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May, 2016

Blaine straightened his tie for what had to be the fifth time since he'd gotten into the car. Wes and Puck were arguing over the radio, he was wedged in between David and Tina, and he felt like he might throw up.

Puck caught his eye in the rear view mirror and grinned. "Chill, dude. Your tie is fine, and it was fine the first time you fixed it, too. It's just a graduation. It isn't like you're planning to propose."

Blaine knew he was doomed as all the blood in his body rushed to his face.

Puck slammed on the brakes and a car horn behind them blared angrily. He casually flipped them off through the window. "Sorry, no, I'm not that shocked, I did that to piss off that asshole behind us. I think Wes is about to crap his pants, though."

Blaine started rubbing his forehead agitatedly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Wes cried, looking as if he wanted to glomp Blaine, but couldn't because of the seatbelt restraining him.

"I'm the best man, right?" David asked, and Tina shot him this look like "really?"

She turned to Blaine.

"When did you decide this?"

"I'm asking him tonight," Blaine mumbled. "I just... I can't think of... the perfect time."

"So he's the chick?" Puck asked, and it was Wes' turn to dig him in the side.

Blaine had never expected to become so close to New Directions. But after he and Kurt had started dating (and lasted longer than a month, which seemed to convince New Directions that this was a legitimate relationship, and not like all of their strange sporadic romances), he'd been welcomed with open arms. And he'd been just as surprised when Wes and David slid easily into the group, too, as if they'd belonged there from the start. (David and Mercedes even dated for a while, but eventually decided that it was only because they were the only black people in the group, and that's really not grounds for a good relationship).

He'd certainly never expected Wes and Puck to become so close, or David and Tina. But here he was in a car five years after he'd graduated high school, with the people who'd become his closest friends during those years. And he loved them all.

Tina's phone buzzed, and she held up a finger to pause the conversation, looking down at it. "Britt and Santana are going to be late. Apparently they got there and Santana realized Brittany forgot to wear shoes."

This was normal. Blaine smiled fondly, thinking of the vapid blond girl whom he'd nursed a soft-spot for ever since their second meeting, when she'd whispered to him that his eyebrows reminded her of angry caterpillars.

"We need to get back to the topic at hand," David said, frowning. "Blaine is wooing his boy tonight and all you can talk about is who's going to be late? We're sitting in the back, anyway, Kurt won't notice. This is far more important."

"Oh, look, we're here," Blaine said gratefully, unbuckling his seatbelt and scrambling over David in his haste to get out of the car.

"Don't think you've gotten out of this, young man," said David threateningly, jabbing a finger at Blaine. "You will tell us all your plans later."

Blaine rolled his eyes, and crossed the lawn to take a seat next to Mercedes, who grinned at him and laced their fingers together. "Are you proud?"

"Incredibly." Blaine said, seriously.

"You two are so perfect for each other," Mercedes said, sounding almost amused-annoyed. "Must be why you out-lasted every other couple in the group by about three or four years."

Blaine laughed. "Or we lack the drama you all have."

"There's another reason," Mercedes acknowledged as the others caught up to them.

Five years.

Blaine closed his eyes, and tipped his head back, soaking in the warmth of the mid-day sun.

Six years ago, before he'd even met Kurt, he would have said the whole idea of "love-at-first-sight" was a myth, as well as the idea that you could meet the love of your life in high school, of all places. Maybe the first was still a myth, but Blaine now believed in the roots of love- the possibility of love- appearing in that first glance.

Blaine had kind of known from the moment the quiet voice said "excuse me?" and he'd turned around at the bottom of the Windsor staircase that morning, that he could possibly fall head-over-heels in love with the boy standing before him, with the porcelain skin and flawless hair. He'd known he was head-over-heels in love when Kurt turned away from the window in his rendition of Don't Cry For Me, Argentina, and he'd known that he was going to spend the rest of his life with the boy when he'd finally gotten up the courage to open Kurt's locket.

