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10 — The Start

Small frames of children can be seen sitting together in the dark and damp cells. The light in some of their eyes are already gone, saying that they have given up hope, given up life while others tried to comfort the ones beside them, holding on to one another.

Most of them jumped when they heard the door opening, desperately wishing that the people entering aren't here to bring them for another test. A couple sagged in relief as a blue haired boy was brought in instead, but the state of the boy did not alleviate their fear. In this case, it added on to their fear.

The boy was dressed in a white shirt, long enough that it reached his knees and covered a pair of worn-out, brown pants. Blood gushed out from the wounds on his arms and torso, the right side of his face covered in blood trailing down from his eye. He was dragged lifelessly into to the cell, seemingly blacking out every second before gaining consciousness again. The guards that brought him did not even bother to close or even dress his wounds before tossing him carelessly in one of the cells only have one child in it at the moment.

Tsuna was watching everything silently from the corner of the cell; she was already numb, and no longer afraid. Children had gone and went ever since she was first captured into this hell; there were only new faces that greeted her every time she was dragged back into the cell after being experimented on. Now, there's no one left but her in this cell. All the others had died. If not from being unable to bear the pain, they would have died from blood loss or shock and would be heartlessly disposed of.

She got up from her position and inched closer to the boy bleeding before her. Even if every step she took was excruciating, she still wanted to move and help the boy, to know if he still has a chance to survive. She reached out to touch the boy's shoulder, wanting to know if he is conscious so she can get him into a more comfortable position and tend to his bleeding wounds.

"Don't touch me." Just before Tsuna touched the boy, he spat at her, refusing to let her help him even if he is barely able to move.

The brunette blinked at him, not understanding why he would refuse her help. Did he have enough of living and want to give up? Ignoring his response and pushing her thoughts away, Tsuna ripped a part of her still clean dress and attempted to clean his wounds. The boy's struggle stopped after a moment and became silent, faint due to fatigue after being through whatever had happened.



"I asked why you helped me."

The other had immediately started questioning Tsuna the moment he woke up. The brunette gave him a small yet bitter smile, her gaze meeting his. Her unspoken answer was simple enough, yet it conveys a lot.

"I don't want to see anyone leaving without returning anymore." The boy was silent when he heard that; she seemed to have been here long enough to witness too many deaths that had occurred. There was silence between them before the boy spoke up.

"I am Mukuro. Rokudo Mukuro."

"Sawada Tsunayoshi. But you can call me Tsuna!"

It is the beginning of their friendship as they went through the pain and torture together; one is there always to comfort when the other is on the edge of being broken. In the course of their time together, they met others that unfortunately joined the: Chrome, Ken, and Chikusa to name a few.

Tsuna stiffened slightly when she saw Mukuro was once covered in his own blood. He had heard that those monsters out there wanted to get him to go through the Six Paths of Reincarnation and they intend for the brunette to go through it as well since she somehow survived the treatment for so long.

It had almost been a success in Mukuro's case and they will not back down when they are so close to getting what they want.

"Kufufufu, stop frowning Tsunayoshi-chan, such a look doesn't suit you."


"Oya, You don't have to worry, I am perfectly fine."

Mukuro sat by the wall beside her, putting his arms around her petite body in an attempt to comfort and calm her down. The brunette returned the gesture by hugging the other back gently, not wanting to inflict more pain in his body by aggravating his wounds.



"If we can pull through everything tomorrow, I'll kill them all and the few of us remaining can get out of here."

"Mukuro… please… Please don't strain yourself." Tsuna pleaded immediately, knowing that tomorrow might just be their last day but there is nothing any of them could do to stop it.

"Kufufufu… Don't fret my dear. We will get out tomorrow. If I can't make it, I'll try to give you some time to get the rest out."

Tsuna shook her head in protest, not wanting to leave someone she holds very dear behind. Tears streamed down her puffy cheeks and she muttered words of protest against Mukuro's plan. The boy just smiled slightly and moved to a happier topic, his eyes twinkling with a little mischief.

