A new Perspective

For a month or so Naruto continue to annoy me but it seems like every memory from back then is fuzzy and I can only remember the day I saw him cry.

We were in math class, and to my displeasure I had notice how he wasn't in class. It was normal for some of us to be late to math, it was right after lunch and some eat late so they got to class late, but he was never late.

"Where Naruto?" I asked to Hakura who sat beside me. A sly smirk slipped from her lips making me notice what I had asked. "Oh shut up" I rolled my eyes and looked back at the bored. I could feel my cheeks burning with a scarlet blush.

"I saw him with Karin"

I felt a weird feeling of hurt in my chest. His girlfriend. Ever since I saw him with her I've heard so much about her and them.

She used to be the easiest girl in the school. Her body was a display since she was 10. "She wore a bikini to our school pool party" I remember Hakura telling me when I asked about her.

They had been together since before school ended last year, but nothing was really sure they would always been fighting.

I remember how the whole classroom was filled with the voices of the students chatting with each other when suddenly everyone went quiet.

My eyes looked to the door where a broken Naruto stood. Tears were running down his tan cheeks, he made his way to the back and sat in seat and buried his face on his arms and cried.

In that moment I realized how much he cared about her, and how hurt he was. I never saw him the same way after that.

I know it's very short but that moment was very shocking so I'm leaving it there