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I'm a bloomin' ridiculous Darren Criss fan ever since a friend of mine in the US (I'm in the UK) saw him in a bar and sent me some of his music a year and a bit ago. The fact he did AVPM/S and all the Starkid stuff was cool enough ... now he's in my favorite show - well, it's kinda mindblowing :D

I really hope you like this story. It's my little way of honouring all of the firsts and things Kurt wants and deserves. He's my favourite character (even when he's being a whiney little bitch) alongside Emma and Brittany and now Blaine so it killed me when he talked about his prom and wanting to hold hands with someone and that nobody understands. *sob*
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I LOVE so many of the stories here so thought I'd add my own as I haven't written fanfic for a little while :D
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Kurt was young, he was painfully aware of that fact. He was inexperienced, clueless and confused. He sat in his room feeling the white walls more than usual – they were cold and stark like his mood. There wasn't anything to cheer him up and his night stretched ahead of him painfully long and empty. Exactly what a troubled mind did not need.

Leaving McKinley was one of the hardest things he'd ever done and sitting alone knowing he had to adjust to a new school, a new world and a completely new life at Dalton Academy ... well he wasn't sure he had the energy for that.

He was insecure. Yes he wore Marc Jacobs about as fiercely as physically possible and quiffed his hair off his face to show off his well earned pale but porcelain skin ... he had no problems with his appearance, the problem lay inside. He fell asleep, most nights, dreaming about the things that so many others took for granted. Like when Rachel would hug Finn's arm during Glee club and lay her head on his shoulder or when Quinn would reach out for Sam's hand as they walked down the halls during change-over. It was all Kurt wanted, to experience those mundane things. To Kurt they were anything but mundane ... they were so achingly important that he felt as if part of him was missing without them.

As he sat, tub of cream in one hand, his other brushing the hair off his forehead to begin his nightly routine, his phone buzzed on the table beside him.

Is it true what everyone at Dalton's talking about? Are you transferring here? B

Kurt frowned a little. He hadn't text Blaine to let him know, partly because he was still trying to choke back the reality of leaving his own normality and partly because he was scared of Blaine's reaction.

Yes. I'm so sorry I didn't tell you. It all happened so fast. K

Kurt, you have nothing to be sorry about. What happened? That guy again? B

Kurt's stomach tensed. Karovsky was the last person he wanted to think about.

Yes. Things got out of hand before the wedding and he threatened me. I can't stay there anymore. K

You ok? B

I'm alright I guess. Nothing like the sound of Celine to sooth away your worries, eh? K

Blaine chuckled as he read the last message. He sat, in dark pajama pants and a pale blue t-shirt, on his bed, the orange glow from his lamp and Wes' laptop screen were the only sources of light but the room felt cosy around him. He thought of Kurt in his white-wash room and something tugged inside. It wasn't fair.

Haha. I'm more of a Barbara guy myself but never EVER tell Wes that. You alone? B

Kurt smiled and discarded his nightly routine to climb under the covers. He had little energy as it was and the fact Blaine was even on the other end of the phone was enough to calm him slightly.

Yes. Dad and Carole went away for the weekend instead of their honeymoon. Finn's at Rachel's this weekend too ... something about meeting her dads. Why? K

Blaine considered his options for a second.


"Yea dude?" Wes asked, swivelling around in his chair, his feet still propped up on his desk.

"You alright with us having a visitor tonight?"

Wes smiled and rolled his eyes. "Is Blaine playing the white knight again?"

Blaine could feel a smattering of blush creeping up his cheeks. It was rare but impossible to stop.

"Shut up. I'm trying to do the right thing. We all know what a mess I was when I got here. The guy needs a friend right now."

"Well, you said it," Wes teased and turned to face Blaine's bed fully, "he definitely transferring then?"

Blaine smiled. "How did you know I was talking about Kurt?"

"Dude, you really have no self awareness. You've got that lopsided goofy smile goin' on. Anyway, I'm nearly finished this paper then I'm taking Kate out for a meal so invite away... you know you were going to anyway."

"So true. Just being polite, not that you even know the meaning of the word Wesley."

Wes laughed, sticking his tongue out at his roommate. Their level of comfort with each other knew no bounds. "Just shut up and text him back. Put us all out of our misery."

Blaine did just that.

You don't have to be alone. Just giving you the option. You could stay here if you wanted? It's Saturday tomorrow so I can show you around Dalton. Wes doesn't mind. B

Kurt wasn't tired. It was only 8pm but bed seemed like the only logical option on a night so stretched out and lonely it was painful to comprehend doing anything else. He glanced down at his phone as another messaged beeped in. As he read it, his stomach tightened and eyes widened. He was desperate for company and Blaine for company was just about the top of his wish list.

Are you sure? K

Wouldn't ask if I wasn't B

Kurt grinned at Blaine's smiley face feeling a little light headed. He could feel his skin prickle with a smidgen of excitement but still, the pressure in his head and twinges of sadness seemed to mask them still. He needed to get out and he had the perfect chance.

Thank you. I'll be there as soon as I can. K

Blaine smiled, big and bright before jumping off his bed to tidy up, mainly Wes' half of the room.