It'd been the night before Blaine's high school graduation, and Kurt had been maybe freaking out a little (maybe a lot). The two of them had declined the offer to party with Wes and David and the other Warblers in the Senior Commons, preferring instead to stay up in Kurt's room together (unfortunately, they no longer shared a room- the administration had seen to that the moment they'd gone public with their relationship).

Kurt had been panicky, and so had Blaine. But whereas Kurt got red-eyed and withdrawn and wouldn't look at anything but the figures he'd been tracing on Blaine's palm for the last hour, Blaine got anxious and rambly, and just wouldn't shut up.

And that's when it slipped out, somewhere amongst his panicked ramblings, and he kind of hoped that maybe Kurt hadn't heard it, except that he so definitely had, from the way his mouth fell open and his hands froze.

He tried to frantically backpedal, but there was really nothing to back-pedal on. He'd meant what he said, and he didn't really want to take it back because that would make it seem like he hadn't meant it. He finally settled on "that wasn't the way I meant to tell you", with his eyes downcast, and suddenly Kurt's fingers were there, gripping his chin, and their gazes locked, and Kurt leaned forward and kissed him so gently.

As he pulled back, Kurt breathed, "I love you."

He really hadn't expected the words to have such an effect on him. He must have made some noise of shock, because Kurt went on.

"I've been trying to figure out how to tell you for a month now," Kurt said, with a little laugh. "What do you think I've been writing on your hand all night? I was actually going to tell you tomorrow after graduation, but you beat me to it."

Blaine really had no idea what to say, and the thoughts that did come forward were far too sappy and romantic and frankly embarrassing to say out loud.

So instead, he reached to unclasp the key from around his neck. He'd stopped hiding it under his shirt three weeks after they'd started dating (because really, wearing something around your neck that you're trying to hide from your boyfriend- especially when making out- was just a stupid idea), but after he'd refused to tell Kurt what it was. After the first time he'd asked, Kurt hadn't questioned it.

Kurt raised an eyebrow. "Am I about to find out what the elusive key is for?"

"Are you wearing your necklace?"

It should have already told Blaine how much Kurt loved him, the fact that he wore it every day, even on weekends, when it sometimes didn't match his outfit.

The key eased into the keyhole, Blaine turned it, and it popped open.

"It's a locket?" Kurt asked, seeming genuinely surprised, but then again, that wasn't strange. He'd made sure the hinges were well-hidden.

There were no pictures inside. On one side, there was a small oval of glass, and maybe someday there would be a picture in it. On the other side, there were three words, in the same script as the "courage" engraved on the back.

Kurt's mouth formed into an "o", and he stroked his fingers over the letters. "You gave me this for Christmas," he breathed.

Blaine tilted his head to the side.

"You've loved me since Christmas?" he asked, and Blaine couldn't quite read whatever was going on in his head.

But Blaine closed his eyes and sort of smiled to himself. "Kurt, I've been waiting for a long time for us to open that locket."

And then Kurt's lips were on his again, and they were falling backwards onto Blaine's bed, and Kurt's hands were in places they hadn't dared venture before...

And Blaine shook himself from remembering that particular part of their night, because he was so not going there in the middle of a crowd of people.

Pomp and Circumstance was playing, and everyone was standing up, and the graduates were marching down the aisle, proud grins plastered across their faces, and- and there he was. It was almost ridiculous how he could pull off a graduation gown and motor board like he belonged on a runway. He was so beautiful it made Blaine's chest ache.

Brittany and Santana shuffled quietly into seats beside him.

"Did we miss anything?" Santana murmured. Blaine turned to smile at her.

"No, they just arrived."

Brittany's hand slipped into his.

Both girls had changed so much, and yet so little. Blaine still wasn't sure about the status of their friendship/relationship- he had no idea what they were- but Santana was still so fiercely protective of Brittany, and Brittany was still very much dependent on Santana. But Santana wasn't quite the bitch that she'd been back in high school, and neither of them slept around (much) anymore.

Actually, it'd been a while since Santana had made a gay joke to Blaine, too.

There was nothing quite like best friends, Blaine thought, as the entire group jumped to their feet and started cheering when Kurt got his diploma. In typical Kurt fashion, he struck a model pose for the camera, before strutting off the stage.

