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"Come on Severus! It will be fun!" Hermione insisted as she hitched up the horse to the sleigh.

"That horse doesn't look like it could pull a toboggan, much less a sleigh!" Severus argued.

Hermione stopped her work to examine the horse. Its gray coat was somewhat tattered and its matted mane betrayed its age. Still, Hermione had ridden with Minerva in a sleigh it pulled, and she knew what it was capable of. "It can do more than you think," she replied.

"Doubtful," Severus answered as she resumed hitching up the horse. "Personally I don't understand the appeal of taking sleigh rides. Horses are meant to draw carriages on paved roads, not frolic around in the snow on things which amount to little more than steel death traps."

"Oh come on! Just because you fell off a sleigh when you were young doesn't mean that it will happen again," Hermione answered.

"I'll have you know that I was pushed off," Severus answered.

Hermione rolled her eyes as she completed her work. "Well I don't think your girlfriend would toss you off the sleigh now would she?"

"If she wasn't upset with me then she wouldn't."

Hermione laughed. "Fair enough, but I won't be upset with you if you get into the sleigh with me."

Severus reexamined the horse. He didn't trust the gray beast and he still believed it to be weak. Still, if it was as weak as Severus believed than perhaps it wouldn't be able to move the sleigh at all and he would be off the hook for this whole sleigh ride idea. "Fine," Severus answered.

"Thank you!" Hermione answered as her eyes gleamed in victory.

Severus sighed and stepped into the metal death trap. Hermione leapt in after him and took the reins. "Minerva's been teaching me how to drive the horse," she replied.

"I suppose you've read a few books on the subject as well," Severus teased.

She gave him a cross look. "I never did promise not to toss you out of the sleigh," she warned.

He smirked in response. "But you're the one who wanted me in this sleigh in the first place."

"Fair enough," she conceded before lifting the reins. "Yah!"

The horse neighed and began to strain in the harness. Severus gasped as the sleigh began to move. Hermione laughed. "I told you he could pull this sleigh."

"Indeed he can," Severus answered, still shocked that the horse could move the sleigh at all.

Slowly, the horse moved up to a trot. As the horse sped up, Severus could feel the snowy air against his skin. His nose began to sting from the cold air, but the sensation was easy enough to ignore, especially when he saw the joy in Hermione's face.

"Isn't this fun?" Hermione cheered.

"It's fine," Severus answered. "I still prefer the safety of an enclosed carriage though."

"Ha!" Hermione answered.

"I would also prefer it if those obnoxious bells weren't ringing in my ear," he answered.

Hermione smirked. "I think you like them just fine. You just don't want to admit it because you like to pretend that you're such a grouch."

"Oh really," Severus answered.

"Yes," she replied before capturing his lips.

Unbeknownst to the couple, up ahead loomed a hotly contested snowball fight between two groups of Hogwarts students. Some ducked behind their fort, packing together sloppy wet snow until they had perfectly round balls. Others popped up to lob their mushy weapon at the "enemy", get hit by a snowball, or both. All were laughing and shouting too loud to hear the horse approaching.

One stray snowball landed in front of the horse. It let out a loud whinny as it reared up on two legs. The lovers pulled away from each other as the horse broke into a cantor. The Hogwarts students watched in horror as the horse dragged the sleigh carrying their professors.

Hermione began pulling on the reins, desperate to regain some control over the horse as Severus clung to the edge. Despite her best efforts, the horse only sped up.

Finally, he executed an especially sharp turn, tipping over the sleigh. Fearful of crushing his hands, Severus released the sleigh just in time for Hermione to crash into him. Together, they went tumbling down a snowy hill, screaming and laughing all the way to the bottom.

Their fall was thankfully broken by a snow drift. Hermione, who landed on top of Severus, looked into his eyes, which only elicited more laughter from the two. After the laughter had died down, Hermione gasped, "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry."

"For what?" Severus asked. "It was somewhat enjoyable."

"I know," she answered. "But I didn't intend for us to fall out."

"I didn't intend to have fun either, but I did."

Hermione lowered herself onto him until their lips were touching.

On top of the hill, three terrified Hogwarts students peeked out from behind a snow drift to make sure their professors were okay. One little girl noticed the two at the bottom of the hill and gasped. "What?" The boy beside her asked.

"We need to get Headmistress McGonagall out here now!" she answered.

"Why?" the other student asked.

"Because I think they're kissing! Professor Snape is kissing Professor Granger!"

"Ew!" they replied.

"You're right; they must've hit their heads pretty hard. Let's get the Headmistress!"

With that, they raced up the hill to the castle.