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"This is completely ridiculous!" Severus raged as Draco adjusted his beard.

"Well, you had a good point about Scorpius being traumatized after seeing his mother kiss, uh Santa Claus," Draco answered. "And we couldn't find a professional."

"Couldn't find a professional, or didn't bother to find one?" Severus huffed.

"Well, let's just say it was hard to find one who would consent to come here after Scorpius pulled the beard off the last one and traumatized the other children," Ginny answered as she inspected Severus' costume.

"Scorpius was only two," Severus argued.

"Unfortunately most of the kids ranged in ages from four to ten," Ginny answered.

Severus scowled. "What's to say that Scorpius won't pull my beard off?"

"Because he's old enough to know better," Ginny replied with confidence.

Severus shook his head. "I look completely idiotic."

"Yes, but you'll be making Scorpius and the other children happy," Ginny answered.

"That's not enough to convince me to go out there like this!" Severus argued.

"We're paying you twenty galleons to do this," Draco answered.

"Still not enough!" Snape insisted.

"We've got basilisk fangs!" Ginny offered.

Severus' eyes grew with interest. "What, where did you get those?"

Draco smirked. "Money can buy almost anything, anywhere."

Severus processed his words as Ginevra added on, "We can get more if you need them for your potions."

Severus huffed. "I'm only doing this so I can brew."

"Fine, just get out there!" Draco ordered.

Severus sighed as he trudged out, wondering if this suit was actually designed in order for people to walk in it. Draco and Ginny pushed him aside and ran ahead of him in order to deflect Scorpius' suspicion.

Severus stood in a corner and waited for them to announce him, just as Ginny and Draco had promised they would. When he heard the words, "Santa Claus," he stepped out to the cheers of the audience. He gave a sly smile. This was something he could get used to.

Severus sat on a green cushioned chair set aside just for the occasion. "Let's start the line here," Ginevra began as she stood before Severus and indicated a spot on the floor.

Several children rushed up to her, and began pushing each other in order to be the first in line. Finally, Ginevra calmed the children and lined them up one by one. Scorpius ran up first and sat on Severus' lap. "What do you want?" Severus asked in the cheeriest voice he could muster. He refused to perform that obnoxious laugh.

Scorpius gave him a look. "Your nose is larger than I remember!" he exclaimed.

"I had a nose job," Snape answered.

"Oh! Why?" Scorpius asked.

"Because my nose was too small to smell Mrs. Claus' cookies," Severus replied.

"Oh!" Scorpius answered.

"Yes, now what do you want for Christmas?" Severus asked.

"Well, you've already stayed away from Mummy, which I like, and Daddy's happy. So, I guess all I want is my own wand!" Scorpius answered.

"A wand?" Severus replied.

"Yep! Daddy has one and I want one too!" Scorpius announced.

"Don't you want a toy instead?" Severus asked.

Scorpius smirked. "If I have a wand I can make my own toys."

"I see," Severus answered. "Thank you Scorpius."

"Anytime Santa!" he replied as he hopped off Severus' lap.

"Okay," Ginevra began as she motioned for the next child to sit on Severus' lap.

"What do you want for Christmas?" Severus asked.

One by one, the children sat on his lap and told him their wishes. Most were for toys, but a few wanted other things such as peace on earth or a trip to Disney World. Finally, the last child had left his lap. Severus sighed, thrilled to be done with the entire exercise in torture, until Ginevra announced, "Wait, there's one more!"

"Oh?" Snape asked, swearing that he couldn't see any other children left. Then Severus smelled the citrus perfume and could hear the clack of high heels. He looked up and saw a low cut red dress.

"Hello Santa," she began in a smooth voice.

"Hermione?" he asked.

Hermione smirked as she sat on his lap. To say that Severus didn't enjoy the moment would be a lie, but he tried not to show it for fear that a child would notice his growing pleasure. "Yes?" she asked.

"What exactly do you want?" he asked before swallowing. Her perfume was driving him absolutely mad.

"Just a few things," she answered as a small crowd began to watch the exchange.

"Like?" Severus asked.

"Well, I've always wanted a yacht."

"A yacht?" Severus almost yelled.

She smiled and nodded. "I don't think that's a lot."

"Yes, but, uh it's a little beyond the North Pole's budget."

"Oh," she replied in disappointment. Then, her face lit up. "How about a convertible then? I really like the 1954 models."

"Santa doesn't know if he can afford that either," Severus replied as he tried to calm himself down before having a heart attack.

"I see," she answered, as though she was toying with him. She scooted herself closer to Severus, a move which only increased his desire for her. "Maybe I should settle for a deed…"

"Santa doesn't think so!" Severus answered, not even wanting to know how expensive this was going to turn out to be.

Hermione smirked, but then her face fell. "I've just been teasing you, kind of," she replied. "What I really want is a ring."

"What kind?" Severus asked, hoping she didn't ask for the Hope Diamond as well.

"Yes," she replied. "You see, my lover Severus and I have been dating for three years, but he isn't proposing."

"How expensive do you want this ring to be?" Severus asked.

"I don't care," she replied. "As long as he finally proposes to me."

"He's not a romantic man," Severus warned. "It may not be the romantic proposal you're hoping for."

"I know," she replied with a frown. "I just want to be married to him someday. I love him, and I want to share my life with him. That's all I really want for Christmas."

"I'll see what I can do," Severus replied.

Hermione smiled before planting a kiss on his cheek. "Thanks Santa!' she replied before strolling off into the crowd.


"Yes?" Hermione asked as she finished picking up the last of the wrapping paper from their Christmas celebration.

"You have one more gift," Severus answered.

"Oh?" she asked.

Severus smirked. "Yes."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small velvet box. Hermione gasped, "Severus."

"Hermione," he replied. "I can't give you a convertible, a yacht, or whatever other thing you were going to ask for." She gave him a shy smile. "But I can share my life with you. Do you, will you become my wife?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed "Yes!"

He opened the box, exposing the diamond ring. "Thank you!" She exclaimed before flying into his arms. Severus returned the gesture and smirked.

Maybe being Santa Claus wasn't so bad after all.