Summary: AU. James Novak is a deadly assassin, hired to kill a student at Stanford: Jessica. Everyone thinks it is an accident, except Sam who saw him in the apartment, and swears revenge. Sam and Dean soon discover something Novak himself doesn't know, are Sam and Dean ready to go up against the ultimate hunt: an Angel.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of this stuff. Except the sister, Piper, and the cat Genevieve.

AN: Sorry if I get anything wrong, I've never been to California, and I don't really like doing research, but this is AU so I think I can get away with it.

A man drove calmly down the Dumbarton Bridge in Newark making his way to Palo Alto. He'd rolled the windows down of his rental car, it was a 2009 Ford Focus, black. His own car, a 1958 Cadillac Eldorado would call attention to its self, something that people might remember seeing. Its not that it mattered however, he just preferred to not take any risks, cover all the bases if you will. He himself is wearing a black tee-shirt, with a black sports coat, and black pants. His usual messy black hair straightened and combed back. His bright blue eyes were now sporting a new pair of chocolate brown contact lenses. If anyone was suspicious, and by chance someone remembered seeing him at the scene, their description would be too far off and half the male population would fit it. Male, about 5'10", 5'11", dark hair, dark eyes. He was paid half before hand, and would be given the remaining half after the job was completed. Half of what he is making for the single job could be considered more than some people make in a year. He is involved in a very shady business, and more importantly, he is quite good at what he does. The man's name is James Novak. Some would say he is one of the worlds best assassins, because no one, besides his employers, even knows he exists. James Novak makes 'accidents' happen. Everything he does can be summed up to an accident of some kind, wether it be automobile collision, plane crash, gas leak, or even something as simple as slipping on the floor after a shower. The mark was a would-be lawyer attending Stanford University, her name was Jessica Lee Moore

Her parents, Dan and Sarah Moore, lived away in Nevada, so proud of their daughter attending Stanford University. Her boyfriend, Sam Winchester, the son of the deceased John and Mary Winchester and brother of Dean Winchester, was planning on proposing to Jessica. Novak didn't know why someone wanted Jessica Lee Moore dead, but who ever they were, they had plenty of money. Novak had spent several weeks researching her, finding out her patterns, hobbies, friends, past, and more. Novak figured it was probably the rich friend, Brady, that was paying him so much to eliminate the girl, he was good friends with Sam Winchester, and had apparently introduced the two of them. He didn't know the motive behind the hit, only that after doing the job so long, he could simply look at the file he'd made, and tell who the person who order the hit was within a minute. He considered it his sixth sense, he was never wrong about these things. Even since James Novak was a child called Jimmy, he could read anyone like an open book. But that is a story for another time.

He turned down the radio and pulled in to an empty parking spot two streets down from her and Sam's apartment, at a coffee shop. Where he was from coffee shop never stayed open past 11:00PM, but he guess it must be different here in California, and it was right next to a college. It was nearly 2 in the morning, she was home all alone tonight, Sam's brother Dean Winchester had stopped by yesterday and picked up Sam for some hunting trip. He shouldn't be back until tomorrow. James Novak understood that collateral damage could not be avoided at all times, but he could at least try to keep the casualties at the recommended one. He picked up his bag and walked into the coffee shop. People might consider it odd to park in front of a coffee shop at 2 in the morning on an empty street and not get a cup of coffee. The shop was painted a dull pumpkin orange color, with dark brown border around the walls. There was a woman at the counter, she had long brown hair and green eyes with intense veins that showed she was clearly only awake due to caffeine.

"Hello, can I get a tall white chocolate mocha? And a Blueberry muffin?" Novak asked.

"Sure. That'll be $9.34." She picked up a cup and walked over to the coffee machine to make the drink.

"Are you always this busy at 2:00AM?" Novak asked, looking around the empty shop.

"Ha! Every once and a while some students will have a party or something, get totally wasted, then come here. But most nights it just me, and that television over there." She replied.

