They lay their together, Ron looks down at her and smiles. She smiles back inching closer resting her head on his chest, and running her hands down his firm torso. There was no words spoken between them but Ron knew, what was coming next. He bent his head and kissed her right on the lips, pulling her small frame atop his. Their passion grew within the kiss as Ron began to let his hand wander up the back of her shirt. Hermione let out a moan against his lips; Ron instantly became more turned on. She began to tug at the ends of his shirt in desperate attempt to get rid of it. Ron she moaned into his mouth. Ron…

"Ron!" Ron's eyes flew open, and meet with his best friends tired green eyes.

"What's happening" Ron said in a panic, he thankful that the sheets on the bed covered his obvious arousal from his previous dream.

"Nothing, I'm just dead tired and been on watch for awhile now it's your turn" Harry explained flatly. Ron had forgotten where he had been for awhile, he tried to compose himself and shake the thoughts of Hermione.

"Yeah sure no problem mate" Ron said nodding

"Get some sleep you look awful" he noted, Harry nodded in agreement.

"Thanks mate" he said as we went to the other side of the tent to get his well deserved sleep. Ron sat up in bed, stretching is long arms he looked down next him where Hermione lay. They had been up talking last night trying to keep their minds off the inevitable. She had fallen asleep in his bed once again, this wasn't something that was unusual but it wasn't as common as Ron liked it to be. He carefully got out of the trying not to wake Hermione. Once he successfully did so, he wrapped the sheets around Hermione to make up for his lack of body warmth. He grabbed a jacket and the blanket Harry had been using when he was out on watch. He stepped outside he guessed it was somewhere between two and four am, because it was still very dark and the sun had no signs of rising soon. The crisp air hit his face making him even colder, as he sat on the snow dusted ground. He cast a charm to make the slightly dying fire more powerful to give him more heat. He stared at the flames wishing he could be back in the warm bed with Hermione whether they'd be doing nothing or what he had dreamed.

Hermione burrowed her face into the nearby pillow as light poured through the open crack in the tent. Suddenly a large gust of wind blew the tents flap wide open filling the area with cold air and bright light. Hermione shrived pulling the blankets closer to her in hopes she would fall back asleep. But she had no luck; she reluctantly turned over and opened her eyes squinting because of the bright sunlight. She walked over the opening at the tent and closed it so it would stay, the last bit of cold air hit Hermione making her even colder. She scanned the room for some extra clothing that she could wear. She found a flannel button down which she believed was the shirt Ron was wearing yesterday and two big thick socks mismatching one Harry's one Ron's. Once warm again she looked around the room Harry was fast asleep on the other side of the tent she figured Ron had to go on watch at some point in the night which is why she woke to such an empty bed. But that wasn't anything new every time she fell asleep next to him they never woke up next to each other, because one of them would always have to go out on watch. Hermione sighed she hoped that one day they would wake up next to each other. She shuffled her way over to their makeshift kitchen making herself some hot tea.

Ron looked up at Hermione and smiled as she emerged from the tent.

"Morning " Ron said patting on the ground next to him, gesturing for her to sit next to him.

"Morning Ron" Hermione replied with a smile as she lowered herself to the ground sitting next to him. Still not used to the brisk cold air she shivered involuntary pulling the flannel shirt closer to her body. Ron saw this; he unwrapped his arm from around his body and extended it to Hermione.

"Come here, body warm dose wonders" he said with a smile, she laughed and scooted next to him leaning her head against his shoulder. He wrapped the blanket around both of them looking in the warmth.

"Nice shirt" Ron said Hermione smiled at him

"It was a little cold this morning, first thing I found" she said shyly. Ron laughed at her timidness snaking his arm around her waist

"It's okay looks better on you anyway" Ron said with a smile looking down at Hermione with her curly hair going in different directions biting down on her lip returning his glaze. Ron knew exactly what he wanted to do. He wanted to kiss her, full on the lips no holding back. He moved in closer, until their lips were mere inches apart he was going to do it once and for all. But right before his lips crashed unto hers Hermione soft voice interrupted his thoughts

"Ron…." She said softly, he pulled back a little so he could she her whole face.

"Yeah" he answered.

"This isn't the time or place…for this" Hermione said motioning between the two of them, Ron let out a sigh of disappointment. He was a little angered but he knew that the necklace he currently wore about his neck was affecting his feelings. Even though he hated to admit it Hermione was right.

"Your right…sorry" Ron said quietly, Hermione nuzzled her head back into Ron's chest breathing in his scent. Ron rested his head on top of Hermione's looking out onto the forest, wishing that all this mess would be over and soon. That one day he and Hermione could have the right place and the right time.

Later that day Hermione was reading through one of the various books that she had brought with her in hopes of finding a new piece of information. Harry had finally looked well rested on account of he had slept most of the day away. Ron was once again outside on watch, and Harry was sitting on the couch trying looking at the snitch once more. Giving up due to lack of findings he got up and went to join Hermione at the table.

