Chapter Fourty: Round Four

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The young man known as Kook had been an incredibly powerful opponent. Throughout the battle, Matthew had to stay on his toes, countering everything the other trainer threw at him. It was difficult, and by the sure luck of Type advantage, Matthew was victorious, and managed to make it to the next round. This time, however, he decided it was best to plan out his team. From what he had heard, the next battle was a full on six-on-six fight, and there was no room for error.

Early in the morning, so early that even Jillian was still asleep, Matt left the hotel, and made his way to the Pokemon Center. Outside in the city, the streets were quiet, and the only noise was the humming of the street lamps and the occasional splash of a Magikarp in a nearby pond. The Pokemon Center was almost as quite as the streets outside, except for the sounds of typing on a keyboard.

The Pokemon Center's head nurse was sitting behind a computer when Matt approached her. "Hello there, can I help you?" she asked after yawning.

"Yes, I was w-wondering if I could use a computer. I didn't know if it was too early or not." Matthew answered.

"Of course you can. The computer is available anytime of the day, even in the dead of night." she said with a smile. Matt was surprised to see someone so cheerful at this time of day.

"Thank you." he said, and lightly bowed his head, and then walked over to the PC. "Come on out Ivysaur." Matt said, pressing the button on his Pokemon's PokeBall, letting it out and onto the Pokemon Center floor.

"Sar?" Ivysaur yawned, and looked up at its master.

"Alright, now lets make a team." Matt said, and brought up his Pokemon storage box. On the computer's screen, the icons that represented all of the Pokemon he had stored appeared. "Okay, now I'm using you for sure Ivysaur..." he said, and the Seed Pokemon seemed to smile up at him. "... but now who else? I suppose I should bring Gyarados, just in case I'm in need of all that power it has... I don't think I should use Cubone in this battle, since it doesn't have much confidence yet. After I'm done with this tournament, I'll probably start training it. Now, flight could have a big effect on the battle, so I should bring Fearow. That's three now... so maybe Raticate's speed will come in handy, and Mr. Mime's psychic powers are always useful. Yeah, I'll take those two." he said. "What do you think Ivysaur?"

"Saur!" the Pokemon said, and used one of its vines to point to one of the icons on the screen.

"Pikachu? You think we should bring Pikachu then?" Matt asked, and Ivysaur nodded. "Thanks Ivysaur." he said, and then pushed the button on the computer, and the five Pokemon were instantly teleported to him.

"Sar, ivysar!" Ivysaur said, and tapped at Pikachu's pocket with its vine.

"Yeah, what about Pikachu?" Matt asked.

"Ivy, ivy saur sar!" the Pokemon said, and then began to dig into Matt's bag.

"Oh, okay. I think I know where you're going now." Matt said with a grin.

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The large black helicopter descended from the air, landing on the base. Two men in dark black uniforms stepped out of the vehicle, followed by a man in a burnt orange business suit, with slicked back, brown hair. "Celadon. Haven't been here in years." the man said.

Richard ran up to the man, and then turned, ready to escort him. "How was your trip boss?" he asked.

"I only use the best of transportation Richard. You know that." Sakaki said with an evil grin.

"Of course, sir." the Rocket executive said.

"About the project..." Sakaki said, looking straight forward as they walked towards the door to the stairway.

"Which project sir? The tournament project, or capturing Me-" Richard started to say before he was cut off.

"Of course I mean the latter. You said you had a lead on it. What is it, and where did you get it?" Sakaki said.

"Well, it came from a Pokemon trainer. The same little boy who blew the operation in Vermillion." Richard said.

"Right. I'm still having trouble understanding how you were defeated by a couple of children, but go on." Sakaki said, and Richard opened the door for his boss, and then the two proceed down the stairs.

"Well, apparently, the boy had a run in with the target near Cerulean City." Richard said, and waited for Sakaki's response. When his superior did not respond, he continued. "If this is true, then we should probably send troops there as soon as possible. There is a good chance the Pokemon is still in the area."

