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WARNING TO ALL: THERE IS A LEMON IN THIS STORY. (And of course, there's language.)

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'I'll be back in an hour from my mansion he says. You can have your break then, he says. Take all the time you need from then, he says. Just relax, you're working hard today he says. Hmph. What a load of bull shit. That Inuyasha just doesn't know when to stop messing with me. I swear, the moment I get my hands on him, he's a dead man. Boss, or NOT. It's been frigging three hours since he said that and he's still not back. Fucker. " Kagome growled to herself.

Yeah, that was Kagome Higurashi. Security guard of the Takahashi Airport, for Demons and Humans, Japan. Wearing her typical guard uniform, a white button down shirt with a black pleated mini skirt, she worked from the afternoon right upto 8:00 at night. And she still couldn't catch a break all thanks to her cocky (but Gorgeous!) boss, Inuyasha Takahashi, who happened to be half demon.

She pulled back the curtain of the security checking area for women and yelled. "Next!" And the next woman came in. Kagome roamed the metal detector over her ,frisked her body and stamped her boarding pass. Soon afterwards, she let her out of the area. One by one, the women kept coming, getting ready to leave for their vacations. Oh yes. This was the life. YEAH RIGHT.

'What I would give for a nice, leisurely vacation. OR AT LEAST A BREAK WHICH SOME BASTARD OF A HANYOU REFUSES TO GIVE ME!'

Kagome unbuttoned her top button and sat down in the cubicle when the crowd began to settle down. She was exhausted. Frisking and stamping isn't exactly what she would call "fun".

She leaned against the wall and loosened her hair slightly from her tight bun, straightening and getting up when another passenger entered the area. After that job was done, she reached for her phone, flipped it open and tried calling Inuyasha. She needed a break, and she needed one now.

'Ringingg. Ringingg.. Ringingg. PICK UP, DAMN YOU!' She waited a little more, hoping he'd pick up any time. Feeling frustrated after no answer, she yelled into the inanimate object again. "I HOPE YOU DIED, TAKAHASHI. THAT WAY I'LL AT LEAST GET MY BREAK." And she snapped her phone shut.

Kagome tried taking a few deep breaths to calm herself. Thankfully, it worked. She stood up straighter and thought aloud to herself. "You know what? I don't give a damn. He won't dare to fire me. I'm his best female guard! And besides. I'm sure he can feel some sort of chemistry between us. I feel it. He.. Uh.. Should too? Who am I kidding? If there's anything between us that only I can see? Its lust. Lust and only lust. I think I just want him for his body. Hell, if I care. He told me himself he wants me too. But I'd be giving into his ego if I slept with him." She pushed back the curtain from the other side, and walked out. She was going to have a nap in the storage closet. Best place to hide. Enough room to lie down too. She took lots of naps there when she wanted a break. No one really went in there until it was time to bring out the extra cleaning supplies. It was not exactly the best place to be because it was also a place where insects and God knows what else, reside in, but it was some place to rest seeing that going home was not an option. It didn't really matter to her. They didn't scare her off.

She carefully snuck around the airport, trying not to be caught by Inuyasha's assistants or other security guards. She walked as subtle as she could and found the hallway where the storage closet was. She looked around once again before approaching her long awaited door. She practically jumped into the room and shut the door behind her.

"Now, time for some peace and quiet." She said smiling to herself and turned on the light in the room. She was ready to face any insects or creepy-crawly thing crawling out from corners so she backed away slightly, readying herself.

What she wasn't ready to face was the warm arms she fell into.

"Didn't I say when I came back would you go on a break, wench?" A lustful voice spoke in her ear.

Kagome's eyes widened as she realized she was standing in the arms of her boss. That, and that she was in trouble. "H-How did you know I was here?" She tried asking.

His arms encircled around her waist and hugged her lightly. "Keh, you think I don't know how many times you've escaped out here? In case you've forgotten, I'm no human. I can sniff you out, Kagome. Your nap time has been compromised." He said with a smirk.

She took in a sharp breath as he began nuzzling her neck. She struggled to keep her thoughts straight and say something coherant. "I..I. uhm.. " She took in another breath "I... . J-just what are you doing? Let me go now!" She couldn't control a low moan from her throat as he traced patterns along her stomach while kissing her jugular. 'Oh my JESUS. Where did he learn to do that!'

Inuyasha's hands tightened around her waist. "I don't think you want that. You wanted a break so bad, now you're gonna get one." He turned her around, her hands on his chest, and his remaining on her waist.

Kagome's eye's went half lidded as she stared into his passionate amber ones. "I... Still don't think that's a good idea. But how did you know I was here? You only just came back, right?" She managed to say, now that he stopped kissing her.

"I was only gone for half an hour. I wanted to see how long it'd take you to crack." He chuckled and leaned down slightly.

"HALF-AN-" She was cut off by a pair of smooth, soft lips. Kagome's heart began beating rapidly and she was having a huge head rush. She could feel her blush burning her cheeks with a rosy pink color. There she was. In her hiding spot. With her boss. Making out. Wow.

