Oh, what a week! I had grown a bit tired of the vast barren wastelands of Ul'dah and had been itching to go visit the other two nations I had heard so much of. But there were none who would accompany me until just recently.

It all started with some leves in Camp Drybone last week, earning my coin alongside a Dunesfolk woman named Victamorel Wandauvial and Midlander Future Legend, both from my linkshell, Phenomenon. Oh how much fun we had, slaying dodos and those disgusting yarzon! And the coin, the coin was very good indeed.

When we got chatting while resting from our many battles, Victamorel mentioned how she also wished to see Gridania and Limsa Lominsa. As it turned out, Future had visited both these places and offered to be our guide! So we set off soon after, for Gridania first.

As the desert faded into lush forest, we all noticed how eery and empty the lands were. How strange that the parched lands surrounding Ul'dah had more life in them than this forest. But it was not long til we found beasts and plenty of them at that!

When we found our way to the city we marveled at it's beauty, indeed, in the end it was difficult to drag poor Victamorel away from it! I made sure that while we were there we took on some jobs, and together slayed a number of beasts, the most pesky being these strange furry beasts named galago by the locals and the lone wolves that would always appear in our way. By the end of it there was yet more coin for me! ... And my companions too of course.

I continue the rest in my next writing..

~Rakshi Zahrann