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Blaine lay awake, staring at the ceiling. On either side of him, Wes and David's snores harmonized together, something Blaine normally would've found amusing if it hadn't been for the events of that day.

Kurt, the terrible (endearing) spy.

There was just something about him Blaine couldn't quite put his finger on. The fact that he was so obviously gay- and proud of it- was somewhat new to him. Any of the gays at Dalton- himself included- could easily pass as straight. They blended in.

Kurt, however, was flamboyant. Perfectly coiffed hair, designer clothes, the quiet, higher-pitched voice. He nearly screamed "stereotypical", and yet Blaine had never met anybody like him before.

Blaine closed his eyes, and Kurt smiled at him with those pretty, straight teeth and those blue-green-gray eyes.

His eyes snapped back open. This is why he couldn't sleep. Because every time he closed his eyes, he saw the boy he was supposed to be a mentor to.

He'd driven Kurt back to Lima the second time after he'd admitted he didn't actually have a way to get home. Blaine's mind kept replaying their conversation- Kurt was just so witty and intelligent and cute with just the right amount of catty thrown in to keep him human.

It was so hard not to fall for him.

And it didn't exactly help that Kurt was pretty much an exact manifestation of Blaine's type.


Wes was lying on the bed that had previously belonged to Sam, Blaine's ex-roomate. Most nights, Blaine ended up sleeping in Wes and David's room, due to his absurdly large complex about being alone. The bed had been empty since Sam had transferred at the beginning of the year, with little to no warning whatsoever.

Wes was stuffing his face with an enormous chocolate bar, gnawing on the candy while simultaneously trying to turn the page of his Chemistry textbook and speak to Blaine.

"Why can't you ever study in your own room?" Blaine asked, interrupting whatever Wes had just been prattling on about.

Wes pouted. "You'd miss me, buddy. It's too lonely in here without me. And I'd get too lonely without you."

"Where's David?"

"With Eeeemmmmilyyyy." Wes drew the syllables out, wrinkling his nose in disgust.

"You have a girlfriend too, you know," Blaine pointed out unnecessarily.

"I do?" Wes looked horrified. "Good God, what have I done?"

Blaine chucked a handful of Reeses Pieces at him, laughing.

Wes slammed his book shut. "Well, I give up on this. I'm going to fail anyway."

"What's the test on?"

"The mole," Wes said, and they both groaned. Blaine, who was a year ahead in science, had taken the class the previous year.

"Dreadful. Simply dreadful." Blaine shook his head. "We must cleanse your mind of these impure, mole-related thoughts. Simply not right."

"Harry Potter," Wes suggested, holding up the sixth movie.

Blaine's grin split his face. "Tom Felton in a sweater-vest."

"So sexy." Wes deadpanned. "But wait- it feels wrong watching it without David. He'd be mad."

"Consider, if you will, the number of times he has locked you outside of your room whilst you were in the shower."

A corner of Wes' eye twitched.

"Remember the number of times- in February, no less- you have been forced to stand outside in the hall in nothing but a towel, while David sits nice and cozy under piles of blankets, laughing his ass off inside the room."

Without a word, Wes crossed the room and slid the DVD into Blaine's laptop. "Bastard deserves to be left out," he muttered, settling back onto Sam's ex-bed.

They watched the opening scenes for a bit, then Wes spoke, his voice rising over Dumbledore's. "How's Kurt?"

Blaine choked on his Red Vine. "K-Kurt?" He stammered, his cheeks darkening.

"Yes, Kurt. The boy you were practically undressing with your eyes while we were singing Teenage Dream."

"I don't-"

"Oh, shut up, I'm not mad." Wes grinned. "That was one of the best performances I've seen you put on in a while. We need to have Kurt in the audience every time."


"Blaine, shut up."

Wisely, Blaine did so.

"Now, are you going to admit that you are intensely into this kid, or do I have to force it out of you?"

"I'm into him," Blaine admitted, looking down.

"Thank you," Wes said. "Now. Why are you into him?"