"If we manage to get out together, will Tsu-chan be my bride?"

The girl blinked at the question but did not hesitate to respond back with a nod of her head, only wanting to believe that everyone might have a chance to escape. Mukuro seemed to be pleased with her response and planted a small kiss on both of her cheeks. The two of them fell into dreamland, escaping the reality of being caged as they prepare for their possibly last day, laying everything down the line in hopes of everyone breaking free of this hell that they had been put through.


Tsuna was unable to say whether or not that waking up, after taking the hit Reborn gave her, was a good thing or not. Especially after remembering that had long since put that piece of information to the back of her mind, thinking it was just a child's promise, which was not to be taken seriously. She never thought that Mukuro would still recall, or was even serious about it during that time. She contemplated whether a hit to the head would make him forget... Nah, that was impossible.

At that moment, the brunette was unexpectedly caught in a one sided war -bullying session- between Reborn and Lambo. She then became the unfortunate victim of the infamous Ten Year Bazooka

Next thing she saw was the sight of her future then years later, which was in a meeting room with some of the mafia's most feared men in an argument. Each of them were equipped with their favorite weapon and were trying to get the Tsunayoshi of their time to go one a date with them. If that time's Tsunayoshi wasn't there, then it probably would have turned into an all out war.

"Yare yare, Vongola is being ignored. If you make her angry she won't go anywhere."

That last comment made everyone in the room snap their head towards the brunette, seemingly to ask her to make the final decision. It was then they realized that the brunette present is not the Tsuna of their time.

This is then followed by a nosebleed from Gokudera and a few others, then there's a couple who had a small pink tint on their cheeks. The rest just smirked with a glint in their eyes that simply made the girl more uncomfortable

The brunette twitched at so many pairs of eyes staring at her; the attention she got was overwhelming and it was also then that she realized her lack of clothing. She was hit at the wrong timing when she was changing… Tsuna only had her bra and school skirt on while her left hand was holding her white blouse and the black disciplinary jacket was hanging on her other arm.

Tsuna paled, and then turned red with embarrassment. The older looking Hibari looked pleased somehow and added to her embarrassment further with a single comment.



It was a whirlwind of events with Tsuna promptly putting on her blouse and jacket, buttons all fixed, Gokudera yelling his head off for the rest of them to stop staring at the Tenth. This was all accompanied with taunting from Mukuro, annoying vibes coming from Hibari, Reborn and a few rising to their feet instantly and sarcastic remarks thrown around. More knives also shot out, voices yelling out their owner's displeasure with fireballs flying and a few gunshots and then there was silence…Finally.

Some of them had gotten a scratch or two from the whole ordeal, but there wasn't any permanent or serious damage to anyone, unless you count Tsuna's mental scarring through all of this. The brunette was still sitting on the chair that she landed on; face still a bright red shade.

Said brunette was still flushed red from the incident a minute ago; desperately hoping that the five minute limit for the bazooka would pass by quickly and send her back to her own time in order to forget that all these had even happened and then pretend that her morning was pleasant as ever.

But no, Fate loved to make fun of her and make her miserable.

"Dame-Tsuna, where were you when you got shot?"

Tsuna looked at the man who asked the question, surprisingly not finding him familiar. Looking at him more closely, she observed a black Fedora with an orange stripe, neatly pressed suit and then... is that a gecko? Okay... Maybe he is familiar.

The brunette decided to answer the man's question first before firing off with her questions. The intimidating stare the other was giving her eventually led to this decision.

"The washroom in my room."

"Tsk, dame-Tsuna after everything, you still need to train." The man smirked, fedora keeping his eyes out of sight.

"Erm… … Reborn?"

"Who else, Dame-Tsuna?" The man seemed smug as he replied, fedora lifting slightly as he lifted his head a bit to look at his student.

"JYUUDAIME! I'! Ifailedasyourright-handman!I'MSOSORRYJYUUDAIME! I'lldoanythingyouask! Justsaytheword, I'—asdfghjklasdfghjk….." Before she could say any more, the older Gokudera was by her side with all sorts of apology.

