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I climbed up the side of the cliff, my hands were cut and i didn't really care, I could feel the blood pouring from them.

I lost my footing and grabbed a ledge sticking out.

I left put a deep breath and climbed up to the top and took the few steps forward onto the flat of it.

I took a breath and exhaled i could do this.

I walked and looked over the edge of the cliff, he wanted me to be my own person? Well I was... I threw my jacket off and it landed onto a rock next to me.

I sat my ipod down next me and took a few steps back "This is For You" I whispered, even though i knew he wouldn't hear, I took a deep breath and then what did I do?

I jumped.

My last thought? "I'm Sorry"

"As my life flashes before my eyes I'm wondering if i will ever see another sunrise"

Well what do you think?
I wanna know what you think before i continue this
I know its kinda short too

Erin :)