He went slow and soft on her lips, gently caressing her erotic ones, in slow passionate movements. Carefully he snuck his tongue out and Kagome immediately responded by letting him slip it in her mouth. Kagome moved her hands from his chest to his silky silver hair and dug her fingers into his tresses. She let herself sink into him as he continued to support her by her waist and deepened the kiss.

Oddly enough for Kagome, she'd never had a real boyfriend experience. Her only boyfriend was this little wimp called Hojo in high school. Sad thing was, the closest he would get to physical contact was holding hands, or pecks on the cheeks. Then the occassional embraces. Oh yes. She was mighty turned on by that.

Back to the ongoing situation!

Inuyasha continued massaging her lips with his own and gently picked her up from the floor and wrapped her legs around his waist, his hands now resting on her firm ass.

Kagome couldn't control the sounds from her mouth. She'd never felt anything like this before. It was exciting, and heart throbbing. She tried to press herself further into Inuyasha as if seeking more from his touch.

He released one hand from her bottom and reached up to untie her hair, which spilled out over her shoulders and down to the front of her chest. Suddenly, an idea struck the sexy hanyou. He gently put her down and pulled away from the kiss. He chuckled at her pout and lightly traced his hand on her jawline, and she leaned into his touch.

"Don't worry, babe. Your break isn't over yet." He whispered to her. He took her wrist and led her to the back of the room. What surprised her was he had done to the place. She was too into the moment to realize what happened to the storage. Before going all the way back, he switched off the light.

He had moved all the cleaning supplies out of the room from what she could make out. All that was left was a type of Futon perfect for a couple. Kagome found this slightly amusing. "You had everything set up?"

He'd turned around and grabbed her waist and began nuzzling her neck again. "You're extremely predictable, Kagome. I just knew you would come here."

Kagome's eyes fluttered shut once more and she brought her hands around his neck, the same sort of excitement she had moments ago re-appeared inside her. In her mind, in her body, especially down in her lower area.

His hands now moved up from her waist, up her back and onto her shoulders, tugging her down to the futon. Something which Kagome didn't see, was a long red cloth at the side of the bed.

As he lay her down, and placed himself ontop of her, he grabbed the cloth and pinned her hands above her. He tied them to the bars of the futon and silenced Kagome's protests with a fierce kiss.

"Shh. You told me you wanted a break. Now you're getting one. Just relax. I'll take good care of you." He said with a smirk and lowered his head again to capture her lips.

He trailed his hands up and down her sides, teasing her. He always found it fun to tease Kagome. This way seemed the most fun.

He finally rested his hands on her breasts. Her nipples shot up in arousal. He lightly began to knead the mounds in his hands, and bit back a moan of his own. He enjoyed just hearing hers. He slowly unbuttoned her blouse first until just the top of her chest was exposed and moved his tongue over the flesh exposed.

Kagome gasped at the multiple feelings that overwhelmed her. His tongue on her chest, the feeling pooling in her inner thighs, just the touch of him got her so turned on. And he was teasing her!

"I-Inu...Yashaa" She called out as he began to unbutton her shirt further, and stopped once again, to her disappointment. Although this time, he stopped at a place where he could get a good look at her body: right under her bra.

They looked so full and large, thanks to the fact that they were stretched up because of her hands. He dipped his head to them and stopped at her valley. He looked at her face, which looked as if she were going to die if he didn't take her right then. He smirked and did her some good by slicing off her bra with a sharp claw.

Kagome felt her cheeks heat up all the way as her chest was fully exposed to him and her heart rate increased. "Inuyashaa.. Please..Oh.. Please." She chanted.

"Please, what, Kagome?" He teased further. His focus now only on her boobs, and his breathing dropped down only on them.

"Stop teasing me!" She cried out.

"Sorry, Kags. But I don't see why you're complaining. How lucky could you get? I should be punishing you for disobeying me, but then again, I knew this would happen. So its a punishment, and your break. Isn't that nice? Now hush, and just enjoy yourself." He replied cockily.

He took both of her breasts in his hands and massaged them gently. Her cries of pleasure were like little steps rising onto his ego.

He lightly teased her nipple with his fingers and blew on it, causing Kagome to arch up to him, his lips lightly kissing it. He then took one nipple to his mouth and sucked on it. The other hand being massaged still with his hand, slightly more rough than before, but not painful. His teeth nipped at the appendage in his mouth. Not only was he enjoying teasing her, but he enjoyed touching her. Her body was indeed fiine.

He then switched the breast, changing duties. His mouth now sucked on the other nipple, his hand now massaging, the wet breast.

Kagome's breaths turned to pants, his ministrations were just too much. Too good.

"Inu..yashaa!" She called out again. He tightened his grip on her breast in response. After lifting his head up, he sliced the remainder of her shirt and discarded it from her torso.

He glided his tongue over the planes of her stomach for a while before going all the way down to her toes. He was saving the best of her experience for last.

He held one leg in his arm, moving his hand up, over her calves, behind her knees and up to her thighs. He moved his hand down further to her inner thighs and brushed his fingers lightly over the crotch of her panties. Kagome tried her best not to scream when he touched her there. Even at the lightest touch, she was practically dying on the inside. Something was building up inside her, just ready to burst out of her.

