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RPOV (Renesmee)

The weeks were going by.

It had been three weeks since Mom and I went to see Angela and Noah and everything seemed to settle down rapidly. Dad was on edge, but that really wasn't anything new. He was just an overprotective dad, but I kinda loved that.

School was fine, same old lessons that I had already learned many, many times before. That was the thing about high school. The academics didn't vary much more than a few new current events and maybe a new discovery, but otherwise it was just the same as it had always been.

However, the people were what changed. The things that got the preppy kids in Rochester all up in arms had the kids in Sothern Missouri not even offering a second glace. It seemed Forks was closer to Missouri.

They didn't care about things that went on in other towns, let alone in other states. They cared about their home base and who was going out with whom. Clothes were just clothes, not really a statement of fashion or status. It was more about the relationships; who were friends and who were enemies.

I always enjoyed watching from the sidelines and just observing before actually immersing myself in the school population. I needed to know who I could trust and who I could enjoy hanging out with; people that weren't going to press for details that I couldn't give, but would like me anyways.

It was harder this year for some reason and I got the distinct feeling that I wouldn't have too many friends left to bid goodbye to when we ultimately left Forks behind.

It wasn't that there weren't nice, good-hearted people here. There were, absolutely. It was just that I didn't really have much in common with them and I didn't really few the draw to them that I usually did. I didn't feel the draw with any of the high schoolers.

I felt the draw with Noah.

I wanted to be friends with him.

I had never had someone know about my family and myself; no one that had understood why we kept our distance and why we couldn't answer certain questions. And I definitely didn't have people that knew my 'sister and brother-in-law' were actually my parents and that we were vampires.

It felt so… relieving…

I felt relief at not having to outright lie about my entire existence. Granted I wasn't telling Noah everything about myself, or the rest of the family, but he knew the basics and we were slowly working through some of his questions.

We had made a deal; one question every time we talked without people around. I certainly didn't want the whole school, or town, to know what he did. We also still had the rule that I didn't have to answer something if it would put either of us in danger or if I was uncomfortable with the question itself.

It was working and I loved the friendship.

"Renesmee, aren't we running late?" Noah came up behind, settling into the school coach persona. That was another thing; we decided not to really interact at school much unless it was "about school." He wasn't my coach, but we saw enough of each other that he was still a teacher. We didn't need people talking.

"Only by a few minutes, Coach Cheney, don't worry I'm headed straight to Mr. Behun's homeroom." I smiled, before heading off down the hallway while Noah headed in the opposite direction towards the gym.


We were outside the Coffee Shop, aptly named 'The Coffee Shop,' while I drank my third Sprite and Noah continued to drink the god-awful, smelling coffee. It was disgusting; I said it several before and I'll keep the opinion, thanks.

"Sure, you don't want an iced coffee or something?" Noah asked as I returned to my seat after getting my refill.

"No, I can't even look at that awful stuff. I'll stick to the soda, thanks." He nodded before looking over to the few people milling around before going into the bookstore next door.

Once the patio was clear again, Noah spoke. "Alright, I got my question for today."

I laughed. He made this such a big deal. I seriously suspected he had a list at home on his fridge with all of his questions in order by priority. So far, he had been pretty predictable. He asked about why we left Forks, why we came back, where we had been over the years, why Mom and I were separated from the rest of the family, and, of course, what we drank. I had refused to answer only question; what would happen if I fell for a human. I didn't have an answer. While my parents had a great relationship now, they went through a lot of hard times and a lot of heartache that might have never happened if they were both human, or both vampires. I, of course, probably wouldn't exist if either of those were the case though, so instead of answering, I just stressed about it for weeks on end.

"Well, what is it today?" I asked, waiting to see if he had come up with something I would approve of.

He took a breath before leaning in closely. "Alright, I'm kind of expecting you to not answer, but I really want to ask…" I nodded, waiting and watching to make sure no one was around to overhear. "Can you do anything else, besides run fast and bend metal with your boney fingers?"

I blinked, trying to decide if I should laugh or get upset at his little joke. Yet, the joke didn't really register for more than a minute.

He was seriously asking this. I trusted him, of course, but how could he not freak out about my ability. The only way for him to understand would be to show him and then he'd probably take off running. This wasn't like me showing Dad that I was his daughter or showing Alice the dress I wanted to wear to go shopping. This was exposing my human friend to the world of… the supernatural. I mean, sure, he was already hanging out with a half vampire, but still.

I was quiet for minutes before Noah spoke. "You're not gonna answer me, are you?"

I placed my elbow on the table before holding my head up on my hand. "I don't know if I should, Noah."