"Well that must be fun, getting paid to watch television all night?" He replied with a charming smile.

"I suppose so yeah, I get plenty of time to study to, but its sometime hard to actually stay awake in class the next day, but I get by."

"Oh, so you're a student?" Novak asked, he looked genuinely interested.

"Yep, Humanities and Science. Are you a student? You don't look like one."

"Oh no, I graduated from college three years ago," he smiled "from the University of Miami" he lied.

"So you're a long way from home, are you visiting relatives?"

"Yes, but not here, I'm on may way there, just stopping through."

"Well I hope they appreciate your driving all night just to go see them," she smiled and handed him his coffee and muffin. He thanked her and left. Novak drove his car just out of view of the coffee shop, then got out and made he way to the apartment tossing the uneaten muffin in a near buy trash can. It took only a few minutes to reach the apartment from the coffee shop. He scanned the area for surveillance cameras, seeing none he continued to make his way up the stairs leading to where he would find Jessica Lee Moore sleeping peacefully, completely unaware it would be her last. He checked to see if anyone was in the area before picking her lock and letting him self in. He quickly, but silently entered the room. He opened his bag and pulled out a syringe filled with a sedative that would go unnoticed if they did a toxicology-screen, the only way they would ever find it would be if they checked for it specifically. He walked to the bathroom then removed several scented candles, and began to light them all. As he learned from the blueprints of the apartment, that there were several methane gas pipes leading through the bathroom to the stove in the kitchen. He pulled out a wrench and pulled out the the screws on the pipe, with a little shove the pipe fell apart, letting the gas flow in the air. He turned on the shower. It would look like she had stayed up late waiting for her boyfriend, then decided to light a few candle and take a shower, completely unaware of the leaking gas, the whole room would go up in a matter of moments. He had to get out. That was when he heard it. The door to the apartment opened. James Novak glanced around the wall of the bathroom and saw a tired Sam Winchester walk into the room and collapse on the bed. 'Shit' he thought. He couldn't climb out the window and jump because they were on the third floor. Time was running out, the gas would ignite any second now. He had to get out. He wasn't too happy about killing Sam Winchester either, but it looks like he'll just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He grabbed the syringe, still half full, and sprinted into the room. Sam having only walked in the apartment 2 seconds earlier, yet time seemed to be moving in slow motion. Sam Winchester jumped up but only in time to feel the needle enter his neck. James Novak made a rash decision, and lifted Sam onto his shoulder, or at least tried, the kid was almost a foot taller than he. Novak ended up dragged Sam out the door of the apartment into the hallway. Then he heard it, the ignition of the gas, and the door he was pressed up against suddenly felt very hot. He grabbed his bag off the floor, leaving Sam lying unconscious on the ground. He ran to the stairs before the fire alarm went off. When students started to exit the apartments he would look like one of them, freaked out, trying to get out of the building, no one would take notice of him.

James Novak checked behind him at the crowd of students now filling the stairway. While looking behind him he ran directly into a man run toward the fire. He was knocked to the floor by the taller man trying to get past him.

"Sorry" the man said absently as he continued forward, Novak recognized the man as Dean Winchester, Sam's older brother. Dean ran up the stairs at incredible speed considering all the students running the other direction. Dean had practically raised young Sam Winchester, after their mother died. They traveled all over the country with their father after that. Novak didn't really know what the reason for that was, their father was a mechanic so its not like they need to travel so much. He hadn't really thought much of it, it didn't effect his job. He slowly picked himself off the floor from where Dean had knocked him down. He didn't regret saving Sam Winchester after all, Sam was all that Dean had left, if he remembered correctly. He had found a good within, this terrible thing that he had just committed. He would have a bruise on him arm that he fell on the next day for sure. But that didn't matter to him. He knew he should feel bad about killing Jessica Lee Moore, but he didn't, emotions were sometimes had to come by for him, how else would one become a cold blooded killer.

