Chapter One: Picking the Paint for My Pallet

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Matthew had long, dark brown hair that would curl up if he didn't dry it right. He hated the curls, so he always covered them with his Indigo League cap. The curls didn't really look that bad, but he felt that everyone looked at them, and he didn't like being look at. This was because he was shy, very shy.

"Matt honey, why don't you come on down stairs?" Matthew's mother called up to him from the bottom of the staircase. She wanted Matthew to get over his shyness, so she asked the local Pokemon professor to give him his own Pokemon.

Matt walked down the stairs, wearing his black undershirt, red vest, and old ratty bluejeans. "Okay Mom,... I'm coming." the ten year old boy said.

"This will be great for you sweetheart. It will give you so many chances to meet new friends, humans and Pokemon alike." she said and hugged her son.

"Yeah, yeah..." Matt said, and weakly hugged her back. "Well, I think I should be heading over to the lab now... he's probably waiting on me."

"I think you're right sweetie." she said, giving him another big squeeze. "I love you Matt, and you know you can call me any time right? All the Pokemon Centers have a phone and they'll let you use it for free, so don't ever feel like you can't."

"I know Mom." he said. "Well... see ya later."

"Bye honey!" his mother said as he walked out the door.

Pallet Town was a small town in South-West Kanto. It had that small town feel, where everyone knew each others name, and greeted anyone who passed by. Since all the residents primarily walked or rode bikes for transportation, all of Pallet Town's roads were made of either dirt or gravel.

Matt had lived in Pallet Town since the age of five. After his father died, he moved from there from Cinnabar Island, a small island town to the South. Because Pallet was such a small town, Matt was sheltered from the outside world. That was another reason his mother wanted him to go out on a Pokemon adventure.

"Professor Oak?" Matt called into the laboratory as he opened the door.

"Gramps isn't here." a voice called from the fall corner. Kayne, Professor Oak's grandson, was sitting at one of his grandfather's desks sipping a cup of tea. He was wearing the same dark violet shirt as always, with his yellow and green yin-and-yang medallion. "You here for a Pokemon or somethin'?"

"Yeah,... I am." Matt said shyly. Even though he had grown up with Kayne, he still felt shy around him. He was this way with most people though. The fact that Kayne acted like he was better than Matt didn't help matters either.

"I don't know why you'd even bother. You'd never make a good trainer. Just look at ya. I'd feel sorry for any Pokemon that wound up in your PokeBall." Kayne said. "If you still wanna find Grampa, I think he was near the town exit, up by Route 1." he said.

"Thanks." Matt said quietly and walked back outside. "He's right. I'm just going to fail at a trainer, just like everything else I've tried." he said to himself as he walked up towards Route 1. He truly believed what Kayne had said to him, but he did not want to disappoint his mother. "I... I have to try. Even if I fail... at least I tried. Right?"

Matt continued walking up the dirt path until he reached the edge of town. When he reached the sign that dictated the town limits, he stopped and looked up the road that went to Viridian. He had never been outside the town by himself, and that scared him. Wild Pokemon lived in the tall grass that lined the pathways, and they could attack him at anytime. "Hey! Hold up a second!" a voice called to Matt just as he was about to step out.

"Oh... Professor Oak." Matt said as he turned towards the voice.

Professor Oak was an older man, around his mid-sixties. He had beige hair, and thick dark eyebrows, and always wore a white lab coat and tan dress pants. "Matt... you know you shouldn't venture out of town on your own. You should always be with an adult, or at least a Pokemon to protect you." the man said.

"Actually Professor, that's why I came to find you. My mother said that you had a Pokemon to give me, or something like that." Matt said. "She wants me to start a Pokemon adventure."

"Oh, I was supposed to give that to you today?" Oak asked. "Well, if that's the case, follow me back to the lab." the professor said and lead Matthew back to the laboratory.

When the walked inside, Kayne was still sitting at the desk, waiting for his grandfather. "What took you so long Gramps?" he asked.

"Kayne? Oh, that's right, I promised to give you a Pokemon today as well." Professor Oak said. "Right then, come with me." he said and lead the boys to the back of the lab where he stood in front of two tables. One of the tables had three PokeBalls sitting on it, and the other had two pocket-sized devices. The devices looked similar to books, one being red, while the other one green.

"Come on Gramps, give me my Pokemon so I can get out of this dirt town!" Kayne shouted.

"Be patient boy." Oak said. "When I was younger, I was a very dedicated Pokemon trainer, challenging multiple leagues across the world. Even now after I've retired from training, I could not tear myself away from Pokemon. That's why I became a Pokemon researcher." he explained. "Now, I only have three Pokemon left, and I'd like both of you to choose one.

"You're giving us your old fart Pokemon? What are they, like eighty years old?" Kayne asked.

"No, these are young Pokemon. In Kanto, Johto, and Sevii, the Indigo League gives out three particular Pokemon to official league representatives, such as my self, to give out to new trainers. These Pokemon are the Grass and Poison Pokemon Bulbasaur, the Fire Pokemon Charmander, and the Water Pokemon, Squirtle."

"So you're gonna give us the same ol' Pokemon that tons of other kids across Kanto and Johto get? That's lame! Why can't we get some sort of super Pokemon, like a Dratini or Eevee?" Kayne asked.

"I don't see anything wrong with them. My mom always says that any Pokemon can become strong if you raise it right." Matt said.

"Shows what you know! You'd probably take a Magikarp as your first Pokemon and be happy with it! Pathetic." Kayne said.

"Yeah... I guess." Matt said, looking to the ground.

"Remember Kayne, even a Magikarp can grow up to be a Gyarados." Oak said. "That goes for all Pokemon. Matthew's mother is right."

"Fine, I'll take whatever. I can catch better Pokemon while I'm on my journey anyways." Kayne said. "So hit me Gramps. Give me your best one."

"Best one? I'm sorry, but that's not for me to judge Kayne. These three Pokemon are equal in power and in potential. Also, with that attitude of yours, I think I'll let Matthew here choose his Pokemon first." Oak said. "So Matthew, which one would you like?" he asked, motioning to the PokeBalls.

Matt stared at the PokeBalls for what seemed like an hour. It was almost an impossible choice to make. All three Pokemon could become an awesome partner for a new trainer.

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Matthew has been given the chance to choose his first Pokemon. What Pokemon do you think he will choose?