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A/N: I am writing another H/Hr story but in it they're still children and I wanted to write an adult story. Since this is a future AU story I changed some things. Ginny still played Quidditch after the birth of her children.

Harry Potter and the Unbreakable Bond

Future AU story. Harry was married to Ginny, Hermione to Ron and they were happy most of the time, but whenever there was a problem in their marriages they turned to each other for comfort. The connection they shared was different then what they had with their spouses, but how far would they take it. This is not a story for R/Hr or H/G shippers.

Ch 5

Hermione opened his shirt to see the wound, the antidote would clear the poison but she still needed to clean the wound, the Doxy had bit deep into his skin. Harry had lost consciousness before they apparated so she used a spell to move him to the bed and began the healing process on the bite mark.

She had done what she could now she had to wait. She was angry now, Emmeline needed to be stopped and they had to be the ones to stop her. She didn't want to think about what would happen if the muggle police found her first.

Hermione had been upset with Harry when he used the marauders map but now she wished they had one for the greater London area, because their way of trying to find Emmeline wasn't working. She read through her reports again seeing if she missed anything even though she knew she didn't.

Harry padded into the adjacent room and saw Hermione sitting on the couch with her face buried in a book. He allowed himself a little smile because it reminded him of times when they were at Hogwarts and he always knew where to find her, curled up on one of the couches in the Gryffindor Common room with her nose in a book. She looked up and smiled back at him.

"I always say it but you always manage to outdo yourself." He told her as he walked closer.

She placed her book down and stood up. "I was worried that I didn't give you the antidote in time" she knew it had to be administered almost immediately or the poison would spread causing irreparable damage.

"I don't know what I'd do without you" That was his problem he always went head first into things without always thinking stuff through and when he was in trouble Hermione would always show up with everything they needed. He knew how much he needed her in his life.

She knew she had brought every antidote she could think of, but she always had that fear that she would be too late or didn't bring the right one. She didn't know what she would do if she lost him, not after all that had survived together. Harry was the only constant person in her life since finding out she was a witch.

Hermione moved over to close the space between them. Harry wraped his arms around her. She stared into his bright green eyes and cupped his cheek with her hand, she moved it upward slightly and pushed his hair aside to reveal his scar.

Harry closed his eyes and he felt Hermione's soft touch tracing his scar, the scar that would always be a constant reminder of that had happened, a scar that no longer gave him any pain.

He had removed his shirt before he entered the room so she slid her hand down his bare muscled chest. He remained still and watched with barely controlled patience as her inquisitive hands explored his chest. Hermione marveled at the feel of him beneath her hands. He was smooth but for a light dusting of hair. He was hard, lean. Her searching hands and eyes roamed leisurely over his chest and shoulders, wanting to see and touch and discover every contour, every muscle, until finally some imperative need compelled her to move closer. Hermione's lids fluttered down as she touched her lips to his warm skin, her mouth and her hot, uneven breath grazing him.

Harry's hands came up, and he drove his fingers into the hair at her temples. The heat of his eyes followed, watching her kiss and lick and caress him with her mouth. Breathing erratically, he took her face in his hands, lifted it to his, and trembling with desire for her, he closed the distance between them swiftly, crushing his mouth to hers, kissing her hotly. Hard. As though he were a drowning man, and she his lives breath.

He broke the kiss, trailing his fingers from her face to the buttons of her blouse, and together they undid them. Soon her blouse and bra were on the floor.

His mouth swooped down to capture hers once again, licking, tasting, devouring her mouth hungrily, and Hermione gasped at the delicious sensation of his warm skin against hers. Her hands reached for his belt buckle, tugging it, undoing it, unzipping, and pushing his pants away impatiently. His hands wandered over her body to skim and caress her shoulders, her breasts, the hollow of her back and around to the button of her jeans, opening them, and slipping his hands inside them at her hips to push them down. Both pairs of pants soon occupied the same floor space.

Harry picked her up, carried her to the bed and lay beside her. "I need you" he whispered as his lips skimmed over her cheek breathing a path of kisses along her jaw to the pulse point at her throat. He nuzzled her, his arms gathering her against him.

Hermione shivered at the tendrils of awareness spiraling through her body, and reached up placing her hands about his neck. "I need you too" she said knowing the words they really meant without saying them, because they knew saying those three little words would change everything and they weren't prepared for that yet. So Hermione threaded her fingers in his hair, remembering the first time they were together in a hotel room much like this one, they were drunk but not enough to know what they were doing was wrong. Now there was no alcohol, no excuses to tell themselves in the morning. They were here, sober and not wanting to stop.

Neither of them talked much about the possibility of breaking up their marriages so they could be together, it just wasn't in the cards. Maybe they had chosen wrong the person but they couldn't break up their marriages now too many people would get hurt and they'd lose good friends and family.

The sweet warmth kindling in her belly ignited to a burning flame, and a small soft cry escaped her as his tongue traced a path across her chest and down her worshipped her, taking his time to touch and caress and kiss almost every part of her, whispering his love for each part of her body. Every hill, every valley. He rose up to kiss her mouth once more, pressing soft kisses to her eyes, her cheeks, her throat.

