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Bonnie and Damon lay crisscrossed on the blanket hands interlinked. Damon licked his lips anxious about the experience they were about to have with each other. He wanted desperately for her to connect with him and feel completely at home as she seemed to be with her Wiccan friends. He also realised he was going to have to up him game. Bonnie didn't seem to get his subtle gestures that he was into her. Nope he needed something that would prove his loyalty and affection and be so unsubtle as to hit her with them like a tonne of bricks. But what gesture would do the trick? Also he'd gone from fighting with her years ago to wanting to be with her. She hadn't been around to see him missing her or see his brewing feelings grow over the years. To her his change in attitude was way out of the ordinary. He didn't want her to think he was a freaky stalker. She thinks I'm a comedian always playing around. This is going to be more difficult than I thought.

"Okay sir sex a lot where are you? when I said clear your mind I didn't mean go brain dead on me. Now relax you're brain cells and just listen to natures call not my chanting." Bonnie tapped his head playfully wondering why he had spaced out. Bonnie's voice became husky and seductive as she sung out to nature.

She began to make a sound like the call of an alluring siren as the trees rustled and grass whistled. Nature chirped and blue, purple and pink saturated flowers seemed to pop out of the earth tickling their bare feet. The vibrant flowers filled the air with a soft heavenly smell. Damon fluttered his eyes open staring at Bonnie whose emerald orbs were closed showing thick long black eyelashes. Her body glistened with droplets of sweat. Damon realised his body was sweaty too. He felt heated, warmth like pure safety and love and his cheeks were rosy for the first time since 1864. He didn't know how. He felt light headed and euphoric as his eyes drifted closed. But he fought it wanting to look at Bonnie's face. Soon he saw her eyes spring open and annoyance grace her caramel goddess features.

"Stop looking at me Damon!" she removed her hands from his and crossed them. "Are you serious about sharing something with me or is this simply take the piss out of the silly witch day?"

"WTF are you talking about Bonnie? Is it your mission in life to get a rise out of me? Now be quite woman I wanna connect with you despite the fact your an exasperating female that makes my head spin and my dick ache. Got it?"

"Sorry being in this town makes me feel I'm not taken seriously."

"I do take you seriously and believe in your abilities But your fit it's distracting plus you aren't leaving again! So deal with it!"

"Hehe you're incredible."

"I know but thanks."

"Honey buns it wasn't a compliment. Now let's try a different approach my little child." Bonnie took the red ribbon shed worn round her neck tying Damon's hands behind his back. "That should stop you fidgeting."

"Oh kinky I love it! You know no other woman would get to do this to me." He smirked voice deep and manly.

Bonnie soon looked into his mischief icy grey blue eyes before covering them with her hands.

"Now chill and lose yourself in the trance. Let it take you where you need to be." she purred in his ears. "Trust me you need this."

Bonnie soon laid trickling kisses across his chest and forehead soothing him and massaging him to relax. Suddenly rain gently started to fall cooling their heated bodies. The trance took over and a flash of light Damon opened his eyes. Damon lay in a far reaching field. It was luscious emerald green speckled with exquisite flowers that looked like gems, picking them up to look closer he realised that's what they were.

The smell that filled the air was sweet like candy and they seemed to change instantly. Damon bit the flower to realise infant a sweet is what it had become. He looked around for Bonnie as he heard her sweet giggling in the distance.

But his heart stopped in anticipation hearing the gentle laugh and voice of another woman, a woman he never thought he would ever get the pleasure of seeing again.

Damon wanted to run to his frozen at 16 looking mother who wore the same unconditional love for him on her face. She smiled with sheer happiness to see her boy, her little prince.

"But how?" Damon squeaked edging towards his mother who was holding Bonnies hand like she was the daughter in law she always wanted.

"She came to me in my trance I heard her whisper to bring you to her." Bonnie said eyes watery but gleeful to see a Mother and child reunited.

