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Chapter 1

Padra sat beneath a tree, enjoying the afternoon sunlight hitting his fur. A squeal of pleasure caught his attention and he looked over to see Fingal running around the beach, his young daughter, Willow, on his shoulders. Her twin sister, Blossom, sat beside her mother, clapping happily. Over by the water was, Chester, the oldest child of Padra's younger brother. Chester's fur was very dark for an otter, something he had gotten from Padra and Fingal's father. Blossom was very light, almost a creamish color, and Willow was imbetween with a redish brown color.

His younger brother had had good kids. Chester was always looking for something new to learn, Blossom was very bright, happy, and social, and Willow was quiet and shy, although very kind. He watched as Blossom skipped to Chester and gently shoved him, making him fall face first into the water.

Chester sat up and glared at his sister. "Blos-sum!" he yelled, trying to smooth his fur. "I found a very interesting shell and now I think I lost it!" He put a paw in the small bag over his shoulder and pulled out a shell, sighed, and put it back, muttering, "You're lucky..."

Fingal looked at Reed, grinning. "He takes after you, you uptight bighead," he teased lovingly.

Reed grinned and stood up, crossing her arms. "Better than being an idiot fuzzhead, like you."

Fingal grinned and pretended to look shocked. "I can't believe you just said that." She held her ground. "Fuzzhead? Oh, I'm getting you for that." She laughed and bolted across the sand, Fingal rocketing after her.

"They're cute," said the gentle voice of Padra's wife.

Smiling, Padra stood and put an arm around her. "Yeah. Kid did good."

Fingal knocked Reed to the ground gently but quickly and pinned her, smirking. "Still faster."

"Not in the water, fuzzhead," Reed teased back, smiling.

"Fuzzhead, eh? Don't tell me that one's sticking."

"Mmmhmm. Like a leach." She kissed him quickly then shoved him off and got up.

"Mom!" Chester ran over and handed her his shell. "Look! The designs are really interesting! And look at this rock! It looks like it has a story on it!" Sure enough, the rock had pictures of squirrels in trees, hedgehogs walking around, moles underground, and otters swimming.

"Where'd you find this?" Fingal asked.

"I didn't. Well, I found the rock, but I drew it," Chester replied.

"Good job, Chet," Fingal praised, taking the rock. He looked at Reed and teasingly added, "Told you he took after me." She raised an eyebrow. "You should work with Needle, kid."

"I'm not that good," he muttered softly.

"Oh, yes, you are," Fingal said. "But only if you want to workw ith her you know."

"It could be fun…"

Fingal smiled and looked at Reed. "I could take him by and let her see what he can do. Maybe let him follow her for a few days."

Reed nodded. "It'd be good for him."

Chet smiled. "Yay!"

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