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I smiled as my brother taught Miss Rose to "spit like a man." I found it kind of funny and was sketching the two of them leaning against the rail.

"Jack! Can ya'll please stop moving?" I called to my older brother. He looked at me, and smiled.

"Sorry Ives." He told me. I sighed, and quickly finished the larger details, and started on the smaller details of the couple.

"That's pretty good so far" a husky voice said in my ear, which made me jump, and drop my pencil.

I turned my head and saw a really cute guy my age. He had long, shaggy black hair with a fringe over his eyes, and I could easily see he worked out. I blushed as he handed my pencil back.

"Thank you, its really nothing," I told him, as I continued my sketch.

"That doesn't look like nothing. It's really good. Especially since your objects are in constant motion." He observed.

I looked at my brother, and Miss Rose, and smiled. "It's one of my specialty."

"I'm Nicholas Venom by the way." He introduced holding out his hand. I smiled and held mine out and he took and kissed it.

"I'm Ivy Dawson." I told him.

"You're not of First Class are you? I know almost all the girls in first class, and you're not one of them" he said.

I blushed, and looked down as Miss Rose's mother emerged with Ms. Brown, who've I've grown fond of, and some old creep named Ms. Calvert.

I watched as they talked and Ms. Brown helped Jack.

"Nicholas? What are you doing?" Ms. Calvert asked him. He looked at her.

I stood up, closing my sketch book. "He was telling me to leave. Which I was. Come on Jack" I told my brother. He gave me a look. Ms. Bukater stuck her nose up, and walked away with Rose, and Ms. Calvert.

I nodded briefly to Nicholas, as he walked past. He gave me a smirk.

"Well I'll be. I haven't seen him smile since that old bat brought him on the ship. You must be havin' an effect on him, Ivy correct?" Ms. Brown told me. I smiled at her, and nodded.

"Well since your brother is their guest for saving Miss Rose, why don't you be mine?" Ms. Brown asked me. I smiled.

"I don't have anything nice to wear Ms." I told her. She sized me up, and smiled.

"I think I can help you with that dearie. Come on" Ms. Brown said as she led me and Jack back to her cabin.