She moved her legs slightly more apart granting him access to her core. Bodily demanding him to touch her properly and not tease her.

Inuyasha chuckled "Anxious, are we? I can help you there." He ripped off her skirt, just like he did her shirt and threw it into the pile of clothes. He quickly threw off his own shirt as well. He felt too over dressed. But he left his pants on. Just to add to her torture.

He feather touched the top of her panties all the way to her netherlips. He pressed fingers flat onto her sex. Kagome couldn't hold her scream any longer. She yelled out his name. "Ooohh, Inuyashaaa!"

"Shhhh... You should love this part now." He whispered, now closing in to her inner thighs.

He sliced off her panties to receive her aroused scent full on. Kagome shuddered at the exposure of air and blasted up another shade of red.

"You.. You're enjoying this... Aren't you?" Kagome tried speaking out.

"Immensely." He whispered back.

He flicked a suave lick over her clitoris. Kagome mewled in appreciation and bucked her hips forward. Inuyasha also now couldn't handle his own torture for the girl. He needed her. Right after he finished tasting her, he'd take her right then.

He moved his fingers right behind his tongue creating a double impact on her. 'She tastes so sweet..' He thought to herself.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed once again as his actions began to speed up.

His finger slowly found the dip into her core,and gently pushed in. Kagome's breath hitched when she felt the unfamiliar feeling. It was like an odd pinch, but not incredibly painful. Inuyasha moved his finger out and pushed in once again taking in the heat of her body.

He began to create a rhythm and slowly inserted a few more fingers inside, and thrust in slightly faster.

Kagome had a light blanket of sweat over her, and the feeling in her core was now tripling in its effects. "Inuyasha! Please! I can't take it anymore!" She yelled, gripping as tight as she could to the bars of the futon, arching herself as if to constrict whatever was inside her.

He removed his fingers and licked his fingers seductively, staring her right in the eye. "Neither can I, wench. Prepare yourself, this is gonna hurt a little."

Kagome's eyes widened a bit. 'How did he know I was a virgin?'

As if reading her thoughts, he said to her "I could smell it on you. You haven't ever slept with a man. I'm honored you're letting me do this. You won't regret this, Kagome."

He discarded his pants to reveal his full erection. Kagome was caught off guard by the size of him. He was Huge. It was as if he was just Perfect. Not too huge to scare you, and not too small to creep you out. Perfect.

He already had his tip slightly moist with pre-cum and placed it in front of her core. He braced himself, before entering he was trying to relax the girl.

"Breathe, Kagome. This will only hurt a while, then it'll feel just fine." He whispered reassuringly.

Kagome tried calming herself down by taking deep breaths. Inuyasha rubbed himself slowly against her before asking "Ready?"

She nodded fervently.

Kagome took a deep breath as he entered her. She felt a wonderful pulsing feeling inside her. It was warm, and felt amazing. She tried her level best to ignore the pain that coarsed through her. Gently, he pulled out of her. "Okay, Kagome?"

Kagome nodded slowly once again "Don't stop. Please."

He grunted affirmatively and thrust into her once again, as slow and painless as he could make it.

Slowly he increased his speed and Kagome moaned in ecstasy.

"Harder, Inuyasha!" She yelled and Inuyasha went as fast as he could. Kagome's breasts bobbing up and down from the bed, and her pelvis was inclined slightly to Inuyasha. He couldn't have pictured a sexier sight.

"Inuyasha! I'm.. I'm gonna cum!" She yelled out.

Slowly she felt that hot feeling in her center explode as she felt a warm liquid drip down her legs. Her eyes wide from the experience and soon after, Inuyasha followed up.

His seed shooting into her stomach.

He collapsed onto her side, undoing the cloth from the bed. She moved her hands to Inuyasha's chest and rest her head underneath his chin. He tucked her in with his arms on her waist.

Both their breathings were still quite heavy, and both were equally tired.

"W-Wow." Kagome sighed out.

Inuyasha smirked. "I know." And kissed her temple.

"Wanna know something?" She asked.

"Best break you've ever had?" He said with a grin.

"You took the words right out of me." She replied with the same expression and kissed his lips.

"I think we should do this more often. What do you say?" He asked.

"I say, definitely. My place tomorrow? You can come over for dinner too." She offered.

"Awesome. Cook me ramen, yeah?"

"Yeah sure." She rolled her eyes and slowly began to close them, giving in to her fatigue.

"Hey Kagome?" Inuyasha asked.

"What is it ?" She said, irritated that he refused to let her sleep.

"I actually like you quite a lot, you know that?" He said softly.

Kagome blushed a pretty pink color. "I like you too, Inuyasha."

"Should've done that before we got laid, isn't it?" He asked while laughing.

Kagome giggled. "I guess so. But its okay. I can deal with this."

"You better, wench. Now go to sleep. You'll need to get up soon."

"Hmm..." She responded intelligently, and drifted off to sleep.

Inuyasha followed up, and fell off to sleep. The only thing on their minds was their partner.