Blaine looked at him incredulously. "Are you kidding? Just look at him! Look how strong he is, after all he's been through, how he still tries to stay optimistic, all the heartbreak he's been through. Look at his sense of humor, look at the way he talks, for chrissakes! Look how quick his wit is! His voice, his clothes, his hair, his eyes- oh God, his eyes, Wes- have you seen them? Could you tell me, are they blue or gray or green? And-"

He stopped, because Wes was laughing so hard Sam's bed was shaking.

"What?" Blaine asked, peeved.

"You-" Wes gulped in some air. "You are so head-over-heels with this guy it's not even- I mean, I haven't seen you rave this much about a guy since- well, you tend to freak out a lot over Neil Patrick Harris a lot, but he isn't exactly accessible, is he?"

"I stand by my belief that someday, I will meet NPH, he will fall madly in love with me, we will run off to Vegas, and do the equivalent of having 12 babies."

"Raise chickens?" Wes suggested. Blaine lifted an eyebrow.

"Anyway," Wes pressed on, "You're so into this boy it's almost sad, except that he looked like he wanted to jump your bones every time you sang anything about skin-tight jeans."

"Did not," Blaine said stubbornly, shoving his millionth Red Vine into his mouth. "Anyway, didn't you see his face when we took him out for coffee that other time? He's being bullied at his school. The last thing he needs right now is more torment- which is exactly what having a boyfriend would get him. Right now, he needs a mentor."

Wes snorted. "How can you be his mentor when all you're thinking about is how badly you'd like to see him naked? David or I could be his mentor."

Blaine's expression was comical. "You?"

"What's wrong with me?" Wes asked defensively.

"Um. Well, no offense to you or David, Wes, but neither of you are gay. You couldn't possibly understand what Kurt is going through."

Wes appeared to think that over. "Right. I forgot about the gay part."

"So it needs to be me, I need to prove that gay guys can be friends without anything else going on."

"And they can," Wes pointed out. "You and Nick are close and you've never wanted in his pants. But I don't think that's a possibility for you and Kurt."

"It has to be."

"I still say you can't do it without making a move," Wes said decisively.

Blaine opened his mouth to respond, but was cut off by the sound of his cell phone ringing. I really can't stay... but baby, it's cold outside...

"Who's that?" Wes said, unsuspecting and genuinely curious.

That's where Blaine made his mistake. "Nobody," he said, making a grab for the phone.

Wes had always had better reflexes than Blaine. His hand snaked underneath Blaine's and snatched the phone.

A shit-eating grin spread across Wes' face. He pressed talk. "Helloooooo, Kuuuuurt," he sing-songed. "No, this is Wesley. For the day, I have been assigned the job of Blaine's butler." He fended off Blaine with one arm. "Right now I have it on good authority that he is taking a very cold showe-" He halted abruptly, his grin falling away. Without a word, he handed the phone to Blaine.

"Kurt?" Blaine said quickly into the mouthpiece.

He heard a sniff from the other end, then- "Blaine," Kurt whispered brokenly.

Oh no.

A/N: So this may/may not end up going along with the TV show. I have a couple ideas in my head that the TV show may end up not going with, so this may be slightly AU. For the time being, though, it's not. This is meant to take place in between the "Teenage Dream" scene and the "confronting Karofsky" scene in "Never Been Kissed".

Also, I love the idea of Wes and David, I feel like they'd have a really good sense of humor for some reason. They look like cool guys to hang around with.

A few things- have you guys heard Darren Criss and Chris Colfer singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside?" If not, go look it up. It's AMAZING. Chris' voice is incredible, as always, and Darren- god, why does he have to be so fan-frickin-tastic? The emotion he puts into this song... these lines get me every time: "Baby, it's bad out there..." "Gosh, your lips look delicious..." "Ooh, your lips are delicious..." "But baby, you'd freeze out there..." He legitimately sounds in love with Kurt. It's wonderful.

Also, the video for the Warbler's sectionals performance is up! They do "Hey, Soul Sister", and 2 things: first of all, Blaine goes over to Kurt and looks at him and is SINGING to him when he says "So I went and let you blow my mind", and secondly, his expression when he sings "So gangsta, I'm so thug" is HILARIOUS. Go look that up too.

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