The cities have all been bustling lately with talk of a Starlight Celebration. From what I've heard it's a winter celebration in Eorzea, with Smilebringers delivering gifts of toys and sweets to the children of the land, even to those in the small and remote townships. A bit similar to a holiday back in my own homeland.

Caravans are arriving here in Ul'dah from all over, the poor chocobos from Gridania pulling heavy loads of such great leafy trees while those from Limsa Lominsa are bringing in big, beautiful arches. Ul'dah is also sending out it's own caravans bedecked with boxes, heading towards the sea and the Black Shroud. No doubt they are full of whimsical alchemical inventions created by those in the phrontistery.

And the dishes the culinarians are making! They smell so good.. If only they would share their recipes with little old me. The once I dared asked I got a sharp glare off the hyur woman and I ran before she took her rolling pin to me. Maybe I'll be able to get my hands on those recipes later.

I've decided though, I really want to help out these Smilebringers when the festival starts. The children need a chance to laugh and play, especially the orphans and the poor. I don't know who these Smilebringers are but I'm sure that I can at least help with getting through the wilds to some villages.

Oh, I'm just so excited about a celebration though. I've yet to see a true Eorzean festival.. Well not one that went to plan, I'm still very wary of goobbue, even those enchanted with spells.

For now though, I'll just have to wait until the Starlight Celebration officially begins.

~Rakshi Zahrann