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A/N: I am writing another H/Hr story but in it they're still children and I wanted to write an adult story. Since this is a future AU story I changed some things. Ginny still played Quidditch after the birth of her children. Its dark and angsty and not for R/Hr or H/G shippers.

Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond

Future AU story. Harry was married to Ginny, Hermione to Ron and they were happy most of the time, but whenever there was a problem in their marriages they turned to each other for comfort. But how far would they take it? This is not a story for R/Hr or H/G shippers.

Ch 1

She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down, she opened her eyes and he was still there staring at her waiting for her to respond. Hermione tilted her head slightly to crack her neck the tension had been building in that spot for awhile. She didn't want to respond, she didn't want to say anything she'd regret later. But if he kept pushing the subject she didn't know if she could hold her tongue. She was hoping her silence would give him the hint to stop talking but she knew it wouldn't. When he was in one of his moods he wouldn't stop.

It seemed that all they did was fight now; they had only been married for a year. Maybe it was the stress of their jobs, although the war had ended most of the laws still needed changing and there were dark wizards out there looking to take Voldemort's place. When they first married Ron had worked with George at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes he stopped when he was accepted to become an Auror. She knew the training and the hours were getting to him. So she tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. But she could only give him so much; it wasn't like her own job was easy, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures still had so much work to do to give non-human magical creatures the same rights as everyone else.

"I'm not your mother Ronald Weasley!" she shouted at him as she had finally gotten fed up.

"That is quite apparent to me, Hermione" Ron spewed back. "My mother would know what to do"

Hermione bites her lip closed her eyes and took another deep breath. "I can't do this right now" she said placing her hands on her hips. "I'm going to go for a walk, so we can both calm down and afterwards we can talk about this rationally" Ron sat back in the chair with his arms crossed over his chest and doesn't reply. She lets out the breath she had been holding and turns around. She grabs her coat and walked out the door.

She walked down the street on the blustery day too angry to notice where she was going, but she wasn't surprised when she ended up there. She stood on the sidewalk between number 11 and number 13 and waited for the house to appear. When it did she walked up the walkway and rang the bell.

Harry answered the door with a blue baby towel thrown over his shoulder and took one look at her face and without a word opened the door wider so she could walk through. She knew that Ginny wasn't home the Harpies had a match against Quiberon Quafflepunchers in France. Harry couldn't go with her because he was needed to oversee the new Aurors. So he was at home taking care of baby James.

Harry dropped the towel in the linen basket as she went to the kitchen to make the tea. Ron never understood why she wanted to go back to Hogwarts and finish her seventh year. He would tell her they defeated the greatest dark wizard of the times, they didn't need to finish school. Harry understood though, he knew that she needed to finish what she started just to say she had. Ginny had also finished her seventh year at Hogwarts and Harry and Ginny married shortly after. Afterwards Ginny got accepted to play seeker for the Holyhead Harpies. She played with them for three years, until last year when she gave birth to James. She had just started playing with them again.

She sighed heavily as Harry joined her at the table. He lets her sit in silence for awhile because he knows she needed too. When the tea was done Harry hands her a cup and make a joke about seeing a firecrab in her tea. "I predict your tea is hot" he says handing the cup to her.

She couldn't help the smile that spread across her face. Harry always knew what to say or do to cheer up even if it meant acting like a fool. "Thanks" she replied still smiling, remembering when he danced her for her in the tent and for those few moments Harry had made the world disappear. And maybe that was part of it, that pain and anger she felt when Ron abandoned them still lived in her heart. In all their years as friends Harry had never left her side. Whenever there was danger she could always count on Harry to be there for her.

She sips the tea and savored the taste and then begins to tell him about their fight. He had heard most of it before since it was a continuation of the fight they had last week. He sits there quietly listening letting her vent her anger and disappointment. He didn't really have to say anything she just needed to know he was there and he always was. They'd talk about it and he'd find a way to make her see Ron's side while not making it seem like she was completely in the wrong. Then they'd talk about the baby and how work was going. She was unhappy at work she felt in her position she wasn't doing as much as she could. Then she'd leave feeling better and go back home to Ron.

Harry would do the same whenever he and Ginny had a row. Hermione always knew what to say and make him think logically about what they were actually fighting about. And it helped when he went back home to Ginny.

She was always helping him, even if he tried to push her away. If she hadn't been there that night, Voldemort would have killed him Godric's Hallow the same place his parents died. That night it was just the two of them with what felt like the weight of the world on their shoulders, he was grateful she was there to help him hold it up. She chased away much of the shadow inside him simply by being there, by being herself.

There were just some things they couldn't talk to their spouses about and Harry couldn't talk to Ron, Ginny was his sister and she couldn't talk to Ginny because Ron was her brother. So that only left each other to talk too. It had been that way before they got married.

Hermione loved Ron, she smiled proudly when he became an Auror and when they'd all go out they'd have drinks together. But something was dragging them further from each other, whether they blamed work or just life in general. Hermione found herself wanting to talk to Harry about more than just Ron; she wanted to talk to him about her disappointments and fears, things you're supposed to want to talk about with your husband.

Harry loved Ginny but he still needed Hermione to be there for him and she was. He found himself searching her company when Ginny was away which was often. She was always off somewhere traveling with the Quidditch team and he was proud of his wife, he loved watching her when he could go with her. But he found it harder and harder to make it to her matches his work was keeping him busy and making him travel to different places than her. So the fact that he barely saw her was making them distant even when they were under the same roof.

They loved Weasley's and they always made them feel at home and a part of the family. But they weren't. There were things the family talked about that he and Hermione would never be a part off, things they had missed not being born into this world and into their family.

So here they were again. Hermione locked her arm through his as they walked out of the cinema on a cold winter day. He and Ginny were fighting again, she arranged for a last minute trip to take James to the burrow. He told her he couldn't drop everything and just leave his job required notice if he was going to go on holiday. She took that to mean he thought his job was more important than hers. Then she took his shocked silence to mean that is exactly what he thought. He tried to tell her that's not what he meant; it's just that he did have a ton of work that needed to be done. She then turned her heels, picked up the baby and disapparated.

He tried to tell himself to talk to Ginny instead of Hermione but whenever it came time he found he couldn't speak, because he didn't want to do. He wanted an excuse to see Hermione. Angered he promptly rang Hermione, they had both gotten mobiles as way to contact each other instead of using the wizarding ways of communication.

Even though they weren't doing anything but talking, deep down they must've known what they were doing was still wrong, besides using muggle communications they would go do other muggle things, like go to the cinema, go rollerblading, visit museums and art galleries and take in a Futball match so no one they knew in the wizarding world would see them. They didn't really know why they went, they supposed they needed time away from the wizarding world and to see the world they knew before all of this happened. When they were just children with no idea about magic or the dangers it held. They guessed they were just remembering their lost innocence.

They had started seeing each other more than just after fights, whenever Ginny was away at a match and Ron was on an Auror mission and they both found themselves at home, they would go out. Sometimes they'd take baby James to the park and run around with him. With his son's messy dark brown hair people often mistook Hermione as his mother. They found that they didn't correct them and just thanked them when they were given compliments on what a nice family they made. They figured the wouldn't see those people again, so why bother.

But it wasn't until Hermione transferred to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement that things changed.