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Chapter 1:

a month earlier.

"Bells you can't sit and mope around it's quite obious he's never gonna comeback for you it's been 2 months!"
The mention of him sent a jolt through me. I can't believe i believed him. I mean what kind of sick joke was that to play on a person? "Yeah I'm gonna play around with your heart and make you fall in love with me then leave you" He deserves someone better than plain jane me anyway. I'm no one. I deserve no one. He's probably with someone else now , I bet you she's stunningly gorgous. Is stunningly even a word? well who cares, my word now.

"Isabella Swan are you listening to me?"

That shook me out of whatever it was I was in

"Ofcourse I was what the fuck else would I be doing?"

"Language young lady!"

"Yeah, what the fuck ever"

And then I stormed up the stairs

"I'm not finished with you Isabella!"

"Yeah, Well I'm finished with you Charlie!"

I grabbed my old, worn out, dark blue suitcase from underneath my bed that was falling to pieces, the bed where he first told me he loved me and where we first made love.


We were lying on my bed our school bag on the floor and books tossed around them. Charlie was down La Push for the weekend as per usual on a friday night he probably wouldn't be back till sunday night Edward seemed kinda nervous but whenever I asked him about it he brushed it of saying "It's nothing to worry about"
He cleared his throat.

"Urmm, Bella?"

"Mmm hmm?"


He started to get up but i put a hand on his chest.

"English please?" I said with a giggle

He gave me a crooked smile and took a deep breath. I could tell he was nervous.

"I'm in love with you."

"Your what?" Did he just say that? Please tell me he did?

"Shit I knew it I'm a fucking dipshit I'm sorry I'll go"

Wait what?

"I love you too"

A smile graced his face

"You do?" He seemed almost giddy

"Ofcourse I do!"

He ran at me and i fell back on the bed i giggle and looked in his eyes i seen them darken with what i could only describe as desire. He pressed his lips to mine and i wrapped my arms round his neck and kissed him back ad allowed him entrance into my mouth.

He pulled away for air.

"Bella I need you"

"Then take me"

Then he-

End of flashback

No I wont think of that weekend at all. He left me a week later. I guess he didn't love me as much as I thought he did. I threw my stuff from my old wooden dresser into my suitcase. Once I finished i pull my suitcase down the stairs and charlie just ignores me and continues to watch the t.v. Well nice to know that fucker loves me too. I slam the door on the way out and phone Angela.