Alyssa Salvatore's flowing lace pink corset swayed in the wind as she approached her son brushing his messy locks from his blue eyes. Leaning in she whispered "finally a woman worthy of my boy don't let her slip away Damon." His mother stroked his cheek eying him from head to toe as Bonnie stayed silent giving them their moment. "You grew up to be a stunning young man Damon."

"You have no idea what I have become mother. You wouldn't be so proud if you knew the truth. I am truly ugly on the inside, a monster."

Part of Bonnie broke inside hearing Damon's words. She really had no idea that's how he felt. He was always so cocky and confident. To realise that he had so much self hatred for himself made Bonnie want to embrace him and make him love himself again.

"I've let you down mother." Damon said bowing his head in shame before whispering so quiet only his mother could hear. "I let her down too."

Alyssa immediately knew he was talking about Bonnie. Tilting his chin so his eyes met hers, she stroked his cheek gently.

"Well she is here with you now she obviously does not feel scared or let down by you. And I know full well what you and Stefan have become. Victims of a supernatural order my sons. I blame your father you know? If he had shown you more love you wouldn't have been so affected by Katherine, that beast. She offered you what you thrived most for. You wanted to feel worthy and accepted. You wanted to be someone's first choice and I'm sorry because I know if I had been stronger, if I would have lived I could have ensured you had that. If anyone let someone down it was me. I never wanted to leave you and Stefan with a father as cold as Giuseppe. I tried to fight my sickness but in the end you cannot fight nature not really."

"No!" Damon grabbed his mother tightly shaking her slightly. "Don't you ever say that!" he yelled. "None of this is your fault. You're the only reason I have a smidgen of love to cling onto in the first place. You're the reason there is something in me to save." He kissed her forehead gently. Pausing for a moment and just staring into her yes, his yes.

"How did you know all of what we have become?" he whispered after a moment holding back his tears as she reached out to swipe them away.

"I've watched over you from time to time. We spirits can do that. I know the things you've done, both you and Stefan. I saw the emotions you've felt. Pure fury, numbness to excruciating hurt and pain, the lives you took and the breakdown of your brotherly bond with Stefan. I wish vampires had spirits when they died I'd haunt Katherine forever for what she did to you both. I also know the women you've manipulated, the people you've pushed away and the rejection you've faced just like I know you've stolen James Dean's leather look and that your brother has an unhealthy passion for something called hair gel." Damon chuckled at his youthful and funny mother but also taking in the seriousness of what she had said. He was astonished she did not seem to want to shun him despite all she knew.

"God how our lives would have been with you in them mother. Stefan would sure have a better sense of humour. I've tried to instil one in him but it's useless it's like..."

"He has a permanent wedgey up his butt? See your mother is up to date on the times and don't worry I'm sure you'll help your brother loosen up one day. At least I hope so. It is very unsettling when your own son reminds you of your great grandpa. That blonde girl the chipper one I've seen I recommend you get her to help him out of his old fashioned ways. I like her."

"haha Caroline yeah well she is unique." Damon said tone dry and sarcastic but also playful. "I'm sorry I haven't been a better brother to him mother. You really have watched a lot huh?" Damon suddenly turned annoyed "why the hell didn't you contact me sooner then? You've seen my pain why didn't you talk to me before. I'm not blaming you mother I just don't understand."

"My love it takes powerful witchcraft to make such contact. Not many are willing to help vampires especially ones with your reputation. Not to mention it must be through a genuine connection that we make these spiritual journeys. The people involved must be bonded to really share in the intimacy. Then finally Bonnie came into your life. I thought you two would instantly hit it off. She was the type of woman I thought you'd always fall for, Strong, funny, reprimanding, passionate and loyal. But Katherine's look alike got in the way and you two didn't bond the way you were fated too, Which by the way had me shouting impatiently from the heavens, waiting for you to see sense. You're much smarter than you sometimes act my love." Alyssa playfully chastised Damon who shook his head from side to side highly amused by his mother's words. "Instead you both fought and exchanged jibes but I knew one day you'd come together and realise what you really had with her. When she left you started to miss her and notice the connection you had am I right? But the sexual tension between the two of you was electric from the get go. You know a spirit could never be bored watching the two of you." She winked playfully reminding Damon of just how much they were alike.