"Are you telling me that I flew all the way here... just for hearsay from a child?" Sakaki asked, his voice very stern.

"Sir, don't worry. The boy was with Professor Oak of Pallet Town. The old man seemed pretty sure of the possibility of an actual sighting." Richard said.

"Oak? Yes, I know Oak quite well. If he thinks its possible... Yes. Very good Richard," Sakaki said. "But there is no need to send our troops there now. Not when I've got a much better use for them very soon. First though, we need the boy. If he has indeed seen the Pokemon, then not only do we need to find out the exact location, but we'll need to get rid of him as well."

"Righ sir!" Richard said with a salute.

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After he had finished picking his team, and calling his mother, Matt left the Pokemon Center to get ready for the next round of the tournament. He was getting overly excited, and the team he had chosen had made him quite confident. "Jillian?" he said as the red-haired girl walked in front of him.

"Oh, hey Matt!" she said. "I thought you were still asleep. What are you doing out here?"

"I was just getting ready for my battle today. Where are you going?" he asked her.

"They're unveiling a sculpture in front of the department store, and I was just heading over to see it." Jillian said. "Come on, its gonna start in a few minutes!" she said, grabbing Matt by the wrist and pulling him towards the department store.

Jillian slowed down once they reached the front of the store, where they found a large crowd of people surrounding a pedestal out front. "Oh my gosh! Do you know who that is?" Matt looked over the crowd and saw him, the President of Nipponji. "Its President Tajiri!" she screamed.

"I c-can't b-believe it!" Matt said and gawked at the sight of the leader of the entire nation.

"Thank you for coming to this spectacular event!" the president said. "Now, I am pleased to present to you, a statue over fourteen hundred years in the making." he said, and pulled a golden tarp off of the pedestal, reveling the statue of a little boy with a cat light Pokemon curled around his neck. "The Hero of Broken-Light!" he announced, and the crowd gasped.

"Hero of what?" Matt asked, and Jillian shook her head in confusion as well. "Well, it looks like any ordinary statue to me." he said, getting a better look at it as they made their way closer to the statue. The boy in the statue looked about ten or eleven years old, with long hair that was curling upward at the ends, and was wearing worn-looking pants and a plain t-shirt. "That looks like..." he started to say, then blushed, and looked toward the ground.

"It looks like what? I think it looks like a Mew! Isn't it cute?" Jillian squealed.

"Y-yeah, its Mew..." he said, looking deeply into the eyes of the stone Pokemon. "Hey, that's enough looking for now. How about we go shopping again. I've got a little money left..."

"Sh-shopping?" Jillian asked, and she stared into Matt's eyes for a few seconds. "I always knew we were meant for each other!" she screamed, and grabbed him by the wrist, dragging him into the department store.

Matt and Jillian then split up in the store, with Matt heading up to the roof to over look over the Celadon skyline. "That... girl... wears me out..." he said, catching his breath after escaping. The roof had a small sitting area set up, with a few vending machines. "Yeah, that's what I could use." he said, walking over to the vending machine, and then put three ¥100 bills into the slot. A can of soda pop fell down, and when he took that one out, another one followed. "Score! A free one!" Matt cheered.

"Oh, that looks so good..." someone said from behind. "Now I'm really mad at myself for leaving my wallet in the hotel." the voice said again, and Matt turned around to see Sam, the boy that had introduced him to the tournament.

"Oh, h-hey Sam." Matt said.

"Oh, hey! Matt right? Hey, can I have that soda? I'll pay you back later when I get my wallet." Sam said, and Matt handed him the soda.

"Don't worry about paying me back. I got it for free." he said.

"Wow! Really? Thanks man!" he said, handing Matt a square disc case.

"Wh-what's this?" Matt asked.

"I still feel like I should give you something, so take this. It's TM48. You can use it to teach the move Rock Slide to one of your Pokemon.

"G-gee, thanks!" Matt said.

"No. Thank you. Anyways, I'll see ya around!" Sam said, and walked away.

