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'talking on the phone'

Sweat soaked the bed of the distraught teenage boy as he lay trapped in a horrific nightmare. His tiny hands clenched the covers, face contorted with pain and fear, every muscle taught but strangely he lay utterly still and didn't make a sound as he suffered.

Finally a pair of teal eyes shot open in the dark and the boy sat bolt up right, released from his torments. Breathing ragged and uneven Hitsugaya Toushirou rested his head on his knees, trying to calm his pounding heart.

The nightmares were a weekly, sometimes daily, occurrence for the silver haired boy, and they had been since shortly after he moved in with his grandmother. They all featured the same two subjects, his mother's death and the abuse he he'd suffered at the hands of his father after his mother's death.

With a sigh Toushirou, deciding that going back to sleep was impossible, leaned over and flicked on the lamp on his bedside table, and then snatched up his drawing pad as he did so.

School starts tomorrow, I really should go back to sleep, he thought as he absentmindedly began drawing on the page, not really paying attention to it as he did so, oh well, it's not like it's the first time I've gone to school suffering from sleep deprivation.

Suddenly he stopped drawing, with a slight smile, he realized just what it was that he was drawing. Kuurosaki Ichigo often appeared in Toushirou's drawing and most of the time it was without Toushirou noticing until he was halfway done with the picture.

He closed his eyes as he thought about his idiot of a boyfriend. Without Ichigo Toushirou would be lost, the idiot was a solid rock amidst a raging river. It didn't matter when or where, if Toushriou need for any reason Ichigo would be there as quickly as possible. Which was part of the reason why Toushirou wasn't going to call his boyfriend now, sure, he knew that Ichigo would come running but Toushirou feared that if he was to needy that Ichigo would get fed up and leave him.

Glancing at the clock and seeing that it was one in the morning Toushirou decided, with reluctance, to at least try to get a few more hours of sleep before school.

Toushirou awoke again at six o'clock to the sound of his alarm beginning to go off, not that he needed an alarm, his internal clock consistently got him up at six no matter what day it was or how tired he was. When Toushirou had lived with his father his internal clock had actual gotten him up earler, at around four o'clock, to give him time to get out of the house before his dad got up, and it had taken months for him to adjust.

"Good morning Toushriou." called his grandmother as he slipped into the kitchen/dinning room where she was cooking breakfast.

"Good morning granny, can I..."

"Sit down and enjoy the morning? Yes, you can." she told him gentle but firmly, knowing that if she didn't Toushirou would do every chore he could find until it was time for school, the boy had no concept of laziness and would work himself to death unless told to sit down and relax.

"But my lunch..."

"Already made, you packed your bag last night and I am making breakfast so you might as well sit down."

With a soft sigh of defeat he sat down at the kitchen table and a few minutes later his grandmother put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him. Toushirou was halfway through his meal when there came a knock at the front door and in entered that orange haired idiot that so captured his heart.

Said idiot looked slightly irritable this morning, probably because, unlike Toushirou, Ichigo had become accustom to sleeping in until nine o'clock in the morning at the very earliest. Sitting in a seat next to Toushirou Ichigo grunted out a "morning" and gave Toushirou a slight kiss on the cheek.

Granny raised her eyebrows at the normally cheerful teenager and Toushirou snickered.

"He's suffering from sleep withdraw." he told her and she laughed as she too sat down with a cup of tea.

"I see, well, can I get you anything Ichigo?"

"No, thank you, I had breakfast at my house." Ichigo told her as he glanced at the clock, "we had better go, Shirou, it's seven-thirty."

Toushirou nodded and quickly finished up his breakfast, grabbed his lunch and bag.

"Bye granny." he said as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Have a good day dear, and don't forget that your cousin is coming this afternoon."

carefully controlling his expression Toushirou nodded and quickly followed Ichigo outside.

"I'd forgotten that your cousin is coming to stay with you guys, whats her name again?" Ichigo asked as he climbed into the drivers seat of his car.

"Hinamori Momo, she the daughter of my dad's sister and for obvious reasons I've never met her before, but from what I understand her father's the head of a major business company and they're very rich." he told his boyfriend as he closed the passenger front door to the car.

Ichigo frowned slightly at Toushirou's words.

"How long is she staying?"

"Possibly just for the semester, but likely it will be for the whole school year, her parents are going on a year long business trip to Italy and they don't want her to have to go to a foreign school."

"What do you think about this?"

Toushirou shrugged, "granny says shes nice, if not a bit naive, so I figure that I'll keep an open mind and go from there, and no, she doesn't know anything about my previous home life and I don't plan on enlightening her."

The strawberry shook his head but had known that was what his boyfriend would say.

"What about us?" he asked

A grim smile came over Toushirou's face

"I will not hide our relationship and if she has a problem with it, well she won't be the first of my 'family' members to do so"

Ichigo flinched at his words, the image of Toushirou lying on the ground in the pouring rain, broken and bleeding flashed through his mind. They pulled up into the school parking lot and Ichigo quickly locked the doors before Toushirou could get out. Toushirou turned to ask him what the hell he was doing only to find his mouth occupied by with Ichigo's as the bigger male pressed his lips to the smaller's, gently exploring Toushirou's mouth with his tongue.

Toushirou was blushing slightly as they pulled apart. Ichigo tenderly stroked the other male's cheeked and murmured, "I realized that I head yet to give you a proper good morning."

Toushirou smiled, more grateful than ever that he had Ichigo by his side.

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