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Summary: I accidentally tripped into a magical fountain and somehow ended up in Yugioh. The one thing I want to do I is find Yugi and gawk at him- I mean, see him in person. There's no way I'm falling into Yugioh and not meeting Yugi, that would be counter productive. This is going to be so much fun. What should I do first? Wreak havoc on people? Give a giant headache to a few ancient spirits? Confuse the heck out of Joey? Or just plain piss off Kaiba?

A/N: This basically sticks to what happens in the show. Any duel scene that is written is a scene that doesn't actually happen in the real show. I'm re-starting this story, sorry to all the people that liked it before. I wasn't happy with it. The first chapter is slow, but the story picks up in a couple of chapters. I hope you guys like it and aren't bored with it.

Chapter 1

The real fun starts now.

"I activate the magic card polymerization in order to fuse together my Summoned Skull and Red Eyes Black Dragon to create Black Skull Dragon. And thanks to my magic card, quick attack, B. Skull Dragon doesn't have to wait one turn to attack you. Which means sis, you lose the rest of your life points, making me the winner!"

I let out a melodramatic sigh, "Ah you beat me, again." I told my seven year old brother.

"Let's play again, Allie!" he exclaimed, gathering his deck and shuffling it.

I snorted, "I don't think so. It's time for you to go to bed." I really didn't want to play against Sam, he always won. And this time I really did try to beat him, but I just suck at dueling.

My name, in case you haven't figured it out, is Allie Grey. I was named after my mother's favorite restaurant- I know, it's not really that creative when you think about. Right now, it's a Friday night and instead of hanging out with my friends, I'm stuck at home babysitting Sam, while my parents are out watching an opera. I've just been playing three hours worth of duel monsters and I lost every single time.

I suck.

"Aw…just one more game? Please?" Sam puffed out his lower lip and gazed up at me with the puppy dog pout.

As much as I wanted to give in, if my mom found out I let Sam stay up past his bed time, I'd be grounded. "No." I told Sam.

"That's not fair!" he shouted, stomping up the stairs and into his room.

Life's not fair, I replied silently, mentally rolling my eyes. I walked back into the den and collected up all of the cards and placing them inside my pocket. Glancing at the clock I found that it was still fairly early in the night. Would it be irresponsible of me to leave the house with my kid brother fast asleep? I shrugged, it probably was, but I wanted a brownie and Sam at the last one. It'd only take me a couple of minutes- the store was on the other side of the park.

With my mind made up, I grabbed my grey jean parka and headed outside. It was pretty chilly, I noted, for a summer night. I quickly jogged through the crowded park, not stopping to watch the clown swallow a giant knife, or the street dancers who thought they were super cool- I was a little paranoid about leaving Sam all alone. I bought a box of brownies with the last of my allowance and walked back.

"Child," a deep voice called out.

I stopped and looked around before pointing at myself. The lady nodded and beckoned me with her index finger. I thought about it for a moment- I really needed to get home. Eh, I shrugged, it wouldn't hurt to see what she wanted. I inched over towards her, curious to see what her act was.

"The cards have something to tell you," she said in a thick accent.

Ah, she was a crystal ball act. Fortune tellers never amazed me. I can't believe people actually let someone else tell them what their future was going to be like.

"Pick a card." she said, spreading out a deck of tarot cards.

I chuckled, waving my hand, "Sorry, I don't have any money on me."

"Just a pick a card." she repeated.

I gave her a funny look, but then shrugged. I picked the card that seemed to be sticking out further than the rest of the cards. It was a picture of an angel with a trumpet and a bunch of naked people seemed to be worshipping her. On the bottom of the card read: Judgment.

Immediately the card was snatched from my hands, "Oh child," the woman said in a sympathetic tone, "You are about to be reborn and sent on a journey."

I rolled my eyes, "Okay. Thank you," - crazy lady, I added silently. See, this is exactly why I don't believe the stuff fortune tellers have to say. Why should I let a card tell me my future? It makes no sense.

I continued on my way back, making a mental note not to ever do something like that again. To my annoyance, the stupid street dancers had moved directly in front of the path that went straight to my house. And I couldn't get past them- the crowd was too big. I glared at the dancers- now I would have to take a longer route home. Hmm…maybe I shouldn't have gone out. I chuckled, was this what the lady meant when she said I was about to go on a journey?

