in patrick house spongebob! squidward works for you know who patrick said spongebob said who harry potter cool harry you did not tell me squidward work for you patrick said no the guy who save the day what not that guy i mean spongebob said mermaid man and barnacle boy omg why did squisward not tell me patrick said no not that guy he evil spongebob said man ray and the dirty bubble omg patrick said no no no ok he is vvvvvvvvvvvvv voldemort spongebob said oh ok how did you know patick said ok here it is in 12:30pm i was in the wallmart i saw a book it say voldemort works and i look at it and i saw squidward name and thats how get it spongebob said get it and harry said what is this wallmart patrick said is a mall harry said tell me what is a mall