Tsuna heaved a relieved sigh the moment the familiar yet hateful pink smoke engulfed her again. Time travelling is not her thing. Definitely not. This experience is enough to tell her that time travelling is not fun; it only gives you headaches, makes you live through embarrassing situations and then suffer very unexpected revelations... something the current Tsuna can live without.

When the smoke cleared, Tsuna found herself sitting on her bed with Lambo no longer in the room. However, she couldn't not find the situation ironic when once again Tsuna became the target of the same gun aimed towards her just a few seconds ago. There was just that slight difference in the owner in terms of size.

"Hmph. So stubborn."

Seeing that the brunette is back, the suit-clad baby withdrew his weapon, seemingly annoyed. Tsuna thought that was probably from not being successful in extracting what he wanted to know from the adult Tsuna. He jumped through the window and disappeared, leaving to do whatever he had in mind, or maybe cool off.

Tsuna blinked, shaking her head to clear her mind. This morning is peaceful... this morning is peaceful... this morning― damn it, who was she kidding! This morning is full of crap. At the thought of what had happened, the brunette flushed red in embarrassment once again. How can she face her guardians and the Varia now with that 5 minutes surfacing in her mind! There is Reborn as well but...

Remembering the chaos that happened the day before, Tsuna sighed in defeat and decided to be ignorant about what happened in the morning. There are priorities she needed to attend to first, after all!

She packed her bag, grabbed a piece of toast and left hastily, knowing that the following days would be very tiring for her.


The week or two after Mukuro's appearance was quite eventful for Tsuna, but it was manageable and she managed to pull through by getting most of the information needed to answer her questions. However, that was not the case for a certain sun Arcobaleno.

Reborn was quite on the edge lately, there had been rumors about the Vongola's top assassin being on the move, with Xanxus declaring that he will wipe out all other Vongola Decimo candidates.

That, with Tsuna a candidate, did not put Reborn in peace. Not surprisingly, Tsuna's position has already been revealed to the others. Yes, Tsuna is not as weak as she seems to be, but how much strength does she really have? Is it enough to defend herself against the Varia?

That thought was immediately discarded from Reborn's mind. He highly doubted that she was as weak as he first thought, as Rokudo Mukuro had even mentioned that the brunette had some sort of connection around. The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover" completely had Sawada Tsunayoshi as a perfect example. It gave him another chance to plan another scheme for the purpose of testing his student.

Tsuna, on the other hand was nonchalant about everything. Yes, she knew the Varia is coming and was quite happy about it. After all, it has been quite some time since she met with the entire Varia. Stopping midway through writing a report for the Disciplinary Committee, a small but evident evil smirk grew on her lips. Imagine all the fun when Reborn and her dad finds out about her relationship with the top assassins of the Vongola Famiglia.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Hmm?" She was broken off from her musings when the other person in the room called her.

"What are you planning herbivore?"

"Eh? Ahahaha. Nothing much, Kyoya. Just some people I know that will be visiting." Tsuna grinned happily, returning to her report.

"Hmm. I don't want to see any disturbance in Namimori." Hibari looked up from his papers and gave the brunette a glare. The 'I'll bite you to death if you give me trouble' threat was clear to Tsuna, yet she ignored him and returns to what she was doing.

"I can't promise that... but… as a compromise… you can fight them...?"

The glare that was directed at her changed into a smirk; Hibari clearly pleased with the offer he got. If those visitors of his secretary made a mess, he'll just have to bite them all to death!

"I'm ba~ack...?" Tsuna stood in the doorway of her house but found something was amiss. She let her voice fade out and quietly walked around the house. The usual noisy Sawada household was exceptionally quite. It's quite impossible for such a thing to happen, knowing of the trouble that the extra freeloaders ― namely Reborn, Lambo, Poison Scorpion Bianchi and I-pin in her house – can accomplish just by being in the house.