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"Here we go folks! The last battle of round four! We have Matthew Crimson of Pallet Town verses the young man named Sam! Matt has impressed us all with his last minute techniques, but can he counter Sam's hard hitting, fast paced, power style? This will be a six-on-six battle, and the winner will be decided once one trainer has lost all six of their Pokemon." the referee cried into his microphone, making Matt swallow hard. "Sam, heads or tail?"

"Heads." Sam said.

The referee flipped the coin into the air, and allowed it to fall into his hand. "Heads it it. Sam get's first choice!"

"Let's go Eevee!" Sam shouted, tossing the PokeBall into the air. His Eevee appeared from a flash of light, and curled its fluffy tail around its body as it stared at Matt.

"Eevee eh?" Matt thought to himself. "Normal verses Normal. Go Raticate!" he said, tossing Raticate's ball into the battle.

"Raaaaaah!" the Rat Pokemon screeched. Raticate glared at Eevee, making the fox-like Pokemon shudder.

"And go!" the referee shouted, beginning the battle.

"Now Eevee, start off strong with a Body Slam!" Sam commanded, and Eevee jumped into the air, attempting to slam its entire body into Raticate.

"Dodge it Raticate, and use Hyper Fang!" Matt called with his counter.

Raticate quickly jumped out of the way, and when Eevee crashed into the ground, it bit into the other Normal Type with its razor sharp fangs. "Vuuuuiiiiiii!" Eevee cried out in pain. The Hyper Fang was an incredibly powerful attack that critical damage.

"Eevee, use Rest!" the other trainer called, and Eevee quickly fell asleep.

"Get it now Raticate! While it's asleep, use Hyper Fang again!" Matt commanded, and Raticate clamped its jaws down on the sleeping Pokemon. Eevee continued to sleep, so Matt decided to attack quickly once more. "And again!" he cried, and once again, Raticate bit into the Eevee.

"Eeeeeee!" Eevee cried upon awakening.

"Bad move on my part! Eevee, use Focus Energy!" Sam said, and Eevee began to tighten its focus, focusing on Raticate's most exposed areas.

"Hurry and hit it fast Raticate! Use Quick Attack!" Matt commanded, and Raticate ran towards Eevee an an incredibly, lightning-fast speed, ramming into it.

"V-vui!" Eevee grunted.

"Use your Quick Attack Eevee!" Sam cried, and Eevee ran at Raticate at a faster speed than Raticate, and slammed into its side, doing a great amount of damage.

"Oooh, and its a critical hit!" the referee cried out.

"R-raaahtaaah..." Matt's rat-like Pokemon moaned, and then fainted from the loss of all its HP.

"Return Raticate." he said, calling the Pokemon back to its PokeBall. Sam's Eevee was a very strong Pokemon, and he needed something to counter it quickly. Matt suddenly wished he had brought Cubone with him. "Mr. Mime, its your turn!"

"Mime mime mista mime!" the Psychic Pokemon cheered while clapping its hands.

"Mr. Mime, use Thunderbolt!" Matt commanded, and Mr. Mime used the Electric attack its trainer had taught it through the TM that Surge had given him.

"Vuiiiiiiiii!" Eevee cried out in pain from the electrocuting shocks.

"Eevee, use Focus Energy!" Sam commanded, and the Evolution Pokemon began to focus again, this time on Mr. Mime.

"D-damn, not again!" Matt said. "Quick, Mr. Mime, use Confusion!" he commanded, and the Barrier Pokemon through a ball of psychic energy at Eevee, dealing damage as well as confusing its target.

"Vui ui vui ui vui vui..." Eevee cried as its eyes moved around their sockets freely.

"Quick Attack!" Sam commanded, and Eevee managed to slam its body into Mr. Mime at light speed.

"Thunderbolt!" Matt cried out, and Mr. Mime fired the lightning at its opponent, nearly knocking Mr. Mime out.

"Rest!" Sam commanded, and once again, Eevee fell asleep, instantly healing itself, and curing its status ailment.

