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"Ivy? Come on, we're at the Carpathia" Max whispered to me, helping me stand up. we were both helped onto the deck, and one of the crewman took one look at me, and pointed to a lower deck.

"Third class is over there" he grumbled.

"That's nice to know, now where does First class go?" Max asked, glaring, and wrapping her arm around my shoulders. The crewman glared at me, and directed us to a high deck, and inside a ballroom.

Rose and me sat together, holding hands. I could easily tell she loved my brother very much.

"We're gonna go find some blankets, will you be okay?" Max asked us. I nodded.

I let Angel sit in my lap, even though she was far too old for it. I knew we all needed the comfort.

It took over twenty minutes for them to come back, but when they did, I broke into a smile, and let the tears run down my face. I ran over to my big brother and gave him a huge hug. He even lifted me off the ground and spun me, something he hadn't done since I was a little girl.

He set me back done, and I felt my heart give an extra beat as I looked at Nick. I took a step, and was caught in his arms. He squeezed me to him, and kissed my head.

"You're alive" I whispered, looking up at him. He looked down at me.

"I'm alive. I told you to trust me love" he answered. I smiled, and he met our lips in a slow and sweet kiss.

We broke away and I hugged Iggy and Gazzy, smiling.

"Hey Jack, do you think mom will freak about her babies almost dying?" I asked my big brother.

He snorted and nodded, laughing. I smiled with him, and couldn't help but feel secure in my love's arms.

FF a couple of hours

"What do you plan on doing when this ship docks love?" Nick asked. I shrugged, closing my eyes as his hand drew patterns on my thigh.

"Please! Ya'll have too much sexual tension! Go to a deserted room, and have at it!" Iggy exclaimed to us. I blushed, while Nick hit Iggy's shoulder.

"Okay, I really don't wanna hear that about my baby sister please" Jack said. I rolled my eyes.

"Get over Jack" I teased him. He smiled at me, and grabbed my sketchbook from my lap.

"Jack! Get it back!" I cried, trying to reach my book. He held it away while he looked through it. I could tell that he had admiration for my drawings because he kept looking at them in amazement.

"These are amazing Ives." He commented, handing me the book back. I smiled, and blushed.

"Thanks bro. Nothing compared to yours though." I told him. He rolled his eyes, smiling.

We all heard the boat horn signal that we were a couple minutes away from New York's dock, and I could easily feel the anticipation of everyone.

We all knew there would be reporters, and press, ready and waiting. I, for one, wasn't excited.

"Come with me when the boat docks" Nick offered, as we all made our way to the railing of the Carpathia.

I looked at him, shocked. 'He wants me to come with him?' I thought.

Jack looked at me, surprised, but he knew how much I cared for this man, even though we just met.

"You're old enough to make decisions for yourself Ivy" he told me. I smiled, but then I remembered my parents.

"I need to see my parents first, then without a doubt, I'm yours" I reasoned with him. Nick smiled, and kissed my forehead.

I could a bunch of people standing at the docks, waiting.

I wonder how many people will go home crying? Or asking why?

"Be safe Ivy. I'll see you with mom and dad." Jack told me as we docked. I nodded and we both hugged.

"Love you bro" I told him.

"Love you too sis" he answered. Nick, and me, along with the other five were among the first to get off that damn ship. I barely restrained myself from kissing the ground.

"Ivy!" someone screamed my name, and I turned and saw my parents, along with my best friend from when I was a toddler to when I was a teen.

I smiled and couldn't stop myself from running to her, and sharing with her a hug long over due, looking forward to my future.


"And that's how mummy and daddy survived the sinking of the once called the 'Unsinkable', along with falling in love" I told my two ten year olds, Faith, and Shade, and my adopted 15 year old daughter, Lily.

"Were you scared mummy?" my six year old, Riley, asked from his father's arms. Nick smiled at me.

"Very scared sweetheart, but your father told me to trust him, and I did." I told him. He smiled sleepy to me, and I stood up, plucking my baby boy from my husband, and holding him tightly to me.

"Time for beds kids. Does that help you with your report Lils?" Nick asked, standing up and placing his hand on my lower back.

She nodded, smiling. You could easily see the tear stains on her cheeks.

"Thanks for sharing with me dad, mom" she thanked. I gave her a soft smile.

"Don't forget if you need any extra proof, I'm most likely positive your Uncle Jack might have some sketches he drew after we got home" I told my eldest daughter.

She blushed sheepishly, and held out an old leather sketchbook that was all too familiar to me, and I knew it held distant reminders of that night 10 years ago. "I was kinda hoping I could use yours, mom." She asked. I smiled, and nodded.

I gave Riley to Lily, and sent them off to bed, wishing them sweet dreams.

Nick pulled me to the couch in front of the fire we had going, seeing it was winter, and we laid there, relaxing.

"Were you glad you got on that ship?" Nick asked, rubbing the familiar pattern on my hip.

I looked at him. "Yes, very glad. Otherwise I never would have met you, and we wouldn't have four beautiful children" I told him, truthfully.

He smiled and kissed me, just like that night, when we danced, and drank cheap beer.

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