Behind Closed Doors

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1. Sunset To Sunrise

As the first of the three suns of Coruscant dipped below the cityscape horizon, a soft orange beam bathed the planet in its glow. Reaching out further as the sun dipped lower, the light immersed the Jedi Temple and shone through the large windows set into the round walls of the Council Chamber. Standing in the centre of the circle of members, Rutian Twi'lek Jedi Master Aayla Secura gazed contemplatively out of one of the windows at the grand metropolis, her cerulean skin catching the amber light and creating an undefinable colour. Graceful hands clasped at her front and full lips gently parted, she watched the slowly setting sun with hazel eyes that were far from present in the current discussion.

She blinked once then twice, slowly as though tired, long lashes, dark and thick, caressing her high cheekbones. Her lithe body, moulded in perfect shapes, was covered by her usual version of the customary Jedi robes – brown leather boots with practical heels a little on the high side, dark brown leggings, a leather and snakeskin top wrapped around her front that left her toned midriff bare and a matching leather and snakeskin belt, upon which hung a silver lightsaber, reflecting the orange glow of the first sun. Upon her head and wrapped along her lekku was a simple brown headdress, and the traditional Jedi cloak was draped over her slender shoulders, the sleeves billowing down her elegant arms. She was exquisite, but her mind was far away. Dimly, she was aware of the Council members talking to her, and dragged her concentration back to the meeting at hand.

" will be of great value to the Republic, and if Senator Parkere is indeed plotting with the Separatists, then we will be sure that the right Jedi have been sent to deal with him." Master Mace Windu said, and sat back in his chair, fingertips placed contemplatively together at his chin, the sun shining on his dark bald head.

"Indeed. As you have exceptional experience undercover, it seems only fitting that you should undertake such a delicate mission." Master Shaak Ti smiled warmly at Aayla, the white of her montrals turned gold and her red skin glowing. Aayla returned the smile, silently thankful that none of the members so far seemed to have noticed her absence of mind earlier.

"Hm. Miss it, you may have done, but to this mission, alone we are not sending you." Grand Master Yoda met her eyes and Aayla knew at once that he had noticed. Nothing got past the Grand Master of the Order. She looked at the floor and smiled apologetically.

"With whom are you sending me, Master?" She asked, lifting her head again to look into his eyes once more.

The Council shared a look of agreement. Aayla always hated it when they did that. She didn't like not knowing what was passing through their minds. And she didn't like being cut off. Shifting slightly where she stood, she waited for an answer.

"Consider this, we did. Although unsure, we were, a suitable companion, decide on, we all did."

Heart thudding lightly in her chest with a kind of nervous anticipation, she looked around the room with her eyes, scanning all possibilities. A movement in one corner caught her eye, and she turned to look at the figure that was standing from his chair. A deep, moist voice filled the chamber, although at this moment in time it was not particularly loud, more friendly and welcoming. Aayla recognised the owner of the voice and smiled in spite of herself.

"I shall be happy to accompany you on this most dangerous mission, Aayla." The Nautolan Kit Fisto smiled his signature smile, his head-tresses waving slightly and his large dark eyes swirling almost imperceptibly with friendliness, although Aayla could tell instantly that he had also noticed her lapse in concentration earlier. She smiled back at him, her lekku waving in silent conversation with him. Later. I'll tell you later. She turned back to Master Windu as he began to speak again.

"You and Master Fisto will infiltrate Senator Rath Parkere's inner circle of friends to investigate his possible alliance with the Separatists. It has been rumoured that he has been illegally smuggling weapons to the Separatist Droid army."

"We have had another tip recently that he is planning to make it larger scale, by gathering allies in his inner circle of friends and neighbouring planets. Your job will be to stop him." Master Plo Koon continued, in his slow and deep voice.

Master Ki-Adi-Mundi spoke next. "You will gain his confidence and gather evidence, then once you believe you have enough to hold him against the rest of the Senate and imprison him for good, you will put a stop to this act of injustice."

Aayla nodded and Master Kolar carried on.

"You and Master Fisto will go undercover as Desric and Aria Farani, a recently married couple looking to get into a little extra pay. You heard about what Senator Rath Parkere has been doing from a close friend of his, and you are interested."

Master Windu raised his eyebrows at the mention of the two going undercover as a married couple, but said nothing. Aayla noticed this, however, and made a minuscule movement with her lekku as a message to Kit. He doesn't trust us.

"Do not let your guards down. This is dangerous business, and a mistake could be fatal." Master Windu relapsed into silence once more. Kit raised a non-existent eyebrow at Aayla.

"Yes, Master. Will that be all?" She bowed.

"Yes, Master Secura," Master Windu looked out of the window at the already setting second sun, this one a violet-pinky hue. He sighed lightly. "You will both leave tomorrow at sunrise for Cato Neimoidia. The Senator is staying at his estate there for the next few months and is planning many social events. Master Yoda, Master Kolar and I will attend most of them to assess your progress and so that you can pass on any information."