"No!" Matt shouted. "Use Thunderbolt again!" he cried out, and once again, Eevee was struck by powerful bolts of orange electricity.

"Vuiiiiiii!" the Pokemon cried out, awakening after a single turn.

"Wh-what!" Matt shouted.

"Now Eevee, use Bite!" Sam commanded of his Pokemon, and Eevee charged at Mr. Mime, sinking its teething into its hand.

"Miiiiisaasaaaaaaaah!" Mr. Mime cried out. The attack seemed to do much more damage than most other attacks Matt had seen done to it, almost like it was of an advantageous Type. "Misstaaah... mime..." Mr. Mime said, and then fell flat on its face.

"What? How did that..." Matt said, and put Mr. Mime back into its pocket. "This... is not going very well..." he said to himself, and then through his next PokeBall into the battle. "I know I can count on you Ivysaur!" he said, and Ivysaur appeared in a blinding flash, instantly ready to fight for its master. "Ivysaur, use Razor Leaf!" Matt commanded, and Ivysaur unleashed a fury of razor-sharp leaves from under its bud that found their way to Eevee, slashing into the Pokemon's body.

"Eevee, use Rest!" Sam commanded.

"No you don't!" Matt cried out. "Ivysaur, use Vine Whip!" he commanded, and Ivysaur used its vines to lift the sleeping Eevee up off the ground, and then slam it back down on the stadium floor.

"V-vui..." Eevee said, standing up momentarily, but then falling back over, unconscious.

"No! Eevee!" Sam cried, running to his Pokemon. "Don't worry Eevee, you fought well, and managed to take down two of his Pokemon. Thank you so much! Now take a good rest in your pocket." he said, putting the Pokemon in its ball. "Good show Matt. Now go Starmie!" he said, tossing his next PokeBall into the air.

"Suta!" the strange, Water and Psychic Pokemon cried out from its mysterious jewel.

"Starmie. Use Psychic!" Sam commanded, and Starmie began to emit a strange, rainbow-like light from its core.

"Saaaaaur!" Ivysaur cried out as the psychic wave slammed into its body.

"Ooohooo! A super-effective attack!" the referee cried out, and the crowd cheered.

"Ai... veeeh..." Ivysaur groaned.

"Iv-Ivysaur..." Matt said to himself, thinking about what to do. "Razor Leaf!" he commanded, rashly shouting the most effective attack he could think of.

"Dodge it Starmie, and use Tri-Attack!" Sam shouted, and Starmie easily dodged the Grass Type attack.

"Suuuutaaaaah... mii!" Starmie cried out, and three balls of light began to form around its core, one blue, one red, and one yellow. "Staaar!" it cried, launching the attack at Bulbasaur, inflicting an incredible amount of damage, and freezing the Seed Pokemon in place.

"Ivysaur!" Matt cried to his Pokemon. "Come on Ivysaur, break out and use Razor Leaf!"

"Don't give it the chance! Use Psychic once more to finish it off!" the other trainer called, and once again, Ivysaur was struck with a powerful Psychic attack.

"Ay...viiii..." the attack thawed Ivysaur out, but it only remained conscious for an instant more.

"N-no..." Matt said. Ivysaur had been defeated too quickly, and Starmie had yet to be touched. He really didn't want to use his newest Pokemon this quickly, but it seemed that he had no choice. He needed an advantage against the Water Pokemon. "Raichu! Go!"

"Chaaaaaaaaw!" the newly evolved Mouse Pokemon cried out as it was released from its PokeBall. "Rai! Raichu!" a bolt of lighting from the sky shot down from the sky into Raichu's cheeks, lighting up the entire arena.

"Whoa! Isn't that quite the show!" the referee said, and the crowd began to cheer even louder.

"That's a very nice Raichu you have there. I'm sorry to say that something is about to happen to it." Sam said with a smile.

"D-don't be so sure." Matt said. "Now Raichu, use your Thunderbolt!" he commanded.

