Alice POV

Was fate on my side for once?

I looked at Marrisa and smiled, she smiled back.

Her last name is Brandon. My last name was Brandon. Could she be my niece? It was fairly likely. I couldn't remember any of my family but I had a vision about her the other day that she was coming here. If she wouldn't mean something to my life sometime soon why would I have a vision about her?

The bell rang and we all went off to class. Spanish and English went past as a blur, I was trying to figure out the meaning of my vision but that didn't work. I needed to ask Edward if there was anything interesting she was thinking about…

The bell rang to leave school and I went racing out of class to see Edward to ask what Marrisa had seen. Edward was waiting in the car for me with Bella, Renesmee and Jasper. I hopped in the car and hugged Jasper.

"She could see images Alice." Edward started before I had even asked. "She can see things, like you..." he continued.

My mouth fell open, wow. That happened to me when I was human, the only memory I had. Was seeing things that were going to happen in the future.

"Wow." Wow was all I could manage.

"If she tells people they will think she's crazy…

"Like they thought you were." Edward finished.

"Yes, well I think she is my niece anyway."

"She recognized you, Alice."

"From where…"

"She isn't sure but I'm guessing family photos?"

"Okay, wow." I finished.

Then Edward started driving.

Edward and Bella were having a conversation in the front whilst Renesmee was staring out the window watching the trees fly past us as a blur.

It didn't take long to get home, only about five minutes. Edward, Bella and Renesmee went off to their cottage whilst Rosalie and Emmett went upstairs.

"Maybe you should speak to Carlisle about it." Jasper suggested.

"Yes, I suppose that's a good idea, thanks Jasper." I hugged him, "Want to come to the hospital with me to see Carlisle?"

"Sure," Jasper replied.

"Okay, let's go."

We ran through the forest then walked through the hospital from there, it wasn't too far, plus we didn't get tired. It was easier to run than drive a car, quicker too.

We walked into the hospital at normal human speed which annoyed me, it was so slow but we were used to it and had to blend in.

We walked into Carlisle's office.

He looked up worry crossed his face. We never usually came to see him in his office unless anything was wrong but I thought that this was important.

"Okay, I know we shouldn't really come to see you at work, but I thought this is important." I started

"Okay" He looked slightly confused.

"Well, you know I could see the future when I was human? There is this girl who joined school, she can see the future and I think she is my niece…"

Wow, that came out in a rush, I had been in the dark for ages, not knowing my history, but this one person could be my niece.

Carlisle just looked at me – he looked as surprised as I had been.

"Wow, how can you be sure she is your niece?" Carlisle started

"Well she has the same surname as I use to and Edward said she recognized me from family photos, I recognized her too."

"Wow, why is she here?"

"Her mom and dad died in a car crash recently…" I looked down, my sister had died yet I didn't even know her because I was so much older.

"Is she staying in the foster home around the corner?

That foster home usually only has small children in it." He finished

"Yep, she told me she is at the foster home, but her little sister Amy has been adopted already so she is on her own, I feel kind of sorry for her."

A vision flashed through my mind of Carlisle and Esme adopting Marrisa.

"Awww, this is why you guys are the best adoptive parents ever."

Confusion crossed Carlisle's face "Why? What did we do?"

"Well you are going to adopt Marrisa!" I exclaimed excitedly.

Worry crossed Carlisle's face…"We can't adopt her though we are all vampires she is human…she can't live with us…she would figure it out sooner or later."

"But you are going to; she is my only family Carlisle, please…" I left the sentence to hang there.

"Okay, I will think about it but we are going to have to be reasonable about this" he replied.

"Okay, thanks Carlisle,"

I dragged Jasper out with me; we walked again at human pace out of the hospital and then ran through the forest back home again.

I was so excited…maybe we could change Marrisa into a vampire? If we prepared her for it and she figured out what we were herself…I smiled.