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01 - Prologue

"Tsuna get out of here! Run!" Sound of struggle can be heard, a petite girl stood rooted to the ground.

"Tsuna, go now! Run as far as possible!"



Japan, Namimori Sawada Residence (01:35am)

Tsuna sat up, surge of trepidation coursed through her. Eyes darted around the area; she relaxed after noticing the familiar room that she was in.

Raising her hand slightly upwards, she wiped the sweat off her brow, took a breath and closed her eyes.

She tried to calm herself and push back the abominable nightmare that nearly tore her apart from her precious family, but they came back at full force, as if with a vengeance.

Wrapping her arms around herself, she glanced to towards her left, where the neon blue light of her clock flashed, 01:35.

'Damn, another night, I really need some sleeping pills to help me sleep.'

Shifting her weight to her arms, she pushed herself off the bed and headed towards the shower.

Stepping out of the ensuite bathroom, the cool air of her room caressed her skin and she involuntary shivered.

Tugging at the hem of her shirt to smoothen the crease, Tsuna walked towards her wardrobe.

A variety of her clothing and quite a few of her test scripts, which she did badly (since she slept through them) and stuffed in the wardrobe, greeted her.

Tsuna pushed all the clothing to one side and slide open the hidden door to reveal a sleek 32inch screen; took a couple wires, plug it to the side of the screen and connected it to her orange covered laptop that sat on her desk.

How she stuffed a huge screen in there? Use your own imagination!

Grabbing her wireless headset with microphone, keyboard and mouse, she plopped onto the bed that is directly across the screen.

Her laptop on the desk purred to life.


0%... …
18% … .
27% ….
59% … .
69% …
80% … .
96% …


A soft ring came from the headset, Tsuna look up to see the screen as a black window opened, a familiar face was present before her and a huge grin immediately plastered on to her face.


"Stupid girl, where were you the whole of last week, connection to you was totally cut off." Upon hearing his concern that he seldom show, Tsuna laughed sheepishly.

"I went for a five days trip with my mother and I had some uninvited visitors on the other two days?"

He glared at her, not that Xanxus don't glare on a day-to-day basis. He glared with the threat of 'you-better-tell-me-or-I'll-take-a-plane-and-fly-there-right-now-and-blow-your-fucking-head-off'

"Who is it?" Red eyes from the screen bore into hers and Tsuna cringed.

"Uh… …" She fumbled with her words trying to stop him from asking.

Tsuna caught sight of a flash of white hair in the screen. From past experience, she yanked the headset off her head immediately.

"VOOOOOOI! Another scum attacked and you did not bother to tell us, if you want to die so badly, stand there and let me cut that brainless head off!" Tsuna winced at the volume.

"Squalo-nii! Its two plus in the morning here and you are yelling like there's no tomorrow. It was just two assassins, its not like I couldn't handle them. Well, I don't know their technology is that good to track me down." she confessed, trying to assuage their anger as she turned the volume down.

"Che, you should have told the old man about assassin attacks long time ago."

Tsuna pouted, not liking what Xanxus mentioned.

"No way, I don't want to be target anymore than I already am and I don't want Nono to know that I am aware of my situation."

Xanxus ignored her protest and continued. "That floating trash said that the old man had sent someone to Japan yesterday evening."

Tsuna froze. Her instinctive gasp betrayed the shock that she wish she had obscured, chaotic thoughts spun in her mind.

'Why? Nono seldom sent people to Japan and for him to be so secretive. No! It shouldn't be! One of them must be alive or something! I may have accepted that I might be affected since I am the direct descendent, but it does not mean I want it!'

"Trash! Don't come to conclusions so easily and keep those eyes of yours open, if there's too much trouble call us," with that, Xanxus' face disappeared from the screen, replaced by a certain blond self-proclaimed prince and a black-clocked baby on his herd.

"Bel-nii! Viper-nii!"

"Ushishishi, did the princess miss the prince?" Before Tsuna had a chance to answer, Squalo cut her off.

"VOOOI! We are leaving already you idiot prince"

"Ushishi, sharkie, no one insults the prince" familiar knives were between his fingers, readied to be flung at the white haired man.

"Yare, Tsuna, there is no need for you to see how foolish they are, I am sure you already know. We will contact you again." A childlike monotone voice reached her ear, she smiled.

"Hai! Send my regards to the rest! Take care Viper-nii!" He nodded before continuing.

"You owe me 20 bucks for the information I gave you. Bye, Varia out."

The window disappeared. Tsuna chuckled under her breath; well the Varia is certainly a crazy that will never change.

Tsuna turned her gaze to her clock, 0241.

'I guess I have to start searching to see who is coming to Japan and where are those three. Hopefully I still have time to get at least get an hour of sleep, thanks to those two intruders, I only gotten 3hour of sleep yesterday.'

Placing the clock by her side, adrenaline rushed through her as fingers came into contact to the keyboard, a small smirk formed on her face as her eyes scan through the myriad of codes that is visible on the screen.

Time skip~

Exhausted, Tsuna sank herself under the warm covers of her bed, closing her eyes, her breathing relaxed.

Anyone looking at her will think that she was asleep, but the mousy haired girl was in a state of panic. Her brain slowly processing the information she found.

The most qualified son, Enrico was shot dead in a feud.

The second-in-line to inherit the title, Massimo was drowned.

The third and the last son, Federico was killed through unknown circumstances and only his bones remained.

Tsuna sighed for the umpteen times in the morning as her eyelids drooped, knowing that she might up next in that list.


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