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Chapter 7 of Give Me A Break!

Inuyasha's Bedroom.

Kagome moaned softly as she began waking up from a blissful night. Sunlight was streaming into the bedroom, hitting the room with brightness and indicated that the day was going to be a fine one. She smiled lazily as she saw her companion lying on his left side, completely oblivious to the shine in his room.

She crept towards his back and wrapped her arms around his bare torso. She brought her lips to his furry ears and whispered gently "Good morning, Inuyasha.."

Almost instantly, the appendages twitched and Inuyasha mumbled something incoherant before falling back to sleep. She giggled at his childishness and pressed up against him lightly. More of a comforting way than a suggestive way. She rested cheek on his neck. "Come on Inuyasha, don't tell me you can sleep through all the light in your room."

Inuyasha however, thinks everything is suggestive when it comes to Kagome. "Now the light I could deal with. But if your nakedness is against my back while I'm sleeping?" He started off huskily and opened his eyes to look at her. "I don't think I could sleep through it." He pushed her hands off of his stomach only to pin them above her head as he rolled her on her back.

"Ready for another round?" He smirked at her while pressing himself to her entrance. Inuyasha leaned to kiss her lips briefly but pulled back after not getting a proper response from her. "Not in the morning, Inuyasha..." She said sadly.

"Why the hell not?" He snapped, still a bit drowsy from his sleep. She cocked an eyebrow at his grumpiness. "Well... because people have bad breath and look like they've awakened from the dead. Like now you're wondering why I didn't french kiss you right? Because of this very reason."

"Stupid ." He grumbled under his breath before rolling off her.

"What was that?" She asked as she sat up.

"Nothing." His head fell back down to his pillow, his arms folded beneath his it.

"If you say so.. Anyway, I'm going to brush my teeth then take a shower. Mind if I borrow a T-shirt of yours?" She stifled a yawn after asking.

"Go ahead. Shirts are in the second drawer in the wooden chest next to the bathroom." He directed and watched her move around his bed to his clothes.

After grabbing what she needed she called out from the bathroom "I'll be out quickly, kay?" She shut the door not waiting for a response.

Inuyasha sighed disappointedly as he was rejected for morning sex. 'We've never had sex in the morning. Hmph. Stupid wench. Leading me on like that. Its so unfair!' He whined to himself.

He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes a bit. "Better get cleaned up for Miss. Hygiene before she comes out."

Inuyasha decided to use the other bathroom, knowing she would probably like to have her privacy for a bit. He dragged his feet to the guest room and quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face. He pulled his fingers through his hair to settle their wilderness. He went back to his bedroom to see if Kagome had come out within the time he took. He stood at the doorframe and rolled his eyes as he still heard the shower running. 'Typical woman.'

He walked over to the chest with clothes in them and pulled out the second last drawer for a pair of gray track pants. After putting them on, he knocked on the bathroom door. "Kagome! Get your ass back out here!"

"I'm coming, Inuyasha. Its barely been 10 minutes!" She yelled from her shower.

"Keh, you damn women take too much time." He growled and went to sit on his bed.

After a few minutes more, Kagome finally came out of the shower. Steam and the smell of Inuyasha's shampoo erupted from the bathroom as the door opened.

"Took you long enough." Inuyasha said. "Sorry, Inuyasha. Not my fault you can't wait for 15 minutes." She said, drying her hair with her towel.

She walked towards him in a white shirt that was at least three sizes bigger than hers, her legs were bare and her hair was damp from the shower.

Inuyasha could tell she had no bra on and seeing her wearing his shirt was turning him on. So. Much, He stared her up and down and finally leaned forward to yank her hips to him. He pulled her in such a way that she straddled him as he lay on his back. Her knees were on either side of his chest and her hair fell as a curtain between their faces. He slid his hands from the hem of her shirt and rested them on her bare waist.

"Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now?" He whispered.

Kagome only blushed as a response to him.

"You know I've always wanted to try something.." He said softly.

"And whats that?" She whispered back.

"This." Mindful of his claws, Inuyasha poked his fingers to her sides, earning a jumpy reaction from her.

Kagome's eyes widened as an evil grin spread across his face. "Inuyasha don't you dare-AH!" She squealed as his fingers began assaulting her sides.

She giggled madly and twitched from side to side. "Inu-Inuyash-sha! Sto-op!"

"Stop what?" He teased , doubling the effect on his hands.

"Stop ti-tickling me!" She screeched and tried reaching for his hands to stop but he was too quick for her. He flipped them over and pinned her down with one hand and continued tickling her with the other. Her shirt rose just above her belly button.