Hermione writhed beneath his touch and moaned, her hips pushing against his. Harry raised his head, and slid his body upward, his skin rubbing seductively against hers. The sleek caress of his body enveloped her like a warm blanket woven of thrilling anticipation. Hermione felt the mounting, pulsing tension flow between them at the place where their bodies joined.

They met until she felt herself becoming lost in him. Until she didn't know where he ended and she began. Didn't know who was leading and who was following, who was pushing and who was pulling. Then suddenly, there was no stopping the dizzying, whirling, pulsating sensations in her womb. Hermione rode on wave after wave of them as they radiated, flooding her body like icy heat. Deep cries of male ecstasy sounded in the room, mingling with her feminine ones. He gave her everything he had.

Harry fell against her and pressed his face to the curve of her shoulder. A thin sheen of perspiration covered them both. Hermione stroked and smoothed his hair, neck and shoulders, as sweet lethargy overcame them, and their breathing became normal turned on his side, gathering her in his arms. Hermione snuggled against him, their legs entwined. His hand caressed slowly down her body.

They both woke up at the same time with the same thought.

They knew they were taking a huge risk by doing it, but it was the only way they could really get her. They needed to catch Emmeline in the act which would mean if they were to late another innocent person would die. They quickly dressed and went about doing the locator spells. They stayed in the hotel room as Emmeline bounced around different forests and villages until she stopped at one place, where she was spending quite a bit of time. They dissapparated almost immediately and found themselves outside a small cottage. They heard noises from within and ran inside to see Emmeline's back towards them standing over the prone body of a scared older gentlemen.

She hadn't noticed them so they took advantage of that. Hermione non-verbally says immobulus, but somehow in the last moment Emmeline sensed them and moved out the way before the spell hit her. She then smiled. "Cutting it close didn't think you had in you" she told them and shouted "Crucio"

They both jump out of the way, Hermione lands near the feet of an older woman, the man's wife she assumed, she felt for a pulse and found it, and the woman was just unconscious. Emmeline was saving her for later.

More spells are shouted as colorful sparks fly around the cottage breaking and destroying anything and everything its path. Harry is hit with an expelliarmus spell and his wand goes flying and second later he does too and crashed into a wall. He shook it off and made a run for his wand while Emmeline continued to send bodily harming spells his way. He jumped and rolled into the couple's bedroom to avoid being hit.

Emmeline thinking she got him turned her attention to Hermione who was also sending spells her way. Hermione with her wand out in a defensive posture prepares for the next attack they had found her weakness she was cocky and arrogant and only paid attention to one thing at a time and she thought she had hit Harry with one of her spells. But Hermione knew she didn't. She backed up but suddenly a hand grabbed her ankle, the older women had woken up and reached out for her. In the time it took Hermione to see what grabbed her leg Emmeline's crucio spell hit her square in the chest and she fell to her knees as a searing pain ripped through her body. Emmeline with an evil glint her eyes smiled and twisted her wand around sending more spasms through her body.

Harry reached his wand just as he heard Hermione's screams. He picked up his wand with an anger he's only felt once before and shouted "Avada Kadavra" a green light shot out from his wand and he watched as if it were in slow motion as Emmeline Lympsham's body froze in the green light and fell backwards with a dull thud.

Harry ran to Hermione who was still shaking as the last wave of the crucio spell left her body. Hermione looked up to see Harry as he knelt beside her. He brings his hand behind her back to help her sit up as she stares at Emmeline's body in front of her. She ran her hands through her hair to catch her breath. She had been tortured only one time before by Bellatrix Lestrange in Malfoy Manor, that was an experience she didn't want to go through again, it would've been just like that had Harry not killed Emmeline.

Harry helped her stand up as her body was still shaking from the pain. They cleaned up and healed the older muggle couple and erased their memories of the night's events. They called the extraction team and went back to their hotel room. They knew they'd have a long debriefing when they got back since Harry had to kill Emmeline. As for the muggle police, the killings would stop and they'd file it under unsolved cases. Back in her room her and Harry made love again before packing and going back to their spouses.

This time their affair didn't end after their mission, they found ways to be together whenever they could. Whether it was late nights working or sneaking off during work to find a hotel room. Harry knew how they would look if they were discovered but he needed to be with her even though he wouldn't leave his wife. Hermione understood that he couldn't lose his son or see the look of disappoint on Arthur and Molly Weasley's faces. He still shared his bed with Ginny and Hermione did the same with Ron they couldn't let them or anyone else figure anything out so they appeared to be happily married.

Hermione was more content then she'd ever been, even Ron noticed the changes and he in turn was happier. She still planned romantic weekends and nights where she'd give herself over to Ron, but all the while thiking of Harry, because she was being satisfied both intellectually and physically but it just wasn't from her husband.

It was a few months later when she started feeling lethargic and nauseous and Ron insisted she go to the doctor so he took her and they were told they were expecting.