Making her way into the kitchen, she found a note from her mother telling her that everyone was out. It seems like Bianchi was in a good mood and decided to bring the family out for a trip and a meal. Tsuna was, of course, uninvited, but the oh-so-nice lady had left a plate of purplish looking plate of sushi for the brunette, which Tsuna 'appreciated' by dumping them in the bin.

The hit woman had clearly started war with Tsunayoshi, saying something along the lines of the brunette stealing her darling Reborn. Tsuna shivered slightly at that. Woman in love are scary, she thought. The only reason she wasn't attacked by the other woman everyday must be Gokudera, who had such an overwhelming desire to please his Juudaime and would me most assuredly devastated and angry at his sister if she was the reason that his boss was hurt.

Talking about the bomber, it reminded her of how much trouble she had gone through to keep that guy from killing or decapitating himself, just because he cannot protect his Jyuudaime and how unworthy he is.

The brunette flung her bag carelessly on the side of her bed and promptly laid down on the soft bed sheets. She sighed in contemplation, enjoying the serenity that was very rare in her house since her tutor arrived, when something jumped on her.

"Gahhhhh!", Tsunayoshi yelled in both surprise and pain as Reborn took her stomach as a trampoline, landing on her smugly. She glared down at the devil in disguise with her eye twitching. Tutor and student had been getting at each other for quite some time, after all.

Whenever Reborn did something to her, whether it is a punch or a hit to the head or any part of her body, Tsuna would do something in retaliation, like how recently she managed to dump half the box of sugar cube into the freshly brewed dark liquid that the baby loves so much. Yes, its Reborn's everyday dose of espresso that Nana or Tsuna would make.

Seeing Reborn's slightly grossed out face after taking a sip from the overly sweet drink was so worth the training she had gotten afterwards from the baby. This 'perfect landing' that Reborn just did must be his revenge of some sort. However, it's not enough to stop her mischief and other evil plans from being put into action. Since Reborn is here to give her hell, she might as well do the same and return the favor.

"Dame-Tsuna, we are going out for an early dinner. I can't have the next Vongola boss starving herself. Get up!"

Tsuna groaned. Reborn had something up his sleeve again, she just knew it! He was not one to invite her for dinner without a catch. Even knowing that she was walking straight into his plans, Tsuna had no choice but to get up and obey, in order to avoid bodily harm.

Tsuna looked around her surroundings cautiously. Reborn had brought her to Namimori's most expensive hotel for some reason. The fact that the enclosed dining area the hitman had booked contained two bodyguards standing rapt in attention made her more edgy.

The slight but noticeable bulge beneath their suits told her that they were armed, but Tsuna decided not to say anything... yet... and opted to take a seat nearest to both the door and the open window, just in case there was a need to escape.

Reborn brought her here for some high class dinner that gives you a room to yourself and was beautifully ornate. A glass dining table was placed in the centre of the room with three big glass windows showing the night scenery in Namimori.

"Order whatever you like." With that, the little hitman settled on the high plush seat just for him that was located next to Tsuna.

The brunette opened the menu before her and scanned through it, choosing breadcrumbs cheese spaghetti after a while. The quietness of the room irked her; a quiet room and Reborn an arm's length away would make any one nervous. Curiosity got the better of her and Tsuna decided to get her answers. Just before she could ask, the door of the room opened.

"Yo Reborn. Hey, you are Tsunayoshi right?"

The person who entered has short untamed blond hair and is wearing slightly baggy pants, a clean white top and a unique jacket. The tattoo on the left side of his neck and on the left hand was a dead giveaway to his identity.

Reborn's first student, Dino Cavallone. The tenth boss of the Cavallone famiglia.

Tsuna sighed inwardly, remembering the information she had read a long time ago when she researched on Reborn. Poor thing, Dino had actually taken Reborn's training badly than she had since he had zero combat skills when Reborn first arrived in his life. Well, at least he survived and managed to get away from that sadist who had to teach another student...

Tsuna nodded her head, answering the blonde's question from before. This was going to be a very long dinner. They had gone past the introduction, Reborn disclosing to Tsuna who the other is before promptly disappearing, leaving both the students in the room.