They had to wait for what seemed like hours for Kurt to get out of his graduation cap and gown (he absolutely refused to stay in it for longer than what was deemed necessary). So long, in fact, that most of the other families had dispersed and the ones who hadn't were giving them odd looks. Blaine supposed it could have been the fact that Finn, Puck, David, Artie, and Wes were trying to arrange a five-part harmony to the song "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid, with Sam on guitar.

Burt and Carole wandered over, from the reserved seating. Blaine greeted both with hugs.

"I would complain about the half hour it's taking Kurt, but I know him too well to be surprised," said Burt, and Blaine laughed.

"Burt! Come harmonize with us!" Wes called jovially, and attempted to drag him into their group.

Somehow Quinn ended up at his side. Out of all of the New Directions girls, she was the one he was least familiar with. She'd distanced herself a lot since her and Sam's breakup in their freshman year of college, and Blaine knew the only thing keeping her connected to the group was the unexpected blossoming of her friendship with Kurt.

"You know," she said, quietly, her eyes on the laughing group of boys trying to teach Burt a few patented "Warbler steps", "Gay marriage is legal in Ohio now."

He darted a glance at her quickly. She'd changed so much in high school, since she'd been President of the Celibacy Club.

"I thought you didn't believe in that," he murmured back, just as quietly.

"My church doesn't believe in that," she corrected him. "But I don't agree with everything my church thinks anymore. I haven't since Beth, actually. They weren't exactly welcoming me with open arms once the news of my pregnancy was out in the open."

"So you're saying...?"

"I'm saying that I couldn't possibly believe that you and Kurt are going to hell, not after seeing how much you two love each other."

Blaine felt an unexpected flood of affection fill him, and he slung an arm around Quinn's shoulders.

"Blaine!" cried Wes, waving frantically. "We need your stunning lead vocals!"

He looked at Quinn, and she laughed. "Go," she said, waving him on. "I haven't actually seen you sing in... what, three years?"

And so Blaine spun into the middle, singing about how the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake, with Tina and Rachel jumping in on the first "Under the Sea", and Blaine took their hands and spun them both, and it was because of this that none of them noticed Kurt standing there until he cleared his throat.

Blaine let Burt get to him first, because really, he was his father and Blaine knew that Burt already felt like Kurt had grown up too fast and he was losing him. But Blaine made sure he was a close second when he pulled Kurt into a hug and whispered in his ear "now you're finally free, how do you feel?"

And Kurt pulled back with a grin and said, "like celebrating."

And Blaine noticed the way he could see a silvery chain when Kurt's shirt pulled at the collar and it made his heart skip, just a little, to see that after five years Kurt was still wearing his necklace every day.

And then Wes and David were singing a version of "Kiss the Girl" and changing all of the "girl"s into "boy"s and Blaine grinned at Kurt before throwing an arm around his waist and pulling him into an absolutely searing kiss that had Burt sort of coughing an "I'm-right-here-you-know" until Carole nudged him in the ribs and told him to let the boys have their fun.

"You know, I never really liked the Little Mermaid much," said Blaine, as they broke apart, "But I think it's growing on me."

Kurt gasped. "Blasphemy."

"Please, you only like it cuz Eric reminds you of Blaine," Rachel tossed off, and Blaine threw his head back and laughed.

"I forgot how much I like you, Rachel Berry," he said, and poked Kurt. "Can we keep her?"

"Rachel is only fun in limited doses," Kurt said, poking his tongue out at her. "She's less shrill than she used to be, though."

"Not any taller, though," Puck observed, and Rachel punched him playfully in the arm.

"Shut up, Puck."

"As delightful as this is," Artie cut in, "We have reservations at six."

Blaine was reminded of a younger Rachel Berry as Artie checked his watch impatiently.

"Kurt rides with me," Burt said, looking proudly down upon his son and wrapping an arm around him. He and Carole turned, and Kurt cast a sort of sad twinkly-finger wave at him, when Burt turned back around. "You too, Blaine."

