Chapter One is extremely short. But this isnt even my chapter. This is the epiloge for Kingdom Hearts 2. I just worded it lol. Grammer isnt perfect but oh well...This is my first story in a while so go easy on me.

Beginnings to journies are always complicated. They never make sense until the end. Thats when you sit there and say "Ooh... I get it now." and slap your forehead with your palm because it was simple but you still couldnt figure it out. ThiS journy was no exception.

Chapter One ~Destiny Islands~

The sound of crashing waves was all you could hear all around the island. Even when you were deep in the forest, you could still undoubtidly hear the cries of the gulls and water falling onto the shore. The sun was setting over another picture perfect day on this little island. Everyday had the same perfect sense of security on the islet with the badly built bridge and the secret cave tucked into the bushes.

A smaller, tree filled islet sat close to the first one, the bridge built to connect them and a shack that led to the bridge. An oddly shapped tree sat dead center on this island. It had grown curved, the leaves extending over the ocean, ideal for sitting on to rest. Peculiar fruit grew on this tree, said to have extraordinary powers to bind two people together through an eternity. A boy sat atop the tree, near the leagendary fruit, mere inches. Silver hair graced his head, falling down to his shoulders and into his sea green eyes, which currently stared out into the ocean, one thing he had missed dearly. It was one of the few things that he enjoyed in life. It always seemed to calm him...

A younger boy ran up then, jumping to the other side of the tree to face the ocean as well. He put his hands behing his head, not mussing his perfectly spiked hair in the slightest. They sat there in a comfortable scilence for a moment, each boy consumed in his own thoughts.

"Nothings changed, huh?" Spoke the silver haired boy, Riku.

His partner, Sora, smiled a little as he watched the tide roll in and out. "Nope...nothing will."

Riku was silent for a moment before musing, "What a small world..."

"But part of one that's much bigger..."

Riku smiled a bit, his eyes softening. "Yeah..."

"Hey Riku, what do you think it was? The Door to the Light?"

At this, Riku hopped off the tree, chuckling a bit. Sora straightened as well, turning to face his friend.

Riku out-streached his arm, tapping Sora on the chest. "This."

Sora stared down in puzzlement. There was nothing there but his chain. He covered it with his hand. "This?" He looked up at his friend with curious, round eyes.

"Yeah. It's always closer then you think."

Sora's face broke out into a bright smile, lighting up his round face. He seemed extremely happy to be back, Riku noted. They had found out from the King and their other longtime friend, Kairi, they had been gone for months. Neither of them could recall it feeling that long, but Kairi and the King had both confirmed it. The both of them had sat on the island for days, leaving only to sleep.

"Sora! Riku!"

Well, speak of the devil..., Riku thought.

Kairi ran up then, waving franticly. When she reached them, she paused for breath. Panting, she held something in her hands.

"Hey, whats up?" Sora asked, trying to catch a glimpse of what was in her hands by stepping closer. Her auburn hair blocked view of her face and her hunched over position covered the mysterious object. Riku grew curious as well and stepped foward a small step.

Kairi finally looked up. She wore a worried expression, her eyes wide. "Look."

In her hand was a clear, medium-sized bottle. It gleamed in the sunset. The bottle itself seemed ordinary. Nothing strange about it. Except the thin roll of paper inside it, bearing the mark of the King.

"From the King?" Sora exclaimed, snatching the bottle from her hand. It had been months since they had seen King Mickey and his royal advisers, Donald Duck and Goofy. They had parted ways not long after Sora and Riku returned home from their battle with Xemnas. Eager as ever, Sora tore the stopper and tipped out the paper. Sora read hungrily, his eyes flitting from sentance to sentance.

The note wasn't very detailed. But the instructions were clear enough. Sora, Riku, and Kairi, three friends tied by destiny, were to take the Mark of Mastery exam in order to begin a new journy.