Tsuna then noticed the small animal peeking out of Dino's jacket and spent the next half minute having a staring match with a turtle.

Dino laughed when he noticed Tsuna's fixed expression and broke the gazes when he took the turtle out of his pocket, placing it on his palm and offered it to Tsuna, knowing she wanted to touch it.

"Here. His name is Enzo. Reborn gave him to me when I asked for Leon."

The brunette wanted to hold the animal on her own hands, and so she reached out, but the moment she heard it was a gift from Reborn, her hand froze halfway.

"Are you sure my hand won't be bitten off... since it's from that sadist?"

Dino grinned and placed the turtle on Tsuna's hands. "Nah. You're safe."

Tsuna spent the next few minutes chatting lightly with Dino while playing with Enzo. Tsuna liked Dino immediately during their chat, his good nature putting her back into a good mood, and making her wonder if she had thought too much about Reborn's scheme –if there is one- in the first place.

The door cracked open and two waitresses came in with their food. Tsuna sighed in contentment when she smelled the waft of melted cheese. Finally, food!

Reborn came in at the same time as well, with a smirk on his face. Both Dino and Tsuna looked at Reborn with a puzzled face and felt concerned. The baby had done something, no doubt.

"What did you do, Reborn? Went down the lobby, terrorized some kids and stole their sweets?" Tsuna deadpanned and avoided a kick to the head.

"Dame-Tsuna, don't compare me to the stupid cow."

Dino watched the exchange between the two with amusement. Tsuna was really something, annoying Reborn even with the risk of getting hit.

Deciding that food was more important than finding out what Reborn was up to, Tsuna twirled a bit of the spaghetti on her plate with her fork and ate it, savouring the creamy cheese... before stopping mid bite.

There was some sort of poison in the food! It wasn't much and was very unnoticeable since she just ate a small bite, but Tsuna could tell. She could be sent to the hospital if she finished the entire plate. And that just simply didn't spell good news to Tsuna.

The brunette could only chew and swallow as if nothing happen; this is one of Reborn's another test... And it happened to be the test on her poison tolerance and was nothing near enjoyable to do.

Trying to pretend as if she did not notice and acting as if nothing unusual happened, the brunette placed her fork down and brought the glass of juice she ordered to her lips, taking a small sip. Tsuna nearly spat the drink out on an unsuspecting Dino that sat opposite her. The drink was drugged as well. Did Reborn really want to put her on the verge of dying that much?... Maybe… Just maybe… Yes.

Running out of choices, she decided to drag out the dinner by eating extra slow, playing with her food. Tearing a bit of lettuce from the side of her plate that acted as garnish, she fed them to Enzo, knowing that they were not coated with any illegal substance of some sort and the cute turtle would not die of poison. The turtle munched on the vegetable happily and Tsuna sat there content with watching.

Dino smiled at the sight but said nothing. However, Tsuna noticed the slightly grim face he sent to Reborn after the first bite into his food. It seems that Reborn had also added some 'spice' in his food. Afterwards, Dino continued to eat, seemingly nonchalant about it. Tsuna sighed at that, the man must have been poisoned way too many times to care, or he had grown immune.

"Dame-Tsuna, we are not going to wait for you the whole night for you to finish your dinner. Hurry up."

Drawing her gaze away from the turtle, she looked at Reborn, eyes wide with fake amazement. "You are actually telling me to eat and is not stealing my food? ... ... are you possessed or something?"

Dino coughed to hide his laughter, while Reborn twitched, putting his espresso down and smacking the brunette with his one ton hammer. Tsuna jumped out of her seat to avoid the blow.

"Okay okay! I'll hurry up!"

Tsuna decided to resort to her last method. She raised her flame level, just a little, hoping that Reborn and Dino would not notice the slight orange-yellow tint in her eyes, and if they did, would take it as the light's reflection.

The increase in her flames quickly burned away the harmful substance in her body; Tsuna smiled to herself and dug in.

