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Beck Likes Coffee

Jade and Beck sat at the cafeteria, both with coffee in one hand and their other arm around the other person.

The dark girl took a long swig from her cup before staring at the Styrofoam container of the steaming liquid for a long time, as if her eyes were analyzing it. "Hey, Beck?" she asked, breaking the comfortable silence the two had been in, as was their morning routine. They hardly ever talked before or during their coffee.

"Hmm?" he asked, drinking his black brew, tightening his firm grip around his beloved girlfriend's waist. He could smell the coffee scent clinging to her icy cold and porcelain pale skin as he kissed her crown of silky brownish hair. He liked it. He liked it a lot.

She held her cup out, putting it on the bench beside her that they were sitting at. Jade curled up a little tighter into her boyfriend's warm and safe chest. She could feel his muscles under his thin shirt. That was one thing she liked about living in such a warm place. Guys could always take off their clothes and Beck was never one to be shy about it. "What do you love more?" she asked him seductively, her lips suddenly wanting his. The caffeine was giving her a nice drive of pure energy and she hadn't kissed Beck since the day before.

"What are my options?" he asked right back, giving her a playful smile as he lifted his cup to his lips again to take another draught of the hard coffee that he loved so dearly. It was the only thing that really kept him running. Beck quietly set his own cup down and looked down into Jade's beautiful eyes.

She tilted her head to one side and gave him a somewhat curious smile. "Me or coffee?"

Roguish charm was practically glowing off of Beck as he grinned devilishly, taking her chin between his forefinger and his thumb and putting her face directly down from his so their eyes met. He pulled her a little closer and stole a soft kiss from her warm and craving lips.

Jade found his kiss enticing and addictive; every time he smiled, she always wanted to kiss him. And he smiled an awful lot. She drank in the moment and the sweet smell of coffee that clung to her lover.

When he pulled away, he replied, "Coffee."

Jade felt a bit stung, but Beck was still grinning his cute little face off. She pushed on his chest, putting a bit more distance between them. "What?" she asked, just making sure she heard him right. "Why?"

Once more, he placed another kiss on her lips, this one softer, shorter, and sweeter, to say the least.

Jade's head spun for a short moment before she was able to focus on what Beck was saying. His kisses were always so crazy for her to feel. Whenever she felt that rush, it always made her love him all over again. He drove her insane with his gentle touches and his warm husky voice. She loved him more than she would ever care to truly admit.

"Coffee is the one thing that gets me up in the morning," he said, still smirking to himself. He knew he could get away with anything with Jade. He knew how to word things perfectly. It was a gift. "Without my coffee, I would never be awake enough to realize how much I love you, Jade."

Yes, he had touched her icy heart once more, melting it in less than seconds with his gentle words.

She picked up his coffee and put it in his hand. Then she picked up her own and took a short sip, their comfortable silence resuming once more, Jade snuggling into Beck's chest just a bit more.

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