There was a crowd of students, standing around the building outside, looking at the fire, and waiting for the firemen. It seemed as though hours had passed since he lit the fire in Sam and Jessica's apartment, yet it hadn't been long at all, the fire trucks hadn't even arrived yet, and its not like they got stuck in traffic.

Novak could hear the sirens in the distance gradually getting louder. He should make himself scarce when they arrive. By the time they even put out the fire he would be long gone. As he walked passed the coffee shop he could tell that the girl working there had left to see what all the commotion was. He unlocked his car, throwing the bag in the back. He would dispose of the bag in the next city or so, it was stupid to leave evidence like that in the same campus let alone the same city. However he didn't want to be found with it either. But he had plenty of time, he could even throw it the window as he drove over the San Francisco Bay. He would dispose of it in Sunnyvale. That would be the easiest. Possibly in a dumpster behind a restaurant, to have it be picked up and lost forever in the morning.

James Novak drove on for five hours to Carson City Nevada, where he caught a flight at the Carson Airport to Atlanta Georgia where he got a connecting flight back home to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington D.C. James Novak lived on 34th St NW in Georgetown. He lives there with his cat, Genevieve, and his sister Piper. It was around 3 in the after noon, yet Piper was still home sitting on the couch watching television, she was unemployed and living off her younger brother. James worked at a local radio station selling ad time. She often wondered why her brother had as much money as he did, she wasn't stupid enough to believe that he only sold ad time for a radio. He also seemed to travel a lot, why would someone working for a local radio station travel anywhere. She assumed he was lying and was really some sort of drug dealer, she always looked for evidence when he was away, but never found anything.

"How'd the job interview go?" He asked as he put up his bag and petted Genevieve. He knew that she had finally applied for a job at the Barns & Noble down the street, and would have had the interview the previous day.

"Good. It went good." She replied noncommittally.

"Good? Like, you got the job, good?" He asked

"Well..." She started but didn't finish.

"What did you do this time?" Novak asked, his sister had problems with authority. The last interview she'd had, the interviewer had inadvertently insulted her in someway 'forcing' her to slap him. These kind of things seemed to happen a lot.

"I was doing really really well! Then, I may have, knocked over scolding hot coffee on his lap." She seemed disappointed that it had ended that way.

"Well at least you didn't attack his face this time." He pointed out. "You know I love having you around Piper, right? Its just that, you can't keep living with me like this, you're a grown women."

"I Know, I know. I'll get a job soon, I swear." She put a hand over her heart to emphasize that she has swore.

"Alright fine, I was thinking of starting to charge rent," he laughed, then focused his attention back to Genevieve.

"So how'd your job thing go? Where did you go anyway?" She asked trying to hide her interest.

"Good. I was in Green Haven, about an hour away, it was nice. I got to say in a hotel by the water." He lied without missing a beat.

"Well, thats great, did you take any pictures?"

"Its not like I was going to Paris, its just Green Haven, we've been there before, remember? Well I'm gonna go change and take a nap, we can go get dinner around 5? Sound good?"

"Yeah sure," Piper answered and her brother disappeared into his room. 'Maybe he works for the government' she thought, 'this is Washington D.C after all.'

James Novak put on a fresh pair of faded blue jeans, and a dull red tee-shirt. He had forgotten to take out his brown contacts before he walked into his flat. He had managed to not look his sister in the eye while she talked about the interview, and get the contacts out as he was 'petting' Genevieve. 'That was a close one' he thought, he didn't want his sister to know what his real job was, if she knew what he had just done to Jessica Lee Moore, she would be devastated, and probably try to turn him in to the police. His black hair was once again sticking in all directions, and his bright blues unhidden.

At that very moment thousands of miles away in Palo Alto California, Sam Winchester was swearing revenge against who ever killed his would-be fiancé. Everyone may have thought it was an accident but he knew other wise.