"Dodge it Starmie!" Sam called out, but the Mysterious Pokemon was not fast enough, and the bolt of lightning struck it hard, knocking it back and severely damaging it. "Damn! Starmie, use Psychic!"

"Quick Attack!" Matt commanded, and Raichu ran at Starmie at a speed Matt had never seen before, crashing into the Water and Psychic Pokemon before it could unleash its attack.

"Suuutaaah... mi..." Starmie cried, and then wobbled back a few steps. "Miiiii!" it cried, unleashing a powerful Psychic that slammed into Raichu.

"Raichu!" Matt called to his Pokemon after it had been hit by that powerful blast.

"R-rai..." Raichu panted.

"Sutaah..." Starmie groaned. It was obvious that both Pokemon were becoming exhausted.

"Raichu! Use Thunderbolt!" Matt cried out, and his Pokemon began to charge its electricity.

"No! Stop it with Psychic!" Sam commanded, and Starmie unleashed its attack.

Raichu let go of its electricity, sending an unimaginably bright flash of lighting at the Psychic, and the two attacks collided in mid-air, pushing each other back. "Wh-whoa..." the referee said as he, and the entire audience, watched the two power attacks attempt to break through each other.

"Come on Raichu. Please. I know you can do it." Matt said under his breath, and at that very instant, the Thunderbolt broke through the Psychic in a blinding flash, striking down on the Water and Psychic Type, sending it flying backwards into its masters arms.

"Starmie! Are you okay?" Sam asked his Pokemon.

"Tahmeeeeh..." Starmie moaned.

"Take a good rest." Sam said, putting Starmie back in its PokeBall. "That was... very impressive. You're a worthy opponent Matt. At the beginning of this battle, seeing how two of your Pokemon went down so easily just by my Eevee, I was almost certain I was going to win. Now it seems it could be either of us."

"Rai hai hai!" Raichu laughed.

"Th-thanks Sam..." Matt said with a slight grin and blush in his cheeks.

"Alrighty! Next up... Go Wartortle!" Sam shouted, tossing a PokeBall into the air. In a flash of light, a blue, turtle-like Pokemon with furry ears and a wispy-like tail appeared.

"Wartortle?" Matt asked, taking out his PokeDex.

"Wartortle, the Turtle Pokemon, and the evolved form of Squirtle. Often hides in dark water to stalk unwary prey. For swimming fast, it moves its ears to maintain balance." Matt's PokeDex stated in its simulated voice.

"An evolved Squirtle? Then its a Water Type. Sam should know its at a disadvantage to Raichu... What tricks does he have up his sleeves?" Matt thought to himself.

"Wartortle! Use Bite!" Sam commanded, and Wartortle tucked its tail inside of its shell, unleashing a powerful water jet that propelled it towards Raichu, where it clamped down on Raichu's belly with its jaws.

"Chuuuuuuu!" Raichu cried out.

"Raichu, use Thunderbolt!" Matt commanded, but nothing happened. It seemed that Raichu was out of power. "Wh-what?"

"No PP? That's too bad! Wartortle, use Withdraw!" the other trainer called, and Wartortle withdrew its arms, legs, tail, and head into its shell, increasing its defensive power.

"Raichu, use Quick Attack!" Matt screamed, and Raichu launched its body at the withdrawn Wartortle, slamming into its shell.

"Wartortle,... use Skull Bash!" Sam said, and the Water Pokemon shot water out of its tail and leg areas, and rocketed at Raichu, and at the last moment, it stuck its head out of its shell, slamming its read into the Pokemon with an incredible force, knocking Raichu all the way to the other side of the arena.

"R-r-rai..." Raichu said as it stumbled to its feet. "Chuuuu..." it said, fainting from exhaustion.

"Return Raichu." Matt said, calling his Pokemon back. "That... was amazing. I can't tell you how impressed I am Raichu, take a good rest." he said, and then tossed his next PokeBall into the air. "Gyarados! Go!"

"Gyyyyraaaaaah!" the large, blue, serpent like Pokemon screeched as it appeared on the arena floor.

