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Can You Keep A Secret?

"Ne, Monkey King. Can you keep a secret?"

Atobe scoffed. Does Ryoma even need to ask? "Of course, I can! Ore-sama is like the trustworthiest man in the planet."

Now, it was Ryoma's turn to scoff. Trustworthiest, my ass. "But if I remember correctly, the last time I told you secret, every regular in Hyotei seemed to know about it. Hmmm, I wonder if you've got something to do with that." Ryoma wondered oh so innocently.

Atobe blushed guiltily. It wasn't Ore-sama's fault! They were just so persistent and they promised to never, ever tell it to anyone. So, it wasn't wrong…..right?

"T-that was different. Ore-sama was feeling generous that day so he decided to share your not-so important secre…" Atobe faltered as he saw black aura surrounding Ryoma's body.

Oops. Looks like I pissed Ryoma off. Not good.

"A-TO-BE~" Ryoma enunciated every syllable slowly, smiling so sweetly that it made Atobe shiver.

Shit. So not good.

Atobe learned something that day: Never ever tell Ryoma that his secret is not important, if you don't want to suffer, that is. And Atobe just had to learn it the hard way. The diva sighed as he touched his bruised head, wincing once in a while as the bruises started to ache. Who would've thought that Ryoma was so strong?

The diva yelped in surprise as he heard a chuckle in his room. "Monkey king, I never expected you to go down with just one hit. So lame." Ryoma smirked. "You're still so mada mada."

Mada mada? Atobe's brow twitched. Did the brat just call him lame and mada mada?

"Brat, Ore-sama is not lame!"

"Is so."

"Is not"

"Is so."

Atobe growled. Why does Ryoma have to be so childish?

"Look who's talking. You're the one who's childish, Monkey king."

The diva was taken aback. How did….how did Ryoma know what he was thinking about? Is he…ohmygod, reading my amazing mind?

Ryoma snorted. "No, I'm not reading your amazing mind, Atobe."

The said boy gasped. "You're doing it again!"

Ryoma smirked. And that was what confirmed all of Atobe's suspicions.

"So you can read minds!"

Ryoma groaned. At times, he really wondered if Atobe was just too imaginative or just plain stupid. And now was one of those times. Was Atobe imaginative or just plain, plain stupid?

"Of course I can't, Monkey King! You're just too easy too read. Your face says it all."

Atobe gasped, all the while touching his face. "O-ore-sama's face is not that easy to read, brat!"

"Yes, it is."

"It is not." Atobe growled. How dare Ryoma tell him that his face was like an open book. Unforgivable!

"Yes, it is. But nevermind that because I'm gonna ask you again. Can you keep a secret? And this time, promise me that you will never tell it to anyone because..it's something very important for me. So can you?" Ryoma asked, his eyes shining with hope. He really wanted to tell Atobe his secret because if Atobe knew, he would have someone to lean on when if things went wrong. Atobe was, after all, his bestfriend in a very twisted way.

It was odd, really. How they became this close was beyond him. Maybe it was because of their coincidental meetings or maybe it was because of their verbal fights. But, no matter what the cause was, Ryoma knew that he and Atobe had a connection. Not that he would admit it to anyone.

But seriously, they really have one because believe it or not, they actually know what the other was thinking without even talking. Telepathy. Yes, it was like telepathy. But Atobe seems to be unaware of that, given what happened earlier. Tsk, Monkey King is so dense.



"Fine! Ore-sama will keep this secret to his grave and Ore-sama promises not to tell anyone about this." Atobe gave in, unable to resist Ryoma's pleading eyes. I mean, how could any sane person resist those sparkly golden orbs? How? How?

Ryoma smiled whole-heartedly and Atobe just sat there, frozen and mesmerized. It was very rare to see Ryoma let his guard down and smile and he was very glad to have the pleasure of seeing it. Because a smiling Ryoma was indeed a sight to behold.

Ryoma looked so perfect now. The way his pink full lips curved, the sparkling of his golden orbs and the blush forming on his cheeks was just too much to handle. It really made Atobe want to pounce on the boy.

And then the thought struck Atobe. Oh My God, I can't be gay…right?

"Ugh, hello? Anybody there? Earth calling Atobe. Hello?" Atobe was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts when a pair of soft hands started to shake him.

"Oh." Was Atobe's simple reply as tried to regain his composure from his self's shocking revelation.

Ryoma sighed in relief. "Thank God. You looked really creepy, you know, staring at space like that."