Just that was a moment enough to keep Blaine happy for the rest of the evening as he jogged to catch up with the rest of the Hummel-Hudson family.

There were so many of them at the restaurant that they literally had an entire room to themselves. With all of Kurt's friends and various members of his family gathered in the room, the count was at nearly thirty people. Five tables had to be pushed together to seat them all.

Once they were all seated comfortably (Blaine beside Kurt, Kurt beside his father), Burt stood up, raising his glass (Blaine tried really hard not to jump or look guilty in any way as Kurt's hand snuck up his thigh).

"Kurt, I am so incredibly proud of you," he began. "You have been through so much in your life, and you struggled through it, and you pushed through it, and you're here now and-" he swallowed hard. "I have never been more proud. And I'd say more, but I don't wanna get all sobby on you all."

Everyone in the room applauded as he sat down, Carole squeezing Burt's arm.

Kurt's hand snuck a little higher, but his eyes were fixed on two empty seats at the end of the room.

"Harry and Pratik couldn't make it," Blaine murmured. "I'm sorry, Pratik's still on tour and Harry didn't want to leave him. They send their best, and they gave their gift to me to give to you."

Kurt turned to smile at him. "That's kind of them."

Finn tapped his glass a little, and everyone turned their attention to him. He smiled a little at Kurt. "Well, I think everyone knows I'm not good at, you know, speeches and stuff. But Kurt, bro, I'm so happy for you right now I couldn't not say anything. You're the best guy I've ever met and I'm sorry I was so weird to you in high school, at least for sophomore year and most of junior- but you've turned into the brother I always wanted, even if you won't watch football with me." The table laughed. "But at least your boyfriend will, and that's something. You've always been there for me, and I'll always be there for you, I just want you to know that." He raised his glass, took a sip, and sat back down.

"Thank you," Kurt mouthed at him.

"All right, everyone," Rachel said, standing up, and all of the teenagers (young adults- Blaine finds himself struggling with those words a little) at the table groaned. "Quiet, you, this is for Kurt," she admonished, pointing at Finn, who grinned and held his hands up.

She lifted her glass, and took a deep breath. "Kurt, it took you leaving New Directions for me to realize just how important you'd become to me, and I'm sorry for that. I always knew you were talented- which is why I tried so hard to be mean to you, because I knew there was a good chance of you stealing all my solos." She grinned. "But I'm happy you and I could become such close friends after you left, and I'm glad we've all managed to stay friends, even with different colleges and different lives." she looked around at the table. "Mr. Schue was wrong, guys. He once said that in years, we wouldn't remember each other's names. What he didn't realize was that this group... we are the kind of friends you have for life, that you never forget."

She turned to where Wes and David were grouped next to Blaine. "As for you three."

Wes and David nudged each other.

"I admit, I was a little worried when I found out Kurt had become so close to a member of the Warblers, and I was especially worried when it became obvious that Kurt was absolutely smitten with you."

Blaine grinned at Kurt. Kurt's hand slid a little higher.

"And I was worried about you stealing Kurt away with your private-school charm and making him forget all about our dysfunctional family."

"Yo, we put the 'funk' in 'disfunctional'," Artie said, and Quinn shushed him fondly as Puck fist-bumped him.

Rachel smiled a little. "But you just added to us," she said. "You fit so well into our group it was nearly impossible to believe that you hadn't been part of it in the first place. Most of all, you, Blaine. You were so good to Kurt. And you so clearly loved him, even if it took a few months for him to realize that. And oh-" she laughed a little. "This wasn't supposed to turn into a toast about Kurt and Blaine's relationship, but I guess it has. You two are so lucky to have found each other exactly when you needed each other the most.

"And Kurt." she smiled at him, and reached out a hand across the table. Kurt took it with the hand that wasn't sneakily sort-of groping Blaine. "I am so proud of you. And I know you'll move on to do great things, and you'll have all of us behind you. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that we will be at your first show."

"Amen!" Mercedes cried. The group laughed collectively, and took long drafts of their drinks.

