in harry's home harry was alone but he heer a sound and smoke come and it was a sponge and harry said spongebob? and the sponge said ya harry is me and the door open and it was moody and he said come harry go to this bike harry said ok and moody said in the count of 3 we go 1 and spongebob just said 3! and all the people just go and moody just got a dragon and ride it but it was a trap death eaters attack spongebob got a gun and shoot the death eaters and all the death eaters die and spongebob said that was easy in the way spongebob say a mail and he said can we go to the mail moody said no spongebob said come on and moody said fine spongebob said YAY! and moody said but you got one hour spongebob said ok 10 hour later spongebob said im back and they move but smoke came and they sleep 1day later spongebob and harry woke up and ther where in a forest spongebob said we are lost harry said what now spongebob said i know he blow a bubble and in patrick house patrick said spongebob your lost spongebob hold hands with harry i will teleport you to my house and spongebob and harry teleport to patrick house to be continued