"Gyarados? That... seems like a desperate move to me. Then again, you do only have two Pokemon left." Sam said. The truth was, Matt was starting to get desperate. Sam still had three Pokemon that hadn't been in battle yet, plus his Wartortle, and Matt only had Gyarados and Fearow left. He knew that his next few moves had to count.

"Gyarados, use Dragon Rage!" Matt commanded, and Gyarados spewed a powerful beam of purple fire at Wartortle, knocking it back.

"Skull Bash!" Sam countered, and Wartortle slammed into Gyarados' head like a water rocket.

"Ryaaaaaaaaaaaa!" the Atrocious Pokemon cried as its neck was snapped backwards.

"A critical hit! This is one of the most fantastic battles of this tournament! I've never seen such power from trainers of this level!" the referee shouted.

"Dragon Rage!" Matt commanded, and once again, Gyarados shot a beam of fire-like energy at Wartortle.

"Dodge it Wartortle, and use Bite!" the opposing trainer commanded, and Wartortle jumped out of the way of the Dragon energy, and lunged at Gyarados, biting through the thick scales on its neck.

"Gyraaaaaaaa!" Gyarados cried out and pain and Matt's heart began to beat violently. Gyarados could arguably be his physically strongest Pokemon, and it was barely doing anything to Sam's Wartortle.

"Use your Bite, Gyarados!" Matt commanded, and Gyarados' long body jutted forward, and the Water and Flying Pokemon clomped its powerful jaws around Wartortle's body.

"Tortle!" Wartortle cried, and the sound of splintering echoed across the arena.

"What was that?" Matt asked, and looked over at the horror in Sam's eyes.

"Put it down! Please put it down!" Sam cried out.

"Uh, p-put it down Gyarados." Matt commanded, and Gyarados dropped Wartortle to the ground, and the cracks along its shell were clearly visible. "Oh shoot!" Matt said, looking at the wounds on Wartortle's body. "Is it going to be okay?"

"Y-yeah, it'll be fine after a visit to the Pokemon Center." Sam said, returning his Pokemon. "Now, let's continue. Go Nidoran!" he said, tossing his next PokeBall out into the arena. A small, light blue, rabbit-like Pokemon appeared from the flash of light.

"N-Nidoran!" Matt exclaimed, realizing that this meant that his Gyarados could be exposed to the Poison Pin Pokemon's toxic spikes.

"Nidoran, use Poison Sting!" Sam commanded, and Nidoran shot a series of poisonous needles at Gyarados, causing Gyarados' entire body to flash a purple shade.

"No! Gyarados!" Matt cried out to his Pokemon. "Use Dragon Rage!" he shouted, and Gyarados spewed a powerful ray of Dragon energy at Nidoran, slightly pushing the Pokemon back. "B-but, that did nothing!"

"No, it definitely did something. Dragon Rage is a... mildly powerful attack, and very useful agains Pokemon that have a lower base HP, but I've been giving my Nidoran here plenty of vitamins. HP Ups to be exact. Then you have to take into consideration that my Nidoran isn't necessarily a lower level Pokemon. It could evolve at any time now, but I like it how it is. Maybe I'll evolve it someday, but its not necessary right now." Sam said with a smirk. "Nidoran, use Bite!"

"Gyyyraaaaa!" Gyarados cried out in pain as the Poison Pokemon bit down onto the underside of its body. "Gra gra graaah..." it panted. The poison had already started to take effect.

"Use your Bite now Gyarados!" Matt commanded and the serpent-like Pokemon lunged at Nidoran, and nearly took the entire Pokemon into its mouth before it clamped down.

"Nidooooooo!" Nidoran cried out, and then fainted.

"Wh-what? Yes!" Matt shouted. His confidence had returned from the sheer luck of the critical hit. He was glad to have gotten rid of Nidoran this quickly, because if he had lost Gyarados while Nidoran was still in the battle, it would have left Fearow vulnerable to poison as well. Or at least if Sam's other two Pokemon weren't Poison Types.

