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Chapter 26


Bakura was doing great, well maybe great wasn't the right word. Actually on second thought things could be better. He could be in possession of all seven millennium items already. And he could be rid of annoying Marik and health hazardous Allie. Oh and the Pharaoh could just go and be his servant while his silly friends could forever die. And the rest of the world could just address him as Master, but King would do as well too.

And that was only a couple of hours ago.

From making it to Battle City Finals, things had rapidly gone down hill at light speed. Really the entire world may as well have been against him. He had finally reached a point in his five thousand years of life where he concluded, why bother? Apparently every step he took forward, someone decided for sure he took ten steps backwards. But this, this had finally snapped Bakura's tolerance.

A troubled sigh expelled into the darkness, "Aye of all people, of course it would be you. It couldn't have been Wheeler or Kaiba or someone else?" the voice grumbled.

"Come again?" Bakura sneered in reply.

The voice responded with a mocking cough, "I think you heard me, jarbu,"

The pitch of the voice suggested it belonged to a female and its snarky tone confirmed that it belonged to a female. Ra, why were all women so…so blah? For some reason though, Bakura felt familiarity with this particular voice; like he had known it once before. The Thief King bristled, "Say that again!" he roared, not at all taking a liking to the term jarbu. His eyes darted around trying to locate the source of the irritating she-voice; darkness wasn't a problem. Sensing a vague presence to his left, Bakura abruptly swig around and marched forward.

"Something the matter, jarbu?" she asked.

Bakura muttered threats under his breath while glaring daggers at the mysterious female.

The unknown girl chuckled, "Oh if I were you I'd watch-"

A loud THUD resonated before she could finish her sentence followed by a stream of very foul language.

"-for that."

Bakura could hear her smirking and it only annoyed him further. He reached out a hand to feel what exactly he had walked into. Taking a wild guess at the metal, rusty texture and the cylindrical shape, he was behind bars. Maybe in some sort of cell. What a big mistake made by one very stupid individual, Bakura thought.

Just as the arrogant thief king was adjusting to the darkness, an intense light source flared up washing away the black. Bakura had to raise an arm up to shield his face as the scenery lightened considerably. When he finally did lower his arm down a girl stood before him; a wheel of fire spinning in the background. Bakura studied her through the bars of his cell. She reminded him of Allison Grey only she wasn't and she was taller; they matched heights basically. Her fiery red bangs hid her eyes; Bakura did not like the fox like grin on her face.

"Yo jarbu remember me?" the girl asked cockily, her arms folded in front of her.

So he wasn't crazy. Apparently they did know each other. And she knew where from.

"The all mighty Thief King," she continued in a taunting matter, "But kinda not anything anymore seeing how you're an errand boy for that Tomb Keeper," she remarked casually with a shrug of her shoulders to display her opinion, "My how you've fallen off that grand pedestal you were so proud of,"

Bakura scowled and chose to ignore her comment. He didn't have to answer to this wench. Instead he decided to address a different issue, "If I were you, I would go tell that fool Jaq, holding me here is the biggest mistake he will ever make," Bakura threatened, almost pressing his face into the bars.

The girl sighed and shook her head, "As always jarbu you're mistaken. Look again genius."

This girl's mannerisms, the way her words rolled off her sharp tongue and that godforsaken name she called him; they registered somewhere in his head. Maybe he was going about this the wrong way. Bakura eyed the raven haired girl once more. Maybe it wasn't where, but, "It's you!" Bakura's eyes widened in recognition. He gripped the bars to his cell, "Why am I here?" A set of rusty bars were not going to stop him from getting his hands on her.

She shrugged, "These days I'm called Malice. And clearly you still have hearing problems. Look around."

Bakura exhaled harshly before taking a step back. True there were jail bars in front of him, but it wasn't he who was behind them. Calming down slightly, Bakura took a better look around. He was currently standing in the corridor of what appeared to be a dinky, decaying dungeon with Malice imprisoned before him. He quite liked this situation. He hoped the wench stayed like this for the rest of eternity. A five thousand year old grudge was no joke. Bakura's memories were still intact. He remembered like it was yesterday the heinous trouble she caused him back when he was alive.

Bakura folded his arms and leaned against the wall in a smug manner, "You look different than the last time I had the misfortune to see you," he informed.

"Thanks. Five thousand years will do that," Malice drawled.

Bakura narrowed his eyes. "What does the Mad Hatter wants this time?"

Malice flipped a lock of her hair over her shoulder and laughed, "Does it look like that guy and I are on any good terms?" She jangled her shackles for emphasis. "But he didn't bring you here. Most likely those two don't even know you're here. Cause if they had summoned you, you wouldn't be here."

"Then what is going on?" The Thief King's asked in a low voice, glaring across at his old enemy.

Malice placed her hands on an invisible surface and hoisted herself into the air; settling down in a cross-legged position. She snapped her fingers and instantly her hair began tying itself into a bun while her bangs were pulled back revealing deep purple eyes that stared directly into Bakura. "That mind of yours starting to fade, old man?"