"Yeah well the witch has a way of driving me wild. I used to think it was because she was irritating but she's everything I want mother. I just don't know how to prove it to her." He whispered peering at Bonnie behind them who had her face in concentration trying to hear them. It made him laugh even more. She was always so determined. Damon then suddenly paused as if realising something.

"Wait you mean you've seen it all even my antics with the ladies?"

Bonnie heard that part and let out a little chuckle at Damon's awkwardness at the thought. She was amazed at how child like he was in front of his mother. It seriously warmed her heart.

"Looks like someone's amused." Alyssa said grinning widely at Bonnie. "And yes I have seen your naughty wild activities. You attract women like a moth to a flame my prince. Must be my looks." she playfully nudged him. "None of those drunken nights beat your moments together though. The brain aneurisms you give him I do believe he is quite fond of."

"Mother." Damon whined embarrassed but unable to hold in the smile his mother created in him.

"Okay I will stop but seeing your cheeks go rosy reminds me of when you were a baby and it's a mother's prerogative to cling to such moments. Now seriously look I know you've done some atrocious things over the years. No one can deny that, even tried killing Bonnie and tortured Stefan But I know the real you and if I'd been there you would have been okay. And I know with this sweet, loyal, sassy girl around..." she gestured to Bonnie "you will one day be okay again. I also know that I love you just as much as the first time I held you. My little diamond and I will always see you the same way. My son, my love. I just needed you to know that and please try to torment Stefan a little less, that furrowed eye brow thing is going to make him look like Giuseppe one day and that is not a good look for anyone. Don't you think? Oh and as for that Elena girl, I see Stefan has a lack of taste." Alyssa's teen face distorted like she had brain freeze.

"haha mother god how I've missed you. We could have been great partners in crime, you me and Bonnie."

"And I you. I cannot wait to see the trouble you and Miss Bennet get up to from now on but that does not stop the fact your brother needs to sample more sweets before he knows which ones right if you get my drift?"

"Hehehe" Bonnie and Damon chuckled.

"That Elena reminds me of sour candy and Caroline she reminds me of nice warm chocolate. We all know which is better." Alyssa winked again. "Anyways I digress."

Bonnie chuckled hard. God was Damon and his mother alike with their rants, humour and child like qualities.

"Well Bonnie and I have been chatting and whenever you need to talk she'll bring you here. We'll always have each other I promise. But for now I have to go. These trances are a little draining on our sweet girl. She'll need you to take care of her once it's done."

"I will always."Damon whispered. He placed his forehead against his young mothers, immediately flashing back on the loving memories they shared when he was a child. Alyssa then kissed Damon on the forehead embracing him tightly. She smiled over at Bonnie, bee stung lips curved as she blew her a kiss before fading into the distance.

"Ready to go Salvatore?" Bonnie said stroking his arm affectionately. "By the way you lied about being the most beautiful looking person around. She totally trumps your badass."

Damon grabbed her by the shoulders gently. "Thank you I mean it Bonnie." he gazed into her eyes deeply. "What you've done for me is the single most important thing anyone could have ever given me. I'll never forget it and I hope you know I'll never be ableto let you go now."

Damon leaned in to kiss Bonnies lips. As they kissed ferociously the surroundings began to disappear. When Damon opened his eyes he still felt high as a cloud. Turning over he realised Bonnie wasn't awake.

"Bonnie Bonnie!" he began to shake her gently. She breathed softly chest rising and falling eyelashes fluttering. Damon started to panic before he remembered his mother's words.

She was just tired he recollected.

Looking at her again he realised she looked quite peaceful and in deep slumber. He picked her up bridal style and headed for the boarding house, hoping no one was there. He wasn't ready to share Bonnie yet.

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