Captain Power: Deflection

By LongTimeFan

Rating: T

Disclaimer:The following is a work of fan fiction based on the television series, Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. It is in no way intended to infringe on the copyrights of Landmark Entertainment Corporation or anyone else who may have legal rights to the characters and settings. I don't own the characters. Only using them for a short time and will return them in relatively the same shape as when borrowed. As always, any errors or inconsistencies are of my doing.

Author's note: I know it's been a while since I have posted, but real life threw me a nasty curve that has taken a long time to fight back from. This is an unusual piece - not necessarily a story, but rather several moments in time. It would not leave me alone and if I did it justice, you too will be screaming for an explanation of what happened. If my muse is kind enough to share it with me, I'll pass it on to you. Enjoy.

The searing flash of the explosion caused Corporal Jennifer Chase's eyes to water and ears to ring. Immediately, the world around her seemed to flutter and wave as shapes changed and colors blended randomly. Objects moved past her in slow motion and yet part of her knew they had to be rushing by at the same time.

Too late another thought appeared. Perhaps it was she who was moving.

The impact of her body on the ground drove the air from her lungs and pain seared through her side. Vaguely she was aware of the tingling sensation caused by the electrical impulses of her suit malfunctioning and shutting down. The residual stinging felt like a million tiny pins pricking her skin.

Distorted voices penetrated the recesses of her mind. The others were calling for her, ordering her to report her status. She heard the concern and fear in their tones.

She hated to worry them. Yet the words to form a reply eluded her. It was as if the ability to form a sentence was gone.

Without warning a face loomed above her. It was distorted, wavering. Squeezing her eyes shut for a brief moment, she opened them again to see it had come closer. She could feel a puff of air each time the lips moved to call her name.

A hand brushed back the hair from her face and rested on her cheek. The hand was gentle on her skin. Recognition flowed through her soul. "Jon," she croaked, reaching out to him.

"You're going to be okay," Jon said, his eyes darting from her to scan the surrounding area. "We'll get you out of here and fixed up in no time," he assured her, looking back down.

His stilted smile could not hide the apprehension in his eyes. She knew they were in danger and the longer he stayed with her, the worse it would become. "Go," she moaned, closing her eyes. "Get out of here."

"You're coming with us."

Pilot's head lulled toward the new voice. "Hawk," she breathed, acknowledging the second man who had appeared beside her.

"In the flesh," Matt teased, squeezing her shoulder. She could hear his tone lower as he added, "Tank and Scout said Blastarr's moving in quick."

She knew he hadn't meant for her to hear the last part. That had been for the Captain.

"We've got to get to the ship," Power urged. "Jennifer, listen to me, we've got to go. Can you get up?"

She knew what he wanted, what they both wanted. Her body however did not want to comply. "Side," she whispered, her hand moving towards it.

Whimpering, Jennifer tried to pull away from the fingers that were suddenly probing her body. The movement amplified the waves of pain and caused her vision to again dim. Vaguely she was aware of the smell of seared bushes and the sound of blasters firing nearby.

Ignoring her protests, arms pulled her body upward. The world again danced and twirled a harried motion of changing altitudes, positions and tones. Garbled voices spoke at her, their words unrecognizable in the din. The hurried timbre of their speech relayed a sense of urgency driving her forward.

Her feet alternated between taking steps and dragging as she was rushed toward their new destination. Each stumble was met with arms pulling her body upright, propelling her away from the whining bolts of energy she could hear dancing all around them.


Instinctively, she threw her body to the ground at the single command from Hawk. The feel of a body pressing onto hers was nearly lost in the agonizing pain as broken bones pressed further into tissue. Black spots blended with the smoke and dust in her vision. The ground shuddering from the nearby explosion drowned her ragged breaths and moans out.

Just as quickly as she was down, arms again pulled her to her feet pressing her forward. Each step was harder than the last as her strength continued to fade. Stumbling, she felt an arm slide around her waist, raising her body and pressing it against another. Harried voices compelled her to keep going. They were almost there. They were almost to the ship.

Time and distance was irrelevant to her now. Breathing and moving were her goal. Her mission. Her necessity.

The feel of metal slamming into shins caused her to instinctively reach for a handhold to pull her self up. Before she could find the strength to climb a step, huge hands gripped her shirt and lifted her from the ground.

Just as quickly as she had been elevated, she felt cold metal and cloth against her back as she was eased down. The world became a melee of conflicting sensations. The metal and wire contraption that cradled her vibrated and pitched as it came to life and sprang from the earth. At the same time, hands alternated between keeping her in place and gently tending to her wounds. She flinched as a cloth was pressed against her head. Other hands ran down her body, pausing briefly to systematically apply pressure at various points.

Briefly, Chase felt the cool wisp of air passing over her face. It was replaced by the feel of a mask pressing on her features, forcing the life saving mixture into her nose and mouth.

Despite the calls for her to stay with them, the blackness beckoned her. She felt the world around her slowly fade and slip away.

The faint rustle of cloth and sounds of footsteps penetrated the void and confirmed she was not alone. She had no sense of how much time as passed. She only knew that the pain she had felt earlier was gone.

Forcing her eyes to open, she scanned the small room until they landed on the men milling on the other side of it. She saw Tank tense as her eyes met his.


Tank's softly spoken word brought all of the men's attention to her. Quickly they bridged the gap between where they had been and where she laid.

"Look who's awake," Scout teased, smiling. "How ya feeling? Hey, hey, leave that alone," he chided, grabbing her hand has it moved toward the bandage on her head. Squeezing it slightly, he placed it back on the linens. "That needs to stay there for a little while."

Watching the faces of the men around her, Chase could read the fatigue and worry in their features. "Bad?" Chase asked, her voice raspy.

"Nothing that time and a little rest won't cure," Jon assured her, patting her shoulder.

Again scanning their faces, Jennifer finally nodded when she saw confirmation of his half-truth reflected in their eyes. They were here and she would heal.

Death had been deflected one more time.

The end (at least for now)