"So he said yes then?" Wes asked with a smile.

"That obvious?" Blaine asked, throwing a discarded sock back onto Wes' side of the room.

"Painfully," Wes stated, his eyes rolling again as he took in Blaine's sudden frantic need to tidy up.


It wasn't long before Kurt crept up the driveway to Dalton Academy, the snow falling in saucer sized flakes on the hood of his car. He'd opted for a more comfortable ensemble to travel in and glanced down self consciously at his dark jeans and navy cashmere jumper. Dalton was a place of money and Kurt felt just a little bit insecure.

As he parked his car and tentatively stepped through the snow, he felt nervous. Blaine was so nice, so kind and so comforting which was exactly what Kurt cherished but it was the fact that this was all so new, he wasn't so sure what he was doing. Blaine was clearly a good guy, an amazing guy, but Kurt knew himself. He was quick to fall. His head felt stuffed with worry, fear and confusion so that there wasn't room for anything else. The fact that a cute, handsome, kind, generous, caring, beautiful, clever and talented guy had invited him over was mind-blowing and Kurt wasn't sure he knew how the hell to behave. He clung to the feeling of gratitude and took a deep breath before ringing the bell.

The icy air around him stung his skin. Kurt pulled his scarf up further and waited in the darkness.

As the door opened, the first thing Kurt noticed was the heat. It washed over his exposed skin making him shudder. Kurt blinked at the light before his eyes re focused revealing Blaine in a light grey sweater and loose dark pants.

"Hey!" His smile was bright and distinctive. Kurt couldn't help but smile over the ridge of his scarf.


Blaine pulled the door back further and gestured inside. "You coming in or you going to stand there and freeze to death even more?"

Kurt shook his head a little. It was all he could do to move. His eyes dragged themselves away from Blaine's uncharacteristically curly hair. Kurt wasn't sure how to breathe anymore. He stepped inside the door as it closed behind him and glanced around.

Blaine watched Kurt as he took in every detail. It was plainly obvious that Kurt had spent most of the day upset, his usually bright wide eyes were slightly darker and his forehead crinkled in a way which spoke of exhaustion.

"You hungry?" Blaine asked to break the silence.

Kurt didn't hear him. He soaked in the warmth, let his eyes flicker from the rich wooden panelling to the ornate wall sconces and finally back to Blaine who was staring at him questioningly. His breath caught again as he remembered he was standing in his coat and scarf still.

"Oh sorry. I was erm... sorry, did you say something?"

Blaine chuckled lightly and reached out for Kurt's scarf. Kurt froze. He let his eyes follow Blaine's hands as they tugged the wool free and looped it over his head. He felt Blaine's hand tug his coat over his shoulders. There was that feeling again. It shocked Kurt every time. Someone wanted to take care of him, no questioned asked.

Blaine returned from the coat rack and smiled. "Earth to Kurt..."

Kurt blinked alert. "I'm so sorry. Thank you. It's just this place..."

Blaine grinned and followed Kurt's eyes. "Yea it's pretty special. Especially around Christmas. Hogwarts right?"

Kurt laughed. "You took the words right out of my mouth."

"You wanna come up?" Blaine asked, pointing towards the staircase

Kurt nodded slightly and glanced up from under his eyelashes. His lips quirked into a miniscule smile, one which was not lost on Blaine. Kurt felt a warm hand press lightly against his lower back causing his skin to flush and his spine to shiver.

Kurt felt shy. His head reeled. "Erm yes, that'd be nice," was all he could manage as Blaine smiled at him again, setting his brown eyes on Kurt.

"I know this place can seem pretty daunting. I can see it in your eyes, but I promise it gets easier. I mean, like I said, us Warblers are rock stars and well, you have the lead singer on your side, what more could you want?" Blaine joked with a wink. Kurt could feel his skin burn. It was too much. Blaine wasn't real, it wasn't possible. Nobody did this, not in Kurt's world. People glared, taunted, rolled their eyes, dismissed, teased, pushed, judged and fought. It was always a battle but here, with Blaine, things felt easy... simple.

Kurt remembered to breathe and let his eyes slide up to meet Blaine's.

"Thank you."

Blaine smirked, full of warmth, and nodded. "I get it. I really do."

Kurt frowned and let out a nervous laugh. "I don't think anyone ever has." He didn't know why he said it but there was something in Blaine's eyes, something in the way his hand lay protective and warm on Kurt's back that made him believe it was ok.

"Well, now they do."

Kurt could feel himself staring, his eyes fixed and dreamily holding their gaze on Blaine's. All he could do was nod and offer a small smile of appreciation.

Blaine chuckled a little and closed his eyes momentarily. He couldn't stand the look in Kurt's eyes or the fact that all he wanted to do was kill whoever made someone so gentle and quirky and ... cute, so damn frightened. Kurt didn't deserve any of it.

"Come on, Wes' gone out. He has a coffee machine and I have a stack of DVDs so cheesy you'll judge me when you see them."

Kurt relaxed a little as he followed Blaine up the stairs and further into the expanse of heat and comfort that was Dalton Academy, trying to desperately fight off a silly smile of happiness and the urge to reach out to hold onto Blaine and never let go.