"Return Nidoran." Sam said, in a suddenly sullen voice. "That was very unexpected, and very lucky for you." he said, then smiled at Matt. "Good job. This battle is really getting fun! Go Cubone!"

"Cue cubone!" the Ground Pokemon cried out and swung its club around its body.

"Cubone? That's not too bad. At least Gyarados will be able to resist its Ground Type attacks." Matt thought to himself.

"Cubone, use Ice Beam." Sam said with a smirk, knowing that it was not something Matt would expect.

"Wh-what?" Matt excalimed.

"Cuuuuubone!" the Lonely Pokemon cried out as it unleashed and ultra-cold beam of energy that shot right through Gyarados.

"Gy-gyaa..." Gyarados said, stunned by the power that had just passed through it. Thankfully, Gyarados' Water Type half negated the super-effective powers of the Ice attack, but it still did more damage than normal.

"No! Gyarados! Use Dragon Rage!" Matt commanded, and Gyarados shot a ray of Dragon energy at Cubone, knocking it onto its back.

"Cubone, get up, and use Ice Beam one last time!" Sam commanded.

"No! Dodge it Gyarados!" Matt commanded, but it was much too late. The already weakened Gyarados was struck with the Ice Beam, and the last of its HP dropped to zero.

"Gy-gyaaa..." Gyarados moaned, and fell over, causing the ground to shake.

"No! No! This is impossible!" Matt shouted. "This... isn't... no... Return Gyarados..." he said, putting his Pokemon back into its pocket.

"This. Is. It! Matt Crimson has only one Pokemon left! If he loses this last Pokemon, he's out of the battle, and out of the tournament!" the referee shouted, making Matt sweat.

"No. No. No" Matt thought to himself. The only Pokemon he had left was Fearow, which was weak to Ice Type moves. If Fearow got hit by that Ice Beam, it was all over. "G-go Fearow!" he said, tossing the ball into the air. "Fearow, use Fury Attack!" he commanded, and Fearow dove down at Cubone, striking it several times with its sharp beak.

"Cubone, use Ice Beam!" Sam commanded, and Cubone shot a bolt of freezing energy at Matt's Fearow.

"Dodge it!" Matt screamed with fury, and Fearow flew upwards, just out of the way of the attack. "Yes!" he shouted with glee. "Now use Fury Attack again!"

"Blizzard!" Sam called out.

"What? Blizzard!" Matt cried out. "Fall back Fearow! Fall back!" he called to his Pokemon.

Cubone began to spin its club around like a fan. Once it came to an incredible speed, it created a powerful, chilling wind and Fearow was struck by an ultra powerful snowy blizzard.

"Feeeaaaaarowwwwww!" the Beak Pokemon cried out, and then crashed to the ground.

"Oh! And Fearow is taken out with one hit!" the referee cried out.

Matt ran over to the unconscious Fearow and wrapped his arms around its neck. "Its... all over..." he said.

"And the winner of this match is Sam! He will advance to Round Five!" the referee said, and Sam walked up to Matt.

"Don't worry dude. That was an epic battle." Sam said, holding a hand out to Matt. Matt grabbed a hold of it, and Sam pulled him up off the ground.

"Th-thanks..." Matt said, and put Fearow back into its pocket. "I r-really wasn't expecting those attacks from Cubone."

"Yup, that was the plan. Since none of its Ground moves could touch a Flying Pokemon, I needed a way to take them out, so I taught it a couple of Ice Type moves." Sam said. "Well, you put up quite the fight. Maybe sometime we'll meet up again so we have a rematch?"

"S-sure, that'd be great!" Matt said.

Matt has lost the battle and is now out of the tournament. However, he still has quite the challenge ahead of him. How will he fair against the Gym Leader of Celadon City?

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End of Season 1

Thanks to all of you who have read and reviewed my story. Its taken me quite awhile to get here, and its been a riot. I'm probably going to take a bit of a break from writing this story, and focus on a few others. Once again, thanks!~