It took three waiters to cover the group. It probably didn't help that Wes and David sang their entire order, confusing the elderly waitress to no end.

Blaine and Kurt ordered a plate of spaghetti together, and were teased for their sickening adorableness.

The chatter never stopped over dinner. The insanity never stopped over dinner. While the side of the table that held Kurt's relatives may have been normal, the side that held Kurt's friends definitely was not. Mike, Tina, and Brittany got up at least three or four times during the meal to demonstrate random dance moves. Kurt and Rachel burst out with a random duet, singing to each other across the table, and Wes and David began singing a song they made up on the spot about how neither of them particularly enjoyed peas.

Puck caught Blaine's gaze during a spontaneous diva-off between Mercedes and Santana and leaned forward. "I hate to admit it, but I actually really missed these guys."

"This is... the first time we've all been together in a really long time," Blaine said. "And god, I missed it too."

"Berry was right, you know?" Puck mused, looking at the miniature brunette, who was in a heated argument with Tina over the genius of Patti LuPone. "We are a family."

Dinner seemed to end too soon. Kurt looked at Blaine. "I kind of don't want to leave them."

"I know what you mean," Blaine said, looking at Finn, who was giving Brittany a piggy-back ride across the parking lot.

"I have to go say goodbye to my dad," Kurt said, squeezing Blaine's hand tightly. "I'll meet you at the car."

Blaine waited, hands inside his pockets, by Kurt's car with Wes and David.

"What the hell is taking them so long?" Wes said, finally, after eight minutes had passed and not a single one of the old New Directions group had showed.

"Do you hear something?" Blaine asked, cocking an ear.

They all fell silent, and they all heard it. The faint sound of singing drifted over from the parking lot to their listening ears.

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes...

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred moments so dear...

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes...

How do you measure, measure a year?

Blaine followed the music as if hypnotized.

The entire New Directions was standing in front of Kurt, singing their hearts out. Kurt looked like he might cry.

Blaine felt horribly like he was intruding.

Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes...

How do you measure a year in a life?

How about... love?

At this, Mike and Sam stepped forward to take Kurt's hands and tug him forward, into the group. One by one, their hands linked and their heads bowed.

How about... love?

Measure in love...

Seasons of love...

Mercedes stepped forward, her eyes directly on Kurt, and sang, "Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes... Five hundred, twenty-five thousand journeys to plan... Five hundred, twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes... how do you measure the life of a woman or a man?"

Squeezing her hands, Kurt sang softly back, "In truth that she learned, or times that he cried, in bridges he burned, or the way that she died..."

5 years later, and his voice was just as beautiful as it had been the first time Blaine heard him sing.

Let's celebrate, remember a year in the life of friends...

Blaine closed his eyes, and when he opened them, New Directions had stopped singing. They were all piled on top of Kurt, who wasn't complaining about them crushing his brand-new Alexander McQueen blazer or his vintage scarf. He was hugging them back just as fiercely, and his lips were trembling.

Their car ride together was spent in silence, their hands intertwined.

"It kind of feels like an ending, doesn't it?" Kurt said, finally, looking at Blaine.

"Sort of," Blaine admitted, as Kurt pulled up outside their building, "but not really. Because Kurt?"

Kurt just looked at him as he shut the engine off.

"It's not over yet. If we could stay friends with them for this long, then you know it's going to stay that way. Remember what Rachel said?"

"Oh, stop being so perfect," Kurt said, rolling his eyes, but he was smiling as he got out of the car.

Somewhere on the way up to their shared apartment, the mood shifted. Afterwards, Blaine couldn't have said how it happened or what caused it to happen- all he knew was that as soon as the door had swung shut behind him, he was being pushed up against it and Kurt's mouth was attacking his.

They barely made it into their bedroom.


Kurt fell asleep, sprawled all over their mattress. Blaine stayed awake, lying on his side, watching the moonlight fall in slivers over the pale skin of Kurt's back, tracing lines with his fingers on his boyfriend's naked body, tracing the words I love you a thousand times, just as Kurt had nearly five years ago.