"Watch it,"

Malice rolled her eyes, "You're hardly threatening now," her eyes traced Bakura's frame up and down, "And by the looks of it, I'd say you've gotten frail in your old age,"

"Ha," Bakura exclaimed, laughing at her insults, "I could overthrow you right now, woman,"

"I suppose that's true," Malice admitted thoughtfully, "A couple of millennia rotting away here…I hate to burst your bubble, little rat, but if you intend to actually hurt me, you might need your Millennium Ring, dear," the she-devil added with sarcastic endearment. To be reunited with her little street rat. Maybe being imprisoned wouldn't be so boring anymore. They shared quite a special relationship. In modern day terms, an endless game of cat and mouse.

The imprisoned girl chuckled at her revelation; her little rat's cocky attitude changed from arrogance to fury. It always was easy to rile him up. "And there it is," she narrated comically.

See? Ten steps backwards. Bakura assessed his situation as quickly as possible. The Millennium Ring was his medium. Without it he couldn't retain a presence; he was a spirit after all, just one tenth of his former glory as Thief King. That being said, how in the world was this even possible? Bakura already had a vague answer somewhere in the back of his head. Allie's magical item more than likely had something to do with his current predicament.

"Tell me Mesk, why is it that I only remember you?" His memory wasn't that poor. Bakura didn't recall the Mad Hatter or Jaq from his past. Which meant he certainly didn't trust them. And the Pharaoh's Knight story sounded like a joke. It was always seven Millennium Items. Seven wielders.

"Because," Malice paused. She glanced up timidly through the curtain of hair cast of her face, "We're connected. Forever," she whispered the last bit.

This was perhaps the first time in all his life, past and present, Bakura felt the urge to hurl.

And then Malice began to laugh. Loudly. She clutched her stomach while finding support from her prison's wall as she broke down. Between deep breaths and tears she managed to choke out, "You…should have…seen your…face…Rat!" Once Malice finally regained her composure, she threw the Thief King one of those 'you-really-deserved-it' looks and snapped, "Like I know why you can't remember everything,"

Bakura held back what he really wanted to say because it wouldn't do him any good. Due to one horrendous complication, better known as Allison Grey, his grand finale endgame was in jeopardy. That girl was an enigma. As much as it hurt his pride to admit, she had real potential to become a threat to his plans. Well not really her per se, but the ancient piece of jewelry she carried around that held the real danger.

"Everyone is under the impression Allison Grey wields an eighth Millennium Item," Bakura began, "But there are only seven."

"What if someone made another one?" Malice countered.

"Are you suggesting the Grey girl is somehow capable of such magic?" interjected the ancient spirit with great skepticism.

The two toned haired girl rolled her eyes, "You've got eyes don't you, rat? Does that stupid girl look capable of doing anything?" Malice retorted with disdain. She questioned her King's sanity to go to the extent of bringing in a girl from another world. Though Malice would never doubt her King, she would have thought there was a better choice, say Joseph Wheeler or even Seto Kaiba.

Bakura gritted his teeth together in fury, "Then it really is an Eighth Item?"

"You going deaf too?" the young girl shot back, "Did I say that?" She threw her hands up in defeat and muttered under her breath something along the lines of forget it. Malice feigned a yawn and laid down with her back towards her white haired street rat. "You should leave, before those two figure out you're here. It won't be good for you," she informed earnestly.

Bakura felt a vein throb on his left temple, "Well I would just love to waltz right out, but I don't think it can be that simple can it, Mesk," yes his patience had snapped.

Malice growled with irritation, "Leave!" she screamed.

The self illuminating flames that hovered innocently burst into droplets and scattered onto the decaying ground. Bakura could barely make out what was in front of him. Everything had gone dark and the only sound heard was the crackling of the embers. But he wasn't afraid. The darkness was his sacred territory after all.

"No." Bakura spoke firmly, "You're in no position to order me around."

The sound of rubble falling echoed followed by something massive setting its foot down. The walls trembled in fear while the last of the embers were extinguished. Bakura remained where he stood. From what he had gathered, The Mad Hatter had placed Malice in a prison which meant that despite who her cell looked, it was good enough to keep her there.

Hot breath buffeted his face. Bakura calmly stared into a set of large ruby red eyes, "So this is your true form," he remarked casually.

"You haven't changed a bit," spoke a mangled voice.

Yami Bakura disregarded the insult, "Tell me about this eighth item. What is it really?"

The beast snorted with amusement, "Thieving rat, what makes you think you are so important?"

Wrong answer. The problem with constantly underestimating someone was that one day that someone would finally prove you wrong. Now would be one of those rare underdog moments. Bakura smiled sinisterly, "The difference between you and I, Mesk, is that you are trapped here forever. So this place is your domain. I believe I am only here temporarily," he continued gleefully, "When I do return to my own body I can't guarantee Allison's safety. The girl has caused me quite some trouble, I might decide to pay her back…"

"Do you think I would tell you anything just to keep the girl safe? She's just a normal girl." the black creature narrowed its eyes.