He took a deep breath. "Is it gonna put us in danger?" He asked softly.

"Possibly, but that's not it." I tried to explain.

"Was it out of line…? I'm sor-" He tried to apologize, but I wouldn't take it.

"No, don't. It wasn't. I just… I just don't want to freak you out." I was twirling my curls like an insane person.

He thought for a moment. "Does your head spin off and fly?"

Huh? "What? No."

He laughed. "Then it won't freak me out. As long as all body parts stay attached, I'm good." He scooted closer, lowering his voice. "You're a half vampire, you can bench about four hundred times as me, and you drink animal blood. How are gonna freak me out?"

Fair point…

I shook my head, before taking his hand in mine. He gasped, not expected the physical contact I'm sure. We hadn't touched before. "Just stay calm. Please?"

He nodded, still unsure.

I showed him Angela, from when she was with me as a baby. She was singing to me while she brushed my hair, smiling while I smiled back. The scene played for a few minutes before I pulled my hand back, watching his face stay in complete shock.


"She used to sing me the same song." He said, without really moving.

I smiled, hoping he just needed the time to process.

He leaned back against his chair, pulling his fingers through his shaggy hair causing it to fall right back into his face when he got to the ends. "That is… holy shit. That's so amazing. You thought that would freak me out?" I laughed, before nodding. "It didn't. That is the coolest thing I've ever seen, Nes."

It was the first time he called me that, but it wasn't weird. At all.

I smiled, not knowing what else to say.

"You can show anything?" He whispered.

"If I experienced it." I nodded, my eyes shifting to the people that were starting to exit the bookstore with bags hanging from their arms. Noah's head turned to see the people headed our way.

"Definitely not freaking me out…" He mumbled before sipping his coffee.


(The Next Day)

I was supposed to be meeting Noah at the diner right after school. He had said that they had the best steak and I was in the mood of some meat. This particular hunger wasn't quite for blood, but a barely seared slab of meat would hit the spot perfectly.

Mashed potatoes sounded pretty good as well.

I checked my watch as the waitress set down the water that I really had no intention of drinking. "Do you wanna order something, sweetie? Or are you gonna wait for your friend?" The older woman asked.

I smiled, noticing that Noah was a good twenty minutes late. "That's okay, I'll give him another few minutes and if he doesn't show, I'm just gonna head out." And go into the woods to get a damn dear. "Thanks."

She nodded, turning away from me.

I pulled out my cell phone.

Picking you up at six – Dad

I smiled, knowing that he probably had worlds more to say about the fact that I was hanging out with Noah, again, but he wouldn't text it. No, he would just save all the lovely things he had to say until I was unable to delete, mute, or ignore him.

"Hey! Renesmee, right?" Someone said while I typed a quick message back to Dad so he knew I got it. I looked up, ready to dismiss whoever it was while still being polite and not drawing in any new attention, when I came face to face with… what was his name? Jack? Jake? I think… Jacob.

I smiled, hoping this was not becoming a pattern. "Hey…" I said, letting him know that I couldn't quite place him.

"Jacob." He offered easily, smiling all the while.

"Right. So, how are you?" I asked, seriously starting to wonder when Noah would get his ass here.

His smile got bigger; something that I would've thought impossible. "Good, good. This seat taken?" I didn't even get the chance to say anything because he was sitting before he finished the sentence. "So, you're new to town, right? Where you from exactly?"

Seriously? It was one thing for the students to ask this every time we got somewhere new, but adults usually had a tad more tack. Did he really expect me to answer? Thankfully, Noah finally walked through the door and I decided to make a lovely show of waving him over. "Noah!"

He smiled, but it fell when he saw Jacob. "Hey, Renesmee, I'm sorry I'm late, emergency faculty meeting, some new teacher starting next Monday…" He trailed off, before locking his eyes with my unwanted guest. "Hi, I'm Noah." He held out his hand and Jacob took it while standing, well, towering over him.

"Name's Jacob, nice to meet ya." His words were friendly, but his tone was similar to Dad's whenever the boys in whichever town we were in flirted with me. Why would he be protective? He doesn't even freaking know me.

"Yeah." Clever Noah… "So how do you know Nes?" I smiled. At least Noah's helping me out here.

"Oh," Jacob laughed. "We go way back, old friends." Huh? "Anyways, I gotta meet my friends next door, but I wanted to come say 'hey.' I'll see you around." He looked at me the entire time and then walked through the door and headed down the street without checking the store the next door.

"Interesting friend you got there." Noah mumbled, but, of course, I heard him.

"Yeah, I wouldn't call him a friend." I said. It was still bugging the crap out of me that I couldn't place his eyes though.

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