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"Any who, Numbers II and V, you have to go to Twilight Town and track down the little Keyblade brat."

The two men glared at each other from across the room, then turned to look at Xemnas and nodded. With a wave of his hand, the Superior sent the two Organization members to Twilight Town.

Bright, sparkling amber eyes moved around the room and settled on the Luna Diviner. Saix had an utterly bored look on his face, not that it was unusual. His eyelids were drooped and the golden orbs were dulled. His chin was rested on a closed fist, elbow resting on his seat's armrest.


The golden orbs flickered to life and moved to look at the Superior, staying quiet out of respect.

"I require you in my chambers later, okay?"

Numbers VIII, IX and XI were quickly draw out of their stupors and turned to look at a bewildered Diviner.

"S- Superior?" Saix blinked several times before looking up and a smirking Xemnas.

"Surely you know what I mean, VII."

Axel spoke up almost immediately, "What do you mean, Sir? I don't quite get it."

Saix's golden eyes narrowed to deadly slits at the Flurry, "Number VIII! Quiet!"

The Flurry giggled, smirking, "Oh, Saaaix~ Afraid of what the Superior will say?"

Marluxia laughed, tossing some of his hair back with a flick of his wrist, "Oh, Axel, we all know that Superior is with the puppy."

A faint blush crept onto the Diviner's face, "XI! I swear, if you keep talking, I will-"

"Now, now, VII…" Xemnas chuckled, eyes trained on the Berserker. "I do believe that Marluxia is right…" He waved his hand and Saix was enveloped in a dark portal.

Demyx looked around curiously, "Where'd Puppy go?"

Zexion sighed, "I have a feeling we'll all find out shortly."

As if on queue, Saix dropped out of a portal onto the Superior's lap. He blushed brightly and tried to open another portal, but Xemnas grabbed his wrist and stopped him. "Now, now, little puppy… Where do you think you're going?"

"Sir! This is not appropriate to be doing in front of people!"

Xemnas smirked and moved Saix so he was straddling the Superior's legs and sitting on his lap. The Superior ran a leather clad hand through silky azure blue hair and whispered into a pointed ear. "Why, Saix? You don't like feeling your Superior's love for you?"

"We cannot love, Sir…" Saix whispered back, his blush deepening as he felt Xemnas let go of his wrist and grab onto his hip.

"Doesn't mean I don't remember. Unlike you, VII, I remember plenty about love." He let his hand travel from Saix's hip to travel under his cloak and lightly palm the front of the black jeans.

Saix gasped, arching his back and rocking his hips forward. "Sir…"

Petting his hair once more, Xemnas took his hand away, "No need to be so… slutty, VII."

Blushing brightly and finally realizing his actions, Saix hid his face in the crook of Xemnas' neck.

Axel quickly pulled out a camera and snapped a picture before portaling away, "I'm totally sending this to King Mickey!"