Bakura remained grinning, "Go ahead and lie, Malice, if that's what you want to do. But you might want to tell Jaq not to talk so much. Grey wields the power of the Pharaoh's Knight," The Mad Hatter and Jaq had both expressed great importance over Allie's presence. Bakura didn't know the whole story, but he remembered what Jaq had said during their last meeting. This Pharaoh's Knight had played some sort of important role in his past life's events. Bakura ventured to guess that the Pharaoh's Knight had something to do with the fact that Jaq and the Mad Hatter and Mesk were all here. Jaq had mentioned their King had sealed them inside to guard something. But Bakura had to play it cooly. One slip of the tongue and he'd reveal his clever bluff.

An outcry of anger proved Bakura's theory. He continued to smirk.

"I would never betray my King!"

"Then Allison Grey will die."

Bakura slouched his hands in his pockets and turned away. It was a fifty-fifty gambit. And he had nothing to lose. The white haired spirit chuckled under his breath. This was his revenge, sort of. Being reunited with his old foe brought back unpleasant memories. Was it fate that they met again? It must be, and what an ironic situation too.

But really, how was he going to get back to his own body? Bakura took cautious steps into the abyss; he didn't know how this particular Item functioned. He was wary of the space distortion in such a small object. Like the Puzzle, it could be booby-trapped. Bakura needed to find Allie's soul chamber. He didn't doubt there was one somewhere in the abyss. Millennium Item or not, it held similar properties of the Seven, like the need for a user; therefore, a part of Allie's existence was somewhere here. Whoever though that klutz could be complex, Bakura laughed.

Walking down an endless invisible path seemed pointless, but there was nowhere else Bakura could go. He was sure sooner or later Malice would succumb to his demands. But until they conversed again, there wasn't much he could do. Time ceased to exist here, and it was intriguing to note how dark the interior of Allie's soul was. Fractured. Endless. No direction. A bit different from the Pharaoh's maze like design and his own dark spiral.

"What secrets are you hiding?" Bakura mused aloud, his eyes darting around the murky fog. One particular misstep into a puddle had him falling through.

A grim expression formed as a scene began to weave itself around him. Bakura watched silently.

"Jane it's a boy!"

"Mommy I have a new brother?"

Bakura fanned away the memory with a swipe of his hand. The heavy mist returned and he was back standing in the ankle high water. Walking got him nowhere, but standing still didn't do him any good either. Without his Millennium Ring, he couldn't sense the right direction as well. All he could do was wander until Malice made up her mind.

This is starting to get repetitive, Bakura thought as he once again sank through another hidden pot hole. He folded his arms and waited with boredom for a new scene to unfold before him. A questioning brow rose at the sight of a woman slapping a little girl across the face. Was this a skeleton in Allie's closet?

"Why would you cut your hair?" The woman demanded outraged, "Those bangs look hideous. What were you thinking?"

A third party, an older boy, rushed in between the two, "It's not a big deal. Hair grows back. Besides I think Allie looks good. She can pull off jagged bangs."

"No boy will ever marry a girl like you. Shape up your act or you'll be attending boarding school in Moscow until you're eighteen!"

The scene shifted.

"Mom didn't mean that." The boy said, pressing a cloth to young Allie's face.

Allie remained stoney faced while the boy laughed. He reached up and pushed locks of hazel hair off her face to reveal smeared blood and a large cut. "You should have told Mom you hurt yourself instead of trying to hide it."

Bakura took a step forward instantly breaking the fragile memory. So far he hadn't witnessed anything traumatizing enough to create such darkness. A couple of bad experiences in school mixed with family moments. There was no way that Allie and he shared anything in common. It made more sense for the darkness to originate from one of the three spirits sealed away. As the familiar background of nothing rebuilt itself, a dreary cello tune began to play.

The white haired king noted with annoyance the water beneath his feet had thickened. He raised his foot to shake off guck only to find his shoe stained crimson. Startled, Bakura took a couple of steps backwards and looked around. The setting had shifted. Another memory was forming around him, literally. This one was a bit different, more surreal and alive. It didn't disappear at his movements like the rest.

You said we would tell each other everything. A young Allie sat rigidly in her seat, back pressed up against a white wall. Her firsts were clenched and she glared harshly at the floor. A little boy sat to her left while a group of adults muttered to themselves to her right.

He's asking for you, one adult dressed in white spoke gently, kneeling by Allie's side. He repeated himself again when she didn't respond.

Allie replied quietly but her voice quickly escalated to a shout, I don't want to see him!

That's enough, he is your brother and you will go in there and see him, A woman reached out and pulled Allie down a silent corridor. They stopped in front of one room and the woman opened the door.

Bakura attempted to follow the younger Allie through the door. He was curious to see what would happen, but when he crossed the threshold he was greeted by space. The moment was gone and in its place stood mirrors. Note the plural. It wasn't just a couple of mirrors. There were hundreds of mirrors. Vertical. Horizontal. Short. Tall. Backwards- if that was even possible. And the cello tune was back, this time accompanied with a piano.

If Bakura was going to be stuck here for a while, he would make sure that things went his way. One of these mirrors had to lead to Allie's soul chamber. He would try them all because he could. Find Allie's soul and take control. If Marik could find a way to possess her, Bakura would do better.

He grinned to himself.

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