Unchained (PREFACE)

They took me away. Away from all I knew. My own family had betrayed me, left me for dead. Now I was someone else. Something different. I was locked away, not sure of what I had done or said to get landed here. All I knew was that I was not like the others in this place. But what place am I in? I asked myself this every day until I was finally answered.

An asylum. For insane people. And I belonged. I knew I belonged.

I was insane. Or so me and my family thought. I can see things. Things no one else can see. But it's all a part of my imagination. How I knew all this I had no clue. People like me don't know any of this; they're too locked up in their own worlds. I was what they called aware. I was aware of what the real world was like, what we were. So I was kept in the dark. Never being released. Only seeing the light so very often. But then fate took me from this place and into something new. And something dangerous.

I was considered blessed with what my kind called the vision. But it feels at times as if it's a curse. But I respect anything that has and will come my way.

My name is Alexandra James, I am now eighteen years old, and this is my tragically complicated life.