I am putting this story for adoption!~ I recently got an email a few days ago saying someone put this story on their Alerts, which I was surprised about. So I decided to re-read it from the beginning myself so I could continue it. It seems like I had some secret thing going on in between characters and such, but I can't remember! (T.T) So, if anyone has their own ideas for this story, or just wish to continue it, for fun, or any reason at all, please send me a PM saying that you will take it.

And I am also sorry to those who thought that this was going to be another chapter. But if someone wishes to continue it, you will be able to read it to the end! ^^ I am thinking of starting a new story to but it is just an idea that needs lots and lots of tweaking everywhere, haha!~

I really do hope someone will want this story, because I think it has a lot of potential! Thank you very much for all those who had put this story on Alerts, and Favourites and etc. When someone has adopted this story I will put up a notice or another chapter or maybe I will just put up a message on my profile or something :P

Thank you for reading this to the end, if you have,

-Inverted Extrovert (Alana)