Atobe finally regained his composure at the comment and flipped his hair. "Ore-sama was not staring at space, brat! His wonderful eyes were simply admiring the…ugh..wall."

Way to go, Atobe. The diva thought sarcastically. Ryoma would really buy your lame excuse.

"That was the lamest excuse you've ever made up, Monkey King." Ryoma laughed out loud.

"Laugh all you want, brat. But remember this, Ore-sama will have the last laugh. So, what's your secret?"

Ryoma shifted uncomfortably in his seat. He was really nervous and scared. How would Atobe react if he heard his secret? Would he faint? Would he be disgusted and decide to never talk to Ryoma again? Ryoma was really, really scared.

The small boy took his time to relax and finally spilled his long-kept secret.

"You like who?" Atobe exclaimed, not believing what he just heard. "You like Tezuka? Your stoic and emotionless captain? Why him?"

Ryoma looked hurt and confused. "Why not? And FYI, he's not totally emotionless. He's shows his emotions once in awhile, too."

"You can't like him."

Now, Ryoma really looked confused and kind of frustrated. Why can't he like Tezuka-buchou?


"Because…because…" Atobe was at lost for words. Why? Why can't Ryoma like Tezuka? Why?

Because Ryoma is mine. A voice in his head piped and Atobe knew that it was the truth. Ryoma was his and he won't let Tezuka take Ryoma away.

"Because he's too old for you!" Atobe made up, not being able to think of anything else.

Ryoma raised a questioning brow. Was Atobe really telling him this? "A 2-year age gap can hardly be called too old, Atobe. And did you forget that you and buchou have the same age?"

The diva wanted to hit himself. How could he forget that he and Tezuka were both 14 years old? Great. Now, he was also too old for Ryoma. Great, Atobe. Just great.

"But he's still too old for you because he looks old. You know, with his glasses and all."

Ryoma wanted to strangle Atobe. "Buchou does not look old!"

"Yes, he does." Atobe insisted.

"No, he does not."

"Yes, he does."

"No! ..Old."

Atobe sighed in exasperation. "Why do you have to be so stubborn, brat?" Atobe asked, his brows creasing, forming wrinkles on his head.

"And why do you always have to contradict me, Atobe? Can't you just support me on this one? Just this once?"

They both fell silent.



Atobe sighed in defeat. He made his way towards Ryoma and kneeled so that he and the boy were facing each other. "Ryoma, I'm sorry. Forgive me."

Ryoma looked away, eyes full of hurt. "Why do you have to be so mean?" He whispered, trying his hardest not to cry. Atobe was the only one who could make him cry. And it was because Atobe's opinions really mattered to him and what he said awhile ago hurt. It hurt Ryoma to the core.

The diva hugged Ryoma. He couldn't take it. Seeing Ryoma cry broke his heart and it broke his heart all the more to know that he was the reason why his angel was crying.

"Stop crying, Ryoma. Please, stop. Ore-sama promises you that he will do anything you want just for you to forgive him and stop crying."

Ryoma hiccupped. "Really? Will you really do anything I want?"

"Yes. Ore-sama will do anything you want."

"Help me confess my feelings to buchou, then."

"Yeah, sure. Anything you wa-" Atobe stopped then rewinded back to what Ryoma asked him to do. "WHAT? Ore-sama will not help you do that because Ore-sama thinks that Tezuka is not suitable for you!"

Ryoma's eyes widened and started to water again. "See? You really won't do anything I want! You're such a liar, Atobe."

Now, Atobe really felt bad. Really bad. "Fine, Ore-sama will help you."

Atobe wiped Ryoma's tears and hugged him once again. "So stop crying."

Ryoma smirked as Atobe hugged him. God, Atobe was really a softy…but that's what Ryoma liked about him. Even though the diva looked selfish and spoiled, he really had a good and kind heart.

"So, it's settled then? You will help me confess to buchou."

Atobe almost fainted. Oh no. Oh no. I'm going to lose Ryoma. No. No.

And then an idea struck him.

Atobe smiled at Ryoma and assured him that he will help Ryoma every step of the way. But deep inside, Atobe was really thinking about ways to make Ryoma's confession a disaster. He couldn't afford to lose Ryoma, after all. Because Ryoma was his and his alone. Not even the Georgio Armani Limited Edition Purple Suits would stop him.

Tezuka Kunimitsu, you better prepare yourself for one hell of a ride because you won't get away that easily for capturing my brat's heart.

Stealing what was Atobe's was unforgivable, after all.

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