"Beg me." He said sexily. He tickled his way down to her panty clad womanhood and pressed his fingers there momentarily, making her gasp loudly. Too much too fast! she thought. Inuyasha pulled his fingers away from her heating core and returned tickling her stomach.

"Please!" She gasped out again.

Inuyasha smirked. The smirk itself telling her she needed to do better than that. "Please, please Inuyasha! St-stop it! I'm begging you!" She screamed out desperately.

Finally, his tickling seized and Kagome was panting. She pulled her shirt down as she began catching her breath. Inuyasha stared at her. Right now, she looked more gorgeous than ever. Her hair was wild and spread out across the pillow, her cheeks were rosy from laughing so hard, and her eyes were bright and wide. He released his hold on her hands and cupped her cheek gently.

"Kagome.." He whispered.

Something about the way he said Kagome's name made butterflies flutter in her stomach. Her eyes went half lidded as she saw him closing the distance between them, and finally shut them as his lips met hers.

His lips moved softer than they usually did, slower and more lovingly. His kisses were usually more demanding and filled with lust. This one was a completely different feeling for Kagome. She kissed him back in an equal passion and wrapped her hands tightly around his neck.

He lightly nibbled on her lower lip and dragged it out for a moment before releasing it. Kagome hissed at the intensity and slipped her tongue in his mouth as he returned to her lips. Inuyasha was fighting to stay in control. Almost as if he wanted to do everything himself today as it was very..different the previous night.

Inuyasha's hands moved down to the hem of her shirt and put his hands beneath it, his hands trailing up her hot skin. All the way from her sides, right to the bottom swell of her breasts. His hands lingered at the base of her bosom for a while and finally he covered them completely. He pulled away from her lips and she let out a moan. He gave her neck butterfly kisses as his hands fondled her breasts beneath the shirt. His thumbs pressed her nipples down in circles.

Kagome gripped the bedsheets and arched her chest into his hands. He gave her mounds one slow squeeze again and moved his hands to pull her extra large t-shirt off. She tried turning to push him over, but Inuyasha resisted. He held her down with his weight and leaned down to her face.

"I'm taking total control today." He whispered and pinned her hands up once again.

"I'm getting this funny sense of deja vu." She rolled her eyes.

He gave her a toothy grin and returned to his ministrations. He hooked his fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled them down, she kicked them off when they reached her feet. He slid his hands up to her inner thighs, teasing her everywhere else but at the main point that she wanted.

His hands brushed along the outermost lip of her womanhood and she gasped loudly. He took his other hand there and pulled her core gently apart. He blew on her exposed jewel and Kagome's legs jerked. "Inuyasha!" She yelled.

He very lightly pinched her clit and fingered it in a slow pattern. He used the wetness formed at her core to add moisture to her clit and continued her torture. Kagome's chest was rising and falling in heavy, jerky movements. "Inuyasha please!"

"Kagome, you know you have to do better than that." He chuckled at her look of despair and leaned in to where his hands were.

He took a long swipe at her womanhood, right from her hole to the bottom of her clit and later to the top. "Ooh Inuyasha!" She squealed and gripped his hair tightly.

He growled at her agression and began sucking on her clit, his tongue swirling around her jewel. While Kagome began thrashing where she lay, Inuyasha inserted three digits inside her dripping wet hole and pumped in and out of her.

Kagome barely had anytime to prepare herself for a mind blowing orgasm and burst into Inuyasha's mouth. He drank her juices all up and cleaned her up and brought himself to his knees. He glanced at the panting woman beneath him and kissed her lips lovingly again.

"You're so beautiful.." He mumbled in her ear before thrusting himself into her.

Kagome gasped both from his words as well as the feeling. 'Why do I feel so funny? Its not like he's never complimented me before.. Its just.. He's never said it like that before.'

Even Inuyasha was slightly stunned with his own words, but didnt question himself about it.

They pounded into each other till the time they had consecutive orgasms. Inuyasha fell to his side and spooned Kagome, kissing her from her ear to her neck. She got goosebumps from the feeling and closed her eyes in contentment.

"You know..." Kagome started off. "I just took a shower."

"Your point?"

"I could use another one..."

He cocked an eyebrow at her and released her from his hold. "So go?"

She rolled off the bed and smiled suggestively. "You coming?"

Inuyasha was off the bed in a second and picked her up bridal style. "The hell were you waiting for then?"

And then they were off again..

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