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BPOV (Bella) Ten years since the end of Give Her Some Credit

"…You wake me up; you're having a bad dream. You let out a loud scream 'cause you're trying to find me, I run through the door. You hold out your hand, I put it inside of mine and sing you a lullaby, you're falling asleep inside my arms and I say; You could be the light and I could be the darkness, that covers you at night; I'll be all you wanted. You might find it strange, but I just find you beautiful. There's nothing you can change so, please don't change for me at all…"

The first few notes drew me in as they always did. Edward had played this song hundreds, actually thousands, of times over the years. It always brought my emotions to the surface.

The first few times Edward played the song for Renesmee or I, I liked it, if only because Edward was the singer. But one night in the middle of June, he told me why he was constantly playing the tune.


"You know it's not an original composition, correct?" I nodded as he smirked, dragging out the beginning notes into a flowing melody. "It was written by a signer/songwriter that never seemed to have his big break even though he was more than deserving of the notability. He just needed that one song, the one song that would start off his fame. This one would have been over looked too easily."

I walked over to Edward as he sat at the piano. I had intended to sit beside him, but he pulled me into his lap. I smiled into his neck getting myself into the familiar position while he put his fingers back into motion.

"I cannot do that however, it reminds me too much of the women I love." I sat back, waiting for him to continue. "You and Renesmee; it's like this song was written to remind me of the two of you. The memories practically battle the lyrics it seems…"


At the end of the first verse, his fingers twitched. I relished in those moments where I took him by surprise. He of course knew I was there, watching him intently, but it took him a few moments because of how lost he was in the feelings, the lyrics.

He kept playing, singing, however. It was the illusion of vulnerability; that I was catching him in a rare moment where he was lost in the power of his thoughts.

I gazed at his neck; from the point where I was standing I could just see the way the corner of his mouth turned up as I watched him uninterrupted. He knew how much I loved this time of the evening when he would play that song and we could just be us; Edward and Bella Cullen.

Oh, we got married, though not in the way anyone had expected, or apparently wanted.

Three years after we had come back from Forks, I wanted to make it official; that I was his and he was mine in every way, even marital.

It wasn't that I afraid that Edward would leave again or that I was still fearing he would change his mind one day. That fear had vanished the day Edward and I had made love again that first time in Forks… and the next several times certainly cemented in my mind.

But, I just wanted to be young with Edward. We were forever young, sure, but the truth was we never got the opportunity to just be Edward and Bella. We fell in love in high school and immediately had to deal with homicidal vampires. After that, we had maybe a few moments in time before my birthday and then him leaving. And after twenty years of being a single mother, as much I say it changed me, it was simply because it had. You grow up, whether you intend to or not. And then after all of that, when we finally met again, I spent the next several months fighting the feelings that I wanted to give into.

After everything was said and done, I just wanted to be with Edward without the responsibility, without the status of being married, just for a bit.

After three years, I came to the conclusion that as much as I loved being with Edward, it didn't have to change just because of marriage.

So we went to Vegas.

We only took Renesmee with us and once the ceremony was complete, we promptly put her back on a plane to the family so we could enjoy out honeymoon.

Esme was not pleased.

Emmett was depressed that he missed out on Vegas.

Alice was pissed.

Yet, when it all came down to it, I didn't care. Edward and I were unconventional from the start and I wanted it to be as if we were humans marrying too young against our parents' wishes. That's how it could have been for us, given those circumstances.

Edward and I had talked in length about it before hand, without making decisions, of course. I knew that Esme and Carlisle, and even Emmett and Rose, had been married nearly once a decade, sometimes more if the urge struck them. Alice and Jasper had even been married twice, once with the family and once without.

When it came right down to it, I knew this wouldn't be our only wedding, but it was our first. We could have the family wedding later down the line, but I wanted this one for us, only us. I wanted it outlandish, crazy even, because that was how Edward made me feel about him. We were both agreed that Renesmee be a part of it, it was her meddling ways that we found each other of course. Our daughter was everything.

"… Watching you sleep. I'm watching the worlds collide, 'cause you need a chance to find the woman you are inside and I am in the way. I can't escape how I am for you; how I adore you. But baby it's you; dream, dream with me that someday… You could be the light and I could be the darkness that covers you at night; I'll be all you wanted. You might find it strange, but I just find you beautiful. There's nothing you can change so, please don't change for me at all…"

I listened to the notes carry as he played the second verse before diving into the bridge. I smiled.

The air changed from its soft, flowing melody into the fast, heated resolve, just like our life was changing. For better or worse, I wasn't so sure… yet.

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