"Excuse me," I muttered, trying to push through the large crowd. One particularly mean person, would not move as I asked nicely and instead, when I tried to squeeze past him, pushed me backwards. A normal person would've have probably just fallen down, but I managed to trip over my own foot and before I knew it, I was falling…straight into the fountain.

It is official, I have the worst luck in the world.

The water was freezing as it touched my skin. I felt completely grossed out. Do you know how unsanitary this water is? Nobody cleans it, guys use it as their own personal toilet- eww, just eww. But stupid me accidentally inhaled a mouthful of the unsanitary water- I know, what kind of idiot am I? - and then I began to choke.

I didn't know this fountain was deep enough for someone to drown. The public safety committee should really do something about this. I could see it, the light was getting smaller and smaller with every second that passed. My one fear of drowning was actually coming true. My luck SUCKS!

You are about to be reborn and sent on a journey…


Was this some sort of stupid joke? Am I being punished because I don't believe in fortune tellers?

Coming to my senses I used what little strength I had left and began to swim upwards towards the light.

Really, how deep was this stupid fountain? Because no matter how much I swam, I didn't seem to be getting any closer to reaching the surface. And wait a minute, shouldn't I be dead by now? Surely it's been over a minute- and I choked on toxic water.

And suddenly the absurdity of my situation hit me. Yes I know, I'm a slow thinker. It was impossible for the fountain to be this retardedly deep. Did I hit my head on the concrete? Knowing my luck, I did and am now just dreaming.

"Allison Grey, it is time to initiate your ordeal."

What the heck?

The water disappeared and I felt myself starting to fall. My second fear of dying is falling to my death. Is my luck really that bad?

x x x

"WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" I could hear myself screaming at the top of my lungs. I know this was a stupid dream, but even in dream world I didn't want to die. I desperately started to flap my arms up and down hoping that maybe I'd sprout wings and magically fly. Nope, I continued to fall through the darkness. This is exactly why I hate heights! I looked around wildly for any signs of something that could help me.


I felt myself speeding up, but dared not open my eyes. All I could do was brace myself for impact, but it never came. I slowly opened my eyes, unsure if I had died or not. When I opened my eyes my vision was hazy, but after a couple of blinks it became clear- no I wish it did, but I was still absolutely confused. Where the heck was I?

I wasn't in the park, that I was sure of.


I jumped to my feet and whipped around. My jaw hit the floor and my eyes became as round as saucers.

"Whoa!" the figure said "I ain't gonna hurt ya,"

Oh my god.

"Joey Wheeler," I said before I could stop myself.

Just how hard did I hit my head? This had to be a dream, the best dream ever. Somebody pinch me, err actually don't, I don't want to wake up.

He perked his head up at his name "Who wants to know?" he said in his brooklyn accent.

I let out a girlish shriek.

Joey clamped his hands over his ears "Would ya stop yapping!" he said.

I slapped my hands over my mouth, and silently gaped at the blonde.

"Sorry girl." Joey said, wiping his face "But if ya want a duel, it's gonna have to wait. I'm in a hurry."

I watched as he walked away, my mouth slightly ajar in awe. Dream or no dream, this was just way to cool. After a couple of minutes, I decided to follow him, because who wouldn't want to follow Joey Wheeler? He's my fourth favorite character, after the egyptian trio. As I started to run after him, a bright light appeared in front of me and temporarily blinded me.

That is so not fair.

When I opened my eyes again, a man dressed in white robes was hovering in front of me. Once again I felt my jaw drop and eyes widen.


"Er hi?" I squeaked.

He hovered for a few more seconds and then slowly came down until we stood face to face. His ice blue eyes seemed to stare right through me. I never thought Shadi to be intimidating, but I change my mind.

Finally the spirit spoke, "You are Allison Grey."

It wasn't a question, but a statement. I nodded my head.

"You have been brought here by the will of Slifer the Sky Dragon in order to prove yourself worthy of protecting the Pharaoh."