When the sun began to rise through the window, Kurt stirred. He opened bleary eyes to find Blaine's arm draped over him, and Blaine's smiling face by his.

"Good morning, beautiful." Blaine whispered.

Kurt kissed him, hard. "I could wake up like this every day for forever," he whispered.

Blaine swallowed. His throat suddenly felt parched, and there was a massive knot in his stomach. "Really?" he whispered back.

Kurt propped himself up on one elbow, frowning. "Hey, are you okay?" he reached out to touch Blaine's face, and Blaine grasped the hand and held it against his cheek.

"You- you know I love you, right?" he asked, his eyes searching Kurt's. "I've loved you since- well, it feels like forever. And I love waking up beside you when I have to get up for work and setting your alarm so you won't be late to class because you forgot to set it again. I love it when we get all cheesy and romcom-y and ballroom dance around our living room and play our music too loud so the people on the floor below us bang on the ceiling. I love it when you cook dinner because, let's face it, you're an amazing cook and I can't cook to save my life. I even loved it when we got in our first fight and you stormed out of our room and slept in Wes and David's dorm room for the night, because it meant we were a normal couple and up until then I hadn't been quite sure. I love it when you laugh and I love when you get your bitch face on, and I fucking love it when you decide to be sexy, because when you do you do it so damn well-"

He was cut off by a fierce kiss to his mouth, and then Kurt was rolling over him and he was forgetting everything he meant to say to Kurt, because Kurt still had that power, to suck all the thoughts out of his brain, but somehow he managed to wrench himself away.

"No, hold on," he said, and Kurt pouted, and it was all he could do not to just say screw it and kiss him again. "I'm going somewhere with this."

With one hand, he reached into the pocket of his jacket, still lying on the floor, and closed his fingers around the ring there, and took a deep breath. "I don't want to be cliche," he said, "but I'm pretty good at being cliche, you know? So... you're amazing, Kurt, and I still have no idea how I'm lucky enough to have someone like you. I love you more than I could ever describe to you, so I'm hoping this kind of says enough." He brought his hand up to the bed and uncurled his fingers slowly.

A spark of sunlight glinted off the silver ring.

Kurt's eyes were wider than Blaine had ever seen them.

"Um-" said Blaine, and he knew he was going to ruin whatever moment they were about to have, and that was so like him because when he was nervous he never knew when to shut up. "I know it's nothing big or showy, but I thought it fit you more because, well, it matches your necklace. And silver tends to go better with clothing but if you don't like it I'll just-"

He was cut off by Kurt tackling him to the floor, and pinning his arms above his head, and kissing him soundly.

Also, he was sort of reminded that they were both still naked.

"I love it." Kurt said.

"In case you didn't know," Blaine clarified, "I'm asking you to marry me."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "I know, Blaine."

"Is that a yes?"

"That's a hell yes," Kurt breathed, hot against Blaine's face, and they were kissing again, Blaine's hands tangled in Kurt's hair.

After only a moment of that, though, Kurt stood up, primly smoothing down his hair and slipping on a bathrobe.

"Tease," Blaine accused, something he'd done far too many times in their relationship.

Kurt simply laughed. "I've got to call people and tell them. It's kind of a rule when you get proposed to."

"To be honest, a lot of people knew already," Blaine said, shrugging with one shoulder.

Kurt's eyebrow arched in one of his looks. "Really."

"Puck, Wes, David, Tina... Mercedes, I think. Rachel. Quinn. Um. That's it."

Kurt's eyebrow raised even higher. Blaine started to worry that it might disappear into his hairline and never be seen again. "Not Dad?"

"I was kind of scared of being shot more than anything," Blaine said. "And I think he'd prefer to hear it from you. You know Carole's going to go crazy over planning our wedding."

Kurt kind of froze in the act of dialing the buttons on his phone, looking like he'd been caught doing something bad.


"Carole's going to want to know everything about the proposal," Kurt said, slowly.

"Yes, that's normal." Blaine stated patiently.

"... Including what I was wearing."

"Just tell her you were wearing my favorite outfit on you."


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