Dinner passed smoothly, only with Reborn peering at Tsuna from time to time, trying to find out if she actually felt ill or was just putting on a façade.

After they were done, they had left the hotel and started the walk back home. Reborn sat comfortably on the blonde's shoulder and they both started to explain the responsibility of being the heir to a mafia famiglia. Tsuna sweat dropped when she realized three bodyguards following them, no doubt being Dino's subordinates. They also mentioned the importance of the Vongola rings that would be passed on to her and asked her about her guardians. The two males held back on the information of the guardians that the CEDEF leader had in mind.

Tsuna just simply smiled, "I've already found my cloud and mist, and they have been both acquaintances of mine for some time." She refused to disclose more, even when Reborn threatened to hit her.

That threat then turned into the long warnings about the risks and dangers she is going to face in a few weeks. The Varia. Tsuna bit the inside of her cheek to prevent herself from smiling. 'Wouldn't everything be so fun in a few weeks', she thought.

They had gotten into the central district of Namimori when Tsuna saw a sudden flash of blue flames followed by long silvery hair that was way too familiar jumping from one roof top to another.

'Squalo and... That boy that is under her father's guidance... What's his name again… Basil!' Tsuna confirmed in her mind, it must be those two. The brunette was bubbling with excitement, knowing that one of her sworn brothers are just within sight, but held it in. After all, there is still Reborn and Dino walking beside her... she still has an image to keep up! The both of them seemed not to realize her giddiness... yet.


It seems that the two on the rooftops had destroyed a part of... whatever structure that was on the roof. Well... they are certainly not even attempting to be quiet, Tsuna thought sarcastically.

Dino had one of his hand in his jacket's pocket, probably gripping his weapon, while Reborn took one look at the roof of the building and then disappeared while Tsuna chose to act confused, looking around aimlessly, wanting to keep her somewhat-innocent image.

The two then came tumbling down, the one with blue flames crashing on the ground, while the other with long silver hair jumped down from the high building with ease. Tsunayoshi was definitely glad that they were on the noisy side of Namimori; the huge crash was covered up by the shops and clubs that are blasting with loud music.

Dino stood before Tsuna protectively, getting them to stand near the wall with the hope that the shadows could cover them.


Squalo was unscathed in the fight with the kid as the fight was such an ease. He knew that the rings Basil had were a fake; Tsuna had told them while she was snooping around the Vongola database. Still, he'll have to put up a show.

Tsuna on the other hand wanted to get out of this place; she was unsure how long she could keep her façade on. Dino turned to tell her that the man is part of the Varia, telling her to stay low and it was best to go unnoticed. Getting caught by someone who wants to supposedly kill her was not a good idea for the man.

Nevertheless, after knocking Basil unconscious and taking the box together with the rings, the two were spotted by the Varia member. Well... there was the Varia quality after all.

Squalo grinned, showing his teeth, he swung his sword in their direction dangerously and barked out.

"I'll slice you the next time I see you brat, don't get in the way by then, Hane-Uma!"

Tsuna wanted to stick her tongue out at Squalo but suppressed the urge to do so, it would just get Reborn, from wherever he is watching, to get suspicions.

Squalo had gone off immediately afterwards, not bothering to wait for any reply and taking the 'rings' with him.

Reborn proceeded to talk to Tsuna again after the incident, together with handing the 'shocked' brunette the real half Vongola rings, explaining briefly of the situation that she was in. He also told her of the need to power up and win the battle with the Varia as there were rumours that the Varia boss was determined to rule Vongola.

Tsuna had sighed after listening to everything and then kept the rings in her bag. Reborn had predicted a week, a week before the Varia 'attacks' her, but the brunette was sure that it wouldn't take them that long. Things would turn interesting in a few days... Everything is going somewhat fine in her opinion; nothing is out of place... Yet.

But that was only if you exclude the hell that Reborn calls extensive training needed to go against the Varia, which will probably start in a day or two.

The next day had been normal enough; Reborn had waked her up in his Spartan manner as usual. Just as the brunette was running out of the house, Reborn called out to her.

