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Rin's POV


I woke up with a loud groan and slapped my hand against the nightstand beside me, as I searched for the alarm clock. When I found it, I pushed it off and thankfully it stopped. I took the covers around my head and fell asleep once more. However, the harsh sound of my alarm clock started up again. I sighed almost inaudibly and got up, knowing it would be pointless to fight a fight I wouldn't win. I put my feet into my comfy bunny slippers and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I took a shower like I always did in the morning and brushed my teeth. When I walked out of the shower, I was faced with my reflection in the mirror. Chocolate brown with a touch of wine red hair that came down to the small of my back and tired brown eyes with dark circles underneath.

'God, I look horrid today.' I thought.

I blew my hair dry and put it up with a pin. I then put on my uniform in my room and headed back into the bathroom. Putting on some BB cream, I checked myself in the mirror. (A.N: BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream, for those of you who don't know, it's like the everything in one makeup cream)

'My dark circles are so bad…' I sighed, and took my glasses and put them on. 'I guess it's a bit better…' With another exhale, I headed down the stairs to the kitchen where I made some toast. I grabbed the toast as it came out and spread butter and strawberry jam on it. (A.N: My favourite way of eating toast LOL) I checked my watch and almost screamed. It was almost eight!

"Oh Shit!"

I quickly put the toast in my mouth as I got my bag, put on my loafers and ran out the door. I ran to the bus stop as quickly as I could and got on just as it was about leave. I sighed in relief and sat down while I quietly nibbled on my toast, only to remember I forgot to say good bye to Mom, Dad.

"Shoot, I'll have to apologize when I get back…" I muttered.

I stared out in spaced as I kept munching on my toast until I heard the bus driver say,

"Oy, aren't you supposed to get off here?"

I brought my attention to the outside and found that it was already at the school stop. I rushed out while saying thanks to the kind bus driver and ran towards the school.

"Wow~ big school…" The school building was three stories and the grounds were much bigger than I would've thought. The tennis courts stood out the most. I let out a low and quiet whistle. I guess this is what's expected from a school famous for tennis.." The courts were in great condition; it was almost sparkling! My body led me up to the fences on its own. My hands grazed the green fence as I opened the door and stepped onto the court. I remembered back to those days.


"Rin, come on! One more point and we'll be the champions!" Len called to me from across our side of the court.

"Yeah, I know!" I served with the last bit of my strength, and the ball flew between the legs of our opponents giving us an ace! I yelled out in happiness.

"Len! Len! We did it! Yattaaa~~!" I ran over to him in tears and he hugged me tightly as we spun around in circles.


A tear escaped from my eyes and made its way down my cheek as I smiled sadly.

"Hey, you! What are you doing there? Only club members are allowed here." A serious voice called.

I wiped away my tear with the back of my hand turned around with a smile on my face.

"I'm new. I'm a 2nd year here starting today. Nice to meet you, I'm Futago Rin." I said and bowed 90 degrees.

"Tezuka Kunimitsu, 3rd year."

"… well, I better get going. Do you know where the-"

"It's the 3rd door on the right when you make a left turn on the second floor." He cut me off already anticipating my question.

"Ah… Thank you. Good bye Tezuka-san." I bowed deeply again and left quietly.

I walked to the school building with slow steps.

"Seigaku, huh? It's gonna be hard. It seems like I'm going to keep remembering him." I muttered under my breath.

I let out a shaky sigh as my throat tightened and my vision started to blur. I blinked quickly to keep the tears away. This was going to be difficult; attending this school.


Well, that's the first chapter! It's short, I know, but I really wanted to get this idea out quickly, and I promise to make the next one longer!