Breezepelt's story

Of course we're the bad guys of the story. Has anyone really thought about my father? I mean come on! He broke the warrior code by not only falling in love with another cat from another clan but, yes there is another reason, he tried to run away with her! She was medicine cat from Thunderclan! I mean come on! .WINDCLAN! I remember Hollyleaf and her big mouth. She just had to tell everyone the big secret that would change everything! She couldn't just shut up could she? She ruined everything! I had friends my loving mother my clan. By the time Hollyleaf was done yapping about my dad and Leafpool my clan mates had slunk away from me. All that was left was my mother and she was furious. She had always loved crowfeather but he never saw because he was so caught up in Leafpool He didn't notice her or he did and saw nothing that made him happy. Nightcloud stuck by him when he came back from running away with Leafpool and what does he do now? He's ungrateful. I just want to make him proud! But he never notices so what do I do? I do something that would make my mother happy and my clan proud. But my father turns away to Praise his old apprentice or a different apprentice that had caught a piece of prey. *Sighs* I just want to be loved.

AN: I'm sure he does sound whiny but that's his story and I'm sticking to it cause its one of my first Fanfictions please review!