Ha ha, funny. Wow I really went overboard on this dream. I guess that's what happens when I hit my head…hmm maybe I should hit my head more often then. I turned around and began to walk away. This was boring and I didn't want to talk to Shadi. My dream, my rules. Now where did Joey Wheeler run off to?

I looked back, Shadi had disappeared.

I looked ahead and promptly crashed into Shadi, only he's a spirit so I just walked right through him.

"Ugh!" I exclaimed, "Was that really necessary?" I glared at him.

"Do I have your attention now?" he replied back.

I huffed and folded my arms childishly, "Yes," I muttered, looking away. I really wanted to go and talk a little more with Joey Wheeler.


And I'm not really sure what Shadi said because I completely tuned out. I tend to do that when I get bored. Shadi was ruining my dream with his boring talking. He could tell me all the details later, after I had found Joey Wheeler and talked with him. I don't think I've ever had a dream like this one.

"Yeah, okay, I got it. Help Yami save the world. Yup." I said, saluting him, "Bye now."

This time, I ran off before I could give the ancient spirit a chance to poof right in front of me. I emerged from the alley out onto a busy street of, what I guess, Domino City. Wow this place is cool. Hmm…what were the chances of running into the rest of the gang? Well since it was my dream, I'd say pretty high.

I began to skip down the street, not really knowing where I was going. I made a hard right, around a corner, and crashed into something solid. At first I thought I had run into Shadi again, but then I remembered he didn't have a solid body. I groaned, it felt as though I had smashed into a brick wall. I didn't know you could feel pain in a dream. I glanced up, "Sorry," I gave the man a weak grin.

He looked down at me and then grabbed me by the arm and dragged me off towards god knows where. Suddenly this dream wasn't so fun anymore.

"Let go of me you overgrown gorilla!" I yelled, twisting and squirming. I raked my sharp nails against his skin, but he didn't even flinch. I looked around wildly for help, but no one seemed to notice the fact that a little girl was being dragged into an alley by a creepy man.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing!"

Yes! Somebody to my rescue.

I looked up to see…Joey Wheeler, surrounded by a group of guys in capes. It hit me- they were rare hunters. I looked at the man who was still holding onto me, how could I not have seen it? It was a rare hunter too. If I remember correctly, Joey is forced to duel a rare hunter, where he then loses and is beaten to a pulp.

Maybe this isn't a dream after all.

You're right, this indeed, is not a dream, Allison Grey.

I stopped trying to free myself. Shadi? I mentally asked, but there was no reply. I guess this is what I get for not listening to the spirit.

"Now see here Mr. Wheeler." the rare hunter who was holding me captive said, an evil grin etched on his face "You can walk away, but if you do something terrible might happen to this girl. You wouldn't want that now, would you?" the rare hunter's friends all snickered.

"Who do you think you are!" I hissed, glaring at him through my hazel orbs.

"Silence girl." snapped the rare hunter.

"Alright pal let's get this over with." Joey said, a grin on his face. He already had on his duel disk "If ya wanna duel me so badly then let's duel. But just so ya know, I was runner up at Duelist Kingdom!" he boasted. "But first let my friend go."

Friend? But I just met him two seconds ago. If Joey dueled, he'd lose his Red-Eyes! The rare hunter shuffled me over to another rare hunter before he activated his duel disk.

"It's time to duel!" they shouted.

x x x

"Joey you ok?" I asked, holding out a hand and helping the blonde teen up. It had been a pretty unfair fight since the Rare Hunter had used fake cards to win the duel and then to add insult to injury, beat up poor Joey.

"No...my Red-Eyes-Black-Dragon...It's gone" he murmured to himself. Suddenly Joey started to wobble and then slowly body slammed me.

"Whoa...whoa...whoa... Don't you dare faint on me Joey Wheeler." I said, catching him and then crashing into the brick wall behind us.

"Nah...I ain't gonna faint. I...I just need a nap...that's all" he muttered, arms falling limp at his side. We both slide down to the ground and I wiggled my way out from under him.

It was official, Joey Wheeler was out cold.

Lol I own a pack of tarot cards, and I randomly picked one up off the floor and it was judgment. Talk about heart of the cards. The description of judgment was perfect for what I needed.

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