"Dame-Tsuna, keep the rings with you at all times. The Vongola Rings are the proof of you as the next heir. You and your guardians must win the fight against the Varia or you just might end up killed."

Tsuna raised an eyebrow at that, "They seriously want me dead that badly?"

Reborn did not reply but pulled down his fedora to shade his eyes, confirming Tsuna's guess.

The brunette shook her head and sighed; the Varia were coming after her, all right, but they definitely were not out to kill her. Grabbing her bag and jacket, she left for school.

She thought about Basil, who was still in the hospital. Since he is here in Japan, it must mean that her dad is coming soon... or already in Namimori.

At the thought of Iemitsu, Tsuna felt bitter. Yes, it wasn't his fault that she was kidnapped back then... she can't blame him for Mother's death... and she also can't blame him for people wanting to kill him and causing Tsuna to be dragged into his mess.

Nevertheless... he should have told Tsuna of the truth afterwards instead of giving stupid excuse of having 'bad luck' after getting shot by a maniac, and saying that he still works in an oil field all around the globe... His lies were complete with the latest photo of the man directing 'traffic' in just a singlet and work pants in the South Pole... with penguins.

Tsuna sometimes wonders why and how she is related to him.

The brunette pushed her thoughts aside when she caught sight of Gokudera and Yamamoto at the school gates, bickering as usual, or rather, Gokudera shouting and Yamamoto laughing. She picked up her pace slightly, smiled and waved at them.

At least she has wonderful friends now. And maybe... just maybe... what she had gone through was worth it.

Tsuna stared blankly at Hibari then directed her gaze at the stack of white before looking at the raven-haired teen.

"Are you serious?" The brunette demanded, clearly frustrated. She had tried to avoid eye contact with the head prefect ever since that incident where the other's future-self had embarrassed her to no end, and refused to tell Hibari the reason when the other had asked-demanded-... It turns out that Hibari had a grudge with her not answering… thus landing her in this predicament.

There was one BIG freaking stack of hateful paperwork... all due to be finished before lunch break, which is two hours away.

Hibari is obviously enjoying her distress, not even bothering to hide the smirk on his face. "That too much for you, herbivore?"

Tsuna pulled at her hair in exasperation. Hibari was mocking her... calling her a herbivore again. The brunette grabbed the papers angrily and left in a huff.

-One hour and forty minutes later-

Much to Hibari's annoyance, the door of the reception room was slammed open. He was about to bite the person who disturbed the peace to death until he saw who it was.


Tsuna stomped towards his desk and dumped the stack of finished papers in front of him, wanting to annoy the other with the loud noises she produced while doing so... but it seemed unnecessary as the Discipline Committee President was already pissed off.

No longer concerned with Hibari, Tsuna plopped herself on the couch and opened her bento to eat her lunch.

Hibari, proceeding to ignore his work, sat himself comfortably on the same couch, took one of the rice balls and laid his head on the brunette's lap.

"Itadaki― Eh! My food! !"


"KYOYA! ! ! ! !"


"VOOIII! DAMN BOSS! WE'RE LEAVING ALREADY!" The silver haired man swung his sword in the air, clearly annoyed about having to make his trip back to Italy and then heading back to Japan once again.

Xanxus' red eyes glanced nonchalantly at him, unaffected by the other's loud attitude. The Varia leader is in quite a good mood knowing their destination.

The Varia is currently in one of Vongola's private runways with weapons all loaded and everyone ready to board the jet that will bring them to their favorite tuna fish.

Xanxus smirked before climbing on the jet, seating himself comfortable on one of the luxury seats and comforted himself with a glass of wine.

"Heh, brat. We're coming."

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"Urghh! I don't feel well…" The brunet moaned as she laid flat on the bed.


"Ushishishishi. We meet again, peasant."



"We have to get Sawada-dono."

Tilting his fedora up, Reborn looked at the stressed blond who sat across him. "Yes, we have to. We need the CEDEF to move."

"I'll help as well, she's my little sister after all."