"Find anything?" he asked hopelessly, Hermione looked up from her book and shook her head.

"Nope, still nothing" Hermione said sadly putting down her book to give her attention to Harry.

"I'm sure were bound to come across something soon" Harry said he knew everyone was tired of not getting anywhere, as was he but it's something that he needed to do with or without Hermione and Ron.

"It's okay Harry. In time" Hermione reassured him, she knew her friend had been worrying a lot lately and he need to know that she was going to be there for him. They sat there in a comfortable silence for a moment, until Harry had remembered what he found late last night when he went to wake up Ron. His face broke out into a smile, Hermione looked at him confused

"What are you smiling about" Hermione said.

"Oh nothing, just last night when I went to wake Ron you two looked pretty cozy" Harry said with a smirk. Hermione felt her face get hot immediately as she filled with embarrassment.

"I um fell asleep there again…we were talking last night…and um I dozed off" Hermione explained quickly.

"Yeah I'm sure that's what you two were doing" Harry said doubtfully, he could tell Hermione was becoming more embarrassed by the second but he couldn't help but joke around with her. Harry has known for awhile now that his two friends had strong feelings for each other, but just recently it had become more evident than ever. Though he was happy for his friends has they were finally making progress in their relationship, he couldn't help but feel lonely ever once in awhile.

"Really Harry, we did nothing else but talk this isn't a time to be thinking about those kinds of things" Hermione stated firmly. Harry gave her a questioning deciding if he should believe her or not he could tell but the slight disappointment that played across her features that she wasn't lying.

"I guess" Harry said shrugging his shoulders. Harry looked to the outside of the tent seeing Ron's figure huddled outside the front.

"I should go out there now, he's been out for awhile now" Harry said getting up from the table

"Alright, I'll take the next shift after you" Hermione said, Harry nodded as he went outside to relieve Ron from his shift. Moments later Ron came into the tent

"Damn its cold out there" Ron said rubbing his hands together to get the feeling back. Hermione was back to reading her book, so she simply nodded. Her feelings towards Ron have grown even stronger these past couple months and sometimes it was hard for her to keep herself uncontrolled. Even though it was hard she knew that they didn't need any more distractions. Ron walked over to where Hermione was reading putting his hand on the back of her chair leaving over her to see the contents of her book. She rolled her eyes as a slight smile played across her lips

"What do you want Ron" Hermione asked looking up at him pretending to be annoyed. But she didn't fool him he knew this game, they have played it before, it consists of heavy flirting and playful touches that they both wish would turn into something more.

"I would like to interrupt your reading" Ron said smartly, Hermione let a laugh escape from her lips.

"Well you have successfully done so. Good job Weasley" she retorted, Ron laughed in triumph. Hermione rubbed her neck, it had been sore from the way she had been reading.

"What's wrong? Stiff neck?" Ron asked

"Yeah, I've been reading for awhile now" Hermione said continuing to rub the back of her aching neck.

"Well then why don't you lie down and I'll help you with that" Ron said nodding over to the couch, Hermione looked at him in confusion.

"And what exactly are you planning on doing" Hermione asking, thinking that this was one of his fantasies he wanted to fulfill with her. But to Hermione's surprise it was something rather innocent.

"Just a simple neck rub, it'll make it feel better. Plus lying down creates less tension for it" Ron explained, Hermione looked rather surprised which caught Ron off guard.

"Why do you look so surprised…wait did you think I was gonna do" Ron said coming to the realization that Hermione must've been thinking along more scandalous lines. Hermione began to blush as she felt her face get hot,

"Nothing" she answered quickly, Ron's lips broke apart into a grin and let out a laugh.

"Miss Granger don't you have a dirty mind" Ron said jokingly embarrassing Hermione even further.

"Oh shut up Ron! It's because I've been around you too much!" Hermione said trying to defend herself but only making the situation more in embarrassing for her. Ron's grin grew wider

"Ah I see how it is, I make you think dirty thoughts" Ron said with a grin. Hermione's mouth dropped open and she put her hands up to cover her face, because now she was just utterly embarrassed. Even though she knew that know was kidding, he was right.

"Not like that Ron! It's from all the perverted comments you always have!" Hermione said in one last attempt to save herself. Ron just laughed at her pure embarrassment; he thought she looked absolutely adorable.

"Mhmm sure…now about that neck rub, come on" Ron said taking Hermione's hand and bringing her onto the couch. Hermione laid down putting her head on Ron's lap as he began to rub her sore neck. His hands did wonders; Hermione could only imagine the things that he could beyond her neck. She wished so badly that they weren't here but instead at the Burrow in his room or at her house in her room and everything was okay there was no more war, it was just them. She closed her eyes and bit down on her lip as she let her thoughts run wild.

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