine dragon stood in front of them. It had yellow orbs looking at them. "Mana-chan?" Naruto said.

"Yes Naruto?" Mana asked.

"How good are you at taking on gigantic monsters?"

"Not that bad, but I don't have the right equipment on me."

"I'd ask Kyuubi to let you barrow his powers again but I want him protecting those in the house."

"It's fine. Let's just take this guy down." Naruto nodded and changed the sword into a claymore. The dragon roared and shot black flames out of his mouth. The two jumped in different directions. Even while in mid-air, Mana was shooting demon-exorcizing bullets that she swapped in right before the battle. The dragon roared and swung its tail towards her. Naruto appeared before her with a sky blue circle. His blade was glowing red as he moved forward.

"Flare!" He swung upward as he took a few steps forward. The sword cut into the tail causing it to bleed and at the same time make it catch on fire. He moved out of the way, as Mana kept shooting at the dragon. The dragon screamed as it backed up. It opened its mouth, but instead of fire coming out several spikes did. "Mana-chan switch!" Mana did a back flip and got behind Naruto as his sword transformed into a shield. "Shield Bash!" A series of hexagons made of energy appeared in front of him. As all the spikes hit against the shield, the thing started to grow brighter. When the attack was over, Naruto moved his hand back as the shield disappeared. When he waved both of them forward a large plume of flame covered the dragon, followed by a bolt of lightning and lastly a large chunk of ice.

"Just what type of magic do you know Naruto?" Mana asked as she saw the dragon was struggling to get up after that.

"Magic from another world Mana-chan."

"Hey you two!" Kyuubi shouted. Mana looked behind them as the fox threw her guitar case at her. "That should make it easier for you two."

"Do you think changing weapons will save you?!" Heartless roared. "That won't do you much good!"

"Oh I'd beg to differ seeing as I've been doing that all my life," Naruto replied. "Mana-chan, how much time do you need to shoot that bastard."

"Not that much," she whispered back. "He's big and easy to shoot." She got a clip for her rifle from the guitar case. Naruto looked down and the bullets were glowing red. "Explosive shots made by Saotome from our class. Cost me money but it will be worth it." The dragon flew into the air.

"Want me to make it land?" the blond asked.

"It's fine. Just block any incoming attacks." Mana took aim with her rifle as Naruto switched Chaotic Trump into short sword.

"I'll make sure you can get some shots." In the air, Heartless opened his mouth and shot a fireball at them. Naruto stood behind Mana as she crouched down and aimed to the sky. As the flaming ball hit them golden orb surrounded them to protect them as Naruto held up his sword. Mana smiled as she shot three bullets at the dragon. Soon afterward bullets there were three explosions causing the dragon to fall down. Naruto put down the shield and stared at their opponent. Mana readied her rifle

"Don't joke with me!" Heartless roared as he shot up into the air. Instead of fire this time or spikes, It was just pure dark magic energy. It was so large that they wouldn't be able to dodge in time.

"Hold on tight Mana-chan!" Naruto shouted as he grabbed her by the waist. "Reverse Polarity." A sky blue circle appeared beneath his feet and one in the sky hundreds of feet above them. Mana didn't even have time to scream as they fell through and appeared in mid-air. Keeping her professionalism, Mana took aim at the dragon that did not see them appear and began to fire more shots. All the bullets hit and it exploded again. When the dragon saw them, Naruto opened another Reverse Polarity and reappeared on the sandy beach. "Mana, do you mind stepping back?"


"I'm getting tired of this shit, and I want to beat this guy already."

"Okay," Mana replied. As she stepped back, Naruto looked over his shoulder.

"Kyuu! Release lock red-twelve!"

"Releasing!" the fox shouted. Naruto cracked his neck and his eyes started to glow. The dragon charged forward intent on killing Naruto.

"EX Mode: EXecutioner!" Naruto suddenly gained a black cape with an odd insignia on it and his hair got slicked back. A second small sword appeared in his left hand and they both shined white. "Innocence!" The blond slashed three times and white crescents of energy flew towards and managed to cut the dragon. "Quickening!"

Mana watched as the world around them disappeared into an array of colors. Both she and the dragon looked confused as Naruto stared at the beast. In his hands black and red flames danced before he shot a stream of the flames at the beast. There was a bright flash and the flames were gone, but the dragon was still burnt. Soon both of Naruto's arms glowed orange and he did several punches to the air causing reality to seemingly crack. There was another flash and the cracked reality was fixed. This time, behind Naruto were twelve blades made of orange flames. He pointed it at the dragon and skewered it. "Return to darkness! Dark Hole!" The attack above the dragon swallowed it whole before it disappeared.

When the attack was over, Naruto fell to one knee and was panting.. "Damn, even after all these years of training using EX Modes still tires right after the finishing blow." He heard Mana rush up to him and he turned to his side.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine." The blond sat up and saw the barrier go down. Kyuubi ran up to him and hopped on his shoulder. "How'd I do Kyuu?"

"I'd give you an seven out of ten for your performance," the fox replied.

"A seven? Why a seven?"

"Should have went with Blue-four, it would have been cool to show off the darkness and light theme against that stupid dragon." Naruto rolled his eyes and looked up at Mana, who was apparently joined by Hikari, Mari and a limping Crescent.

"What did you do to the monster?" Crescent asked.

"Sent him into the dark void of space," Naruto replied. "He won't be bothering you anymore." Crescent sighed and fell on his butt.

"Thank kami," Hikari smiled. "Thank you for your help."

"Thank you mister," Mari said.

"No problem," the blond replied as he ruffled her hair. There was a cough to the side and Mana was looking at him expectantly. "Oh right, about the payment for the job."

They were riding back home on the train. After sorting out their dues and having a change of clothes due to their being wet from, the trio were head back to Mahora. The small family decided to move to Mundus Magicus after they sold the house. Naruto, Mana and Kyuubi were all paid the amount the job had offered in the beginning and everyone got their cut. So as they were headed back, night already fell and everything was quiet. Well, it was quiet until Naruto broke it.

"So Mana-chan, what do you think of our little operation?" Naruto asked. Kyuubi's ear twitched as he sat on the boy's shoulder and waited for the answer as well.

"I'd like to say you two are not putting your all into the mission," Mana told them. "You bicker, mess around and not to mention the fact that this fox seems to keep undressing me with his eyes." This had the blond raising his eyebrow. The two knew that already. It was how they did things.

"So I take it you're breaking off our little deal?" Kyuubi asked.


"No?" the two males asked.

"No. I'm not breaking the deal. You're jobs pay good money looking at the amount now in my wallet." Naruto then saw a faint smile on her face. "Besides, it was different. Most of the missions I usually take are with no nonsense type of people. It fun to be a bit chaotic from time to time." She then aimed a pistol at Kyuubi. "But I swear if you even so much as do anything other than look at me in a perverted way, I will personally neuter you." Kyuubi, demonic lord, actually flinched from that threat.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA! I like you Mana-chan, this is going to be a fun partnership after all."

As they arrive in Mahora and went their separate ways, promising to contact each other if they were interested to do a job together. As Naruto headed towards the dorms his smile disappeared. "You feel that too right Kyuu?"

"Yeah," Kyuubi told him. "There's a demon in Mahora."

AN: Leave a review. Also if you have not guessed it by now, Naruto's attacks and spells all come from Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Crescent's Attacks:

Legumina Umbra- Shadow pulse
Tres Umbra Morsus- three shadow fangs
Tenebris sphaera- dark aura