Hello everyone!

I'm sorry to say that this is not an update or future take for A Shock to the System.

I AM, however, thrilled to tell you that I was asked to contribute a story for the Fandom For Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I've written a one shot called, The Salesman. It's a fun romp through a shoe store. I think you'll enjoy it. That said, the way to get to read it is by donating to this wonderful cause.

The link is: fandom4lls blogspot com

Donations are down this year, I'm not sure why because there are so many fantastic authors who are contributing outakes, one shots and future shots. It's a terrific cause and one I know touches a lot of you personally. I lost a dear friend last October to cancer and I always try to give to any cancer causes I can. This may be the only one that gives you something back.

Please consider it, and if you do, I really hope you love reading The Salesman as much as I loved writing it!


Billi Cullen