Ch. 10 The End

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"Will, Will honey wait, I need to say something" Terri said desperately trying to hang on. Marks was in the corner frozen and Will was on his way out the door.

"Terri there is nothing more to be said, you knew and you didn't tell me, but I am really not that mad because there are more important things in life that I need to attend to," Will said and as soon as those words left his mouth he picked up his pace and he knew where he was headed. Terri was officially out of his life and he didn't have to deal with that ever gain, and because she is gone there is a chance for someone else. Will got in his beat up blue car turned on his favorite song by journey and drove to McKinley High School.

Will knew that he had the chance he couldn't let it slip away again, Emma was within is grasp and all he had to do was reach her. Trying to go the speed limit Will found that he never had a green light until finally the very last one to turn into McKinley.

Emma was packing up for the day in her office, deciding that maybe what Will said was best, she probably couldn't handle Terri for the rest of her life. "Maybe I should just move", Emma thought. She was packing up slowly because when she went home she would only be reminded of her pitiful empty life. With no kid, no husband not even a pet to come home to.

"Knock, knock", a familiar voice said.

"Carl, what brings um you here?" Emma stuttered, the break up no longer stung but still seeing her first intimate boyfriend brought back memories.

"Well, I did some thinking, and basically after a lot of thought I realized I had been too hard on you, it wasn't fair of me to put you on the spot like that and I came to apologize".

"Well thank you, but you could have left a voice message or something" Emma said in her six year old voice.

"Yeah well Em…" Emma was suddenly reminded of Will and if he had found out the results yet. "I also thought maybe we can give us another shot?" Carl asked.

Now Emma was torn she wanted to be with Will so badly but if the baby was his he told her to move on, but if it wasn't… If it wasn't then she would want to be with Will. But even if she got back together with Carl it wouldn't be fair to him knowing that she still loved Will. She might be alone though, no that's it Emma's conscience got the better of her, even if she did end up alone, so be it, it would be better than being with one man and wishing to be with another.

Will just arrived at school. He strutted into the school with a new kick in his step, life was good. Then realizing he couldn't be away from Emma any longer he started to run, so he ran, and he ran until he entered the hallway where her office was. He slowed down, so that he wasn't out of breath when he reached her office. He walked up to her door and what he saw broke his heart, how could he feel this good and this bad in one night. Carl and Emma were hugging Emma with her eyes closed to the door and Carl with his back to the windows. Will slowly turned around, frustrated by the fact that he didn't get there sooner.

When he continued through the school a few minutes later Emma packed up and headed out of her office alone, for Carl had left after they parted as friends. She looked to her right and saw a heart broken Will Schuester strolling and a slow pace.

"Will?" Emma asked.

"Oh hey Em," Will said.

"So I take it from your attitude that the baby is yours?" Emma asked. As she figured this must be the answer to his down attitude. Hopefully this was not the case.

"Oh no it's not"

"Really that's great!" Emma said overjoyed. But why was Will so unhappy. "Why aren't you happy"

"About that I am, but uh, so you and Carl huh?" Will asked trying to be a good sport after all he had set her free.

"Oh no he just came by to assure that we are friends" Emma said.

"Really?" Will asked trying not to show the pure happiness on his face.

"Yeah" As they waited for a few comfortable seconds Will took Emma's things from her hands, drew her close and shared another perfect kiss. Emma was swept into the kiss thinking that no kiss could be this perfect.

"I love you," Will said.

"I love you too Will," Emma said. As they walked hand in hand to the parking lot.

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