Aayla nodded and bowed again. The Council were dismissed and they all headed for the turbolifts as the second sun disappeared, leaving the the city in near darkness, save for the last sun, the largest and hottest. It's light was white, and as it began to set all around the city lights could be seen, illuminating buildings in preparation for the night.

Aayla stopped to look a little longer at the last sun. She stood facing the window as the Council members departed for the evening. All except one. She felt his presence through the Force more than anything. He was standing behind her, watching her watching the sun. Eventually she felt the weight of a warm hand on her shoulder, and the hand squeezed gently. She brought one of her hands up to hold it, still gazing out at the sky. They stayed like that until the sun had nothing but a sliver of light left above the horizon, and the city was plunged into darkness as the sliver slipped away. Aayla sighed and leaned backwards into Kit's warmth, still holding his hand. She closed her eyes and took in the smell of him, the feel of him. He wrapped his other arm around her warm waist and there they stood, enjoying the comfort of one another. After a while she turned to face him and the walked together to the now empty turbolifts.

As the doors slid closed, she looked down at their intertwined hands and was pleasantly surprised to find the stark contrast between his green skin and her blue. It was a nice contrast that made nice colours. She studied the curves and angles of their hands, and after a while she noticed that he was watching her with an amused look on his face. She looked up at him and giggled at herself. He chuckled, a deep, infectious sound, which made her want to throw herself at him. Instead, Kit spoke.

"Was the sunset tonight adequate enough for you?" He grinned, glad that she was smiling back. She had the most beautiful smile. He had been a little worried when she had lost focus during the meeting. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. "You know, you never have told me why you enjoy watching the sunsets so much..."

Aayla squeezed him gently. "There never were sunsets on Ryloth," She sounded a little wistful, and Kit kissed the top of her head lightly. "The sun was just...there all the time. It was hot and irritating and all the orange just hurt after a while. It never went down. It never came up," She sighed. "I like watching them me they're magical," She smirked and a hint of mischief laced her voice. "Besides – a sunset usually means I get to go to bed and do naughty things with a certain Nautolan Jedi..."

Kit chuckled again and pulled her closer. "And who might that be?" He was feeling playful, and from the tone of her voice, so was she. She slipped a hand under his light brown robes to find his tight muscles, and ran a finger up his spine. He shivered involuntarily, and he responded by teasing the tip of her left lekku until she clutched him tighter, pressing herself against him. He suppressed a groan.

"Is my Nautolan fishing for compliments?" She chuckled. "Ha – fishing. Get it?" She quipped, a little breathlessly.

Kit groaned, glad for the chance. "I think we need to work on your sense of humour..." He gasped sharply as she scraped her nails over the sensitive spot at the back of his neck. She leaned in closer and whispered to him, her hot breath caressing his skin and tickling his gills.

"I think we should work on being husband and wife first, don't you, Desric?" He barely had time to smile in consent before her sweet lips descended upon his and her hands tangled in his head-tresses. He pulled her body to his, moulding them both together and deepening the kiss. He started to kiss his way down the sweet column of her neck, nipping her soft skin here and there and evoking soft moans from her lips, when the turbolift stopped and the doors slid open.

Immediately the two broke apart, composing themselves as Master Quinlan Vos stepped into the turbolift. Aayla rolled her eyes inwardly. Trust Quinlan to crash a party...

Quinlan smiled genially at Aayla. She smiled back, ever the actress. Quinlan and Kit exchanged nods, and Quinlan chose his floor. As the doors closed on the three, Aayla and Kit exchanged looks.

Aayla cleared her throat. "I trust you've been well, Master?" She attempted to make small talk.

Quinlan smiled. "Yes, thank you Aayla. I've been quite well." The two said no more and once again the uncomfortable silence descended.

Kit tapped his foot impatiently. This was usually uncharacteristic of him, as he was a very patient individual. But when people cut into his time with Aayla, he got frustrated. When the turbolift announced that it had reached the floor he and Aayla were stopping at, he practically grabbed Aayla and hauled her out. Thankfully Quinlan didn't notice and smiled at Aayla as she exited, and she smiled back. The doors closed, and Quinlan was gone.

Aayla sighed. "That was close," She whispered, in case someone passing by heard. "He could have found out about us. And then what would I be? The disgraceful former-Padawan who broke the Code and disgusted her Master..."

Kit chuckled. "Aayla, calm down. He didn't find out. No one has," He smiled and leaned closer. "No one will, if I have anything to say about it..."

Aayla resisted the strong urge to kiss him. Instead, she let him pull her to his quarters along the – thankfully – deserted corridors and waited until he had locked his door before continuing what they had been so rudely interrupted in doing earlier.

Removing his robes to reveal a finely toned muscled chest, she let him pull her onto his bed. As he kissed her down her neck she let a few small moans escape her lips, and started to play with one of his head-tresses. He slipped a hand under her top and caressed her breast whilst she kissed him fiercely. And from then until sunrise the two lovers let themselves be swept away by the passion they